What did you do?

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    What I did was:

    I sat in the audience in Vancouver BC in 1969 and heard the speaker say that Armageddon would be over and Christ fully enthroned by 1975

    Turns out he was lying.

    In the Watchtower of January 1983 they printed that the separating work started in 1914. It is also in the Live Forever Book

    In the first week of September 1995 they printed:

    For some time now Jehovahs Witnesses have believed that the separating work started in 1914. After further study we have figured out that that Matthew chapter 25 will not be fulfilled until Christ comes with all his angels.

    They printed and the CO's and DO's preached umpteen dozen other lies during the 26 years I gave them.

    So what I did was:

    I followed Jehovahs example when he said through King David. I do not sit with wicked men of lies.

    I turned in my pioneer card and split

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    Don't you think God would have told them the truth the first time?

    God doesn't "tell" them anything, they read it and interpret from his written Word. Like I said, there are many places where things can go wrong.

    I can see from your comment above you havent read any of the WTS statements as to them being the only ones directed by holy spirit and he puts his words in their mouths.

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    When I first saw this topic, I thought that insensitive clod was back for another round. Then I noticed the date on the posts. I wonder if this person is StillInTruth or if he or she has had an awakening.


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