What did you do?

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  • StiLLinTruth

    To all those who have in some way left the organization (be it disfellowshipping, disassociating, dis-whatever):

    What was it you did?

    Come now, I know the amount of people who "realized that WT doctrine was in serious error" and politely handed in their letter of resignation has to be very small. The level of bitterness and hostility towards the closest-to-what's-biblical organization has to develop some other way.

    What did you do? Come on, show us your cards. Thought it would be "fun" to go and get drunk with worldly friends? Thought it would be cool to start smoking? Lose faith in the Word because of too much associating with the world? (if you still remember your Scriptures, you should know what stand is taken).

    You cheat on your wife or your husband? Thought it would be refreshing to taste the grass on the other side of the fence? Fun to covet your neighbour's spouse? Or did you just decide to get a preview of what marriage is like, and get into some good pre-marital shagging?

    Ya started gambling, and never repented? Thought it would be kEWL to support a system that's based entirely on greed and the misfortune of losers?

    Thought you'd forget about any Christian morals for just a while, and take a little vacation from all that boring monotonous preaching of the Word? Bible says we can do that?

    Just turn completely atheist and believe in worldly "wisdom"?

    And here you are, holding hands with others just like you, hoping that the feeling of unity will make your deeds somehow more justified. Hoping for the pain to go away.

    You think it ever will?

    I have just heard today that possibly several (as much as ten) kids from a neighbouring congregation might be booted out tomorrow, because of drugs. I suppose I'll see them posting here any time soon!


    PS. Don't give me the "if you're so much in the truth how come you're reading apostate web sites" -routine.. I've been there, done that. I started my search for truth with these kind of websites. Freeminds.org was my first source of information about Jehovah's Witnesses. Today, I am a baptized brother in good standing. Goes against the statistics, eh??

  • riz


    :Thought it would be kEWL to support a system that's based entirely on greed and the misfortune of losers?

    that's the main reason why i LEFT the borg. the other reason i left is because of self righteous buttholes such as yourself.


  • Had Enough
    Had Enough

    Hello StiLL:

    Have you even bothered to read any of the posts here about what happened to us?

    I can remember being where you are now. Snug and smug in my knowledge that we were the ONLY true religion and how much better we were that all those "WORLDLY" fools. But while I let my blood pressure relax a bit I will say only one thing for now.

    Before you start spouting off about how degenerate we are, take some time to read the posts of what really has happened to most of us.

    Don't tell me you have read them and have come on here with that holier than thou attitude. And then ask yourself if you can picture Jesus the loving Shepherd search for his lost sheep with your kind of attitude.

    I've seen a lot in my many years "in the truth" and I along with most others here, left because of the UNLOVING treatment received not to be immoral. Your attitude is typical of why many of us have left.

    I definitely have...


  • unanswered

    still in denial- is your haughtiness something you've learned from the bible? doubt it. it's not really any of your business, but your unchristian attitude intrigued me so much that i had to respond. first of all, most of us do not claim to be sinless. the posters here are very honest about their lives. what did you read that would make you think otherwise?

    for myself, yes, i committed "wrongdoings" while in the org., but i also came forward to the elders and repented, just like your supposed to. i wasn't shining on anyone, i was sorry, and i turned away from those things as best i could. when i decided i no longer agreed w/ the WT's views, i walked away. i no longer associated w/ witnesses, and made it clear to those who knew me that i no longer considered myself one. this practice is supposedly recognized as dissassociation in the WT publications even w/out sending a letter.

    from then on, i out, i didn't go and hide, i stayed in the same town, where i still am. after 4 years went by and the CO was putting pressure on the local body to be more firm, i was hunted down and disfellowshipped, even after i did send a d/a letter. i was d/fed for smoking, but before you start rubbing your hands together, remember, i had walked away 4 years previously and stopped associating. when i first walked away, i was in good standing.

    hope in the future that you actually read that bible you are thumpimg. you might find an eye opener or two on how jesus treated his fellowman.-nate

  • neyank

    This must be a belated April fools joke.
    You can't be serious when you say you started reading "apostate" web sites
    and still decided to get baptized into the WTBTS.
    What did you do with all of the info out there about the WTS?
    Did you decide to close your eyes to it?
    If you truly want to worship God, why would you chose to
    follow a false prophet?
    If you believe that the Bible is the Word of God, do you believe what
    He says about false prophets?

    And of course you realize that not everyone that left the WTS
    left because they want to live in oposition to God.
    Many have left because they cannot belong to a orginization that has taught lies
    in the name of God.

    And for your information, I still believe in God and His Word.

    I still think your post is a joke.


  • StiLLinTruth

    >>:Thought it would be kEWL to support a system that's based entirely >>on greed and the misfortune of losers?

    >that's the main reason i left the borg. the other reason i left is >because of self righteous buttholes such as yourself.


    Hey Rizzy, I'm sure you realize I was referring to the art of gambling, which many insist on practicing despite what the Scriptures indicate.

    Let's analyze the "borg" then. Is it a system that's motivated by greed? What makes up the borg? The "dubs". Like myself! What do I get out of my association? So far, not a single penny. Yet, I eagerly spend my time telling people that things don't have to suck forever. Is this greed?

    Misfortune of losers? Ok, I assume you mean that people realize life sucks, and they buy a helmet in the form of believing in the Bible, and fork over all their cash to the "borg".

    The friends I know have wonderful happy lives and would seem like far from the average grim worldly face out there. Myself, I had it all.. work, friends, a life of parties and fun, good health, loving family... nothing wrong with my life - then I discovered the Jehovah's Witnesses and realized I didn't have it all yet.

    Well I do now. And if that makes me a loser... YEAH! A LOSER I AM! :))


  • doubtingsister


    I'm still in, but I'm not going to stay in much longer. I haven't done anything wrong except get stressed out from trying to raise a family, work a job and live with a "worldly" husband. I feel very strongly about my love for Jehovah and his son, Jesus. That's my reason for leaving.
    Jesus said his load was light and I haven't felt that way about all the requirements to be a witness. It's making me feel negative about myself and that I'll never live up to it all. I'm burnt out and I'm tired of having to look at everything I might want to do or do with my kids as possibly being "worldly or BAD".
    I felt sick in my heart when my daughter at age 5 asked if her loving Grandma was going to die at Armageddon just because she wasn't a witness. How do you teach kids things like that and still believe that God is Love? Do you know how many Witnesses there are that are unloving, rude and hypocritical? Many.
    Just because they have membership in the society doesn't mean they are better than others who happen to love God and Jesus based on Bible reading alone.
    It's just such an unhappy life and I'm tired of it. I'm embarrassed of it and I'm just too much of an independent thinking type to ever fit in that mold. I used to get mad at people who called it a cult. Boy, was I ever wrong. Now that I've started reading my Bible and dumping my old WT's in the recycling bin, I'm feeling freer and more excited about everyday living than I ever did in my many years as a witness. I can feel good about myself and know that as long as I live according to Bible principals in a willing manner, that God will love me.

    No more meetings telling me how I should be "out in service more, more, more" and I should be studying all the latest publications in my free time (what's that?).

    By the way, if you think that all witnesses don't get drunk, sleep around, gamble or lie then you're in for a rude awakening someday soon.

  • Francois

    Well mainly, Mr. StiLLinTruth, for me it was the inescapeable truth that the truth was not in the organization of JWs. Not there. Completely missing. And that is a truth that is proveable.

    I'd venture to guess that you don't know much about the details of the history of Jehoavah's Witnesses. I know because I was around in the period 1955-1977 - long before the organization began to encourage congregations to pare down their libraries. Kinda get rid of the evidence.

    But you've asked an honest question, and I'd like to provide honest answers. If you'll stick around here, I'll be happy to have you pick my brain all you like. And I will treat you with the same respect with which you treat me.

    Actually, what I really would recommend is that you read Ray Franz book "Crisis of Conscience." If you don't mind rubbing "minds" with the so-called apostates on this site, then you shouldn't mind reading Ray's book. If you have a sincere desire to know the truth as you have indicated, you should have no problem with this.

    True and genuine inward certainty does not in the least fear outward analysis, nor does truth resent honest criticism. Intolerance is the mask covering up the entertainment of secret doubts as to the trueness of your beliefs. No one is at any time disturbed by anyone else's attitude and beliefs when he has perfect confidence in the truth of what he believes. Courage is the confidence of thoroughgoing honesty about those things which you professes to believe. You should be unafraid of the critical examination of your true convictions and ideals. I'm not. Are you?


  • ianao


    I'm glad you admitted that you are an ignorant rank & file, because that's exactly what you sound like. Perhaps you will change your mind once you read that elder's manual that every other dub tells you doesn't exist. (That is, if you don't start putting two and two together before you make "eldership".)

    Enjoy your illusion, reality is not as pleasant.

  • jschwehm


    You are a poster boy for a cult follower. You display the typical cult mentality. "Our leaders could not possibly be wrong about anything so all of you who left our group had to have done something immoral." Thanks for posting. Hopefully, your post will wake others up who are thinking of becoming JWs because it is a good example of cultish thinking.

    Jeff S.

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