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  • jimmyjames


    : in my town a JW slept with his own brother's wife. The offended JW put a few bullets in the windshield of his brother's car. The fornicating JW then ended up marrying his brothers wife.

    Similar situation in my old cong. The JW who first studied with me slept with his best friend's wife. The married couple divorced, and the two guilty parties were DF'd for a year, after which they were reinstated and married.

    They got what they wanted, and they still get to live forever!

  • StiLLinTruth

    >I didn't leave the org because of doctrinal beliefs. i left because
    >i wanted to life my own life without anyone telling me what to do,
    >what to watch, what magazine not to read what movie not to go to,
    >what festivies BLAH BLAH

    Heheh.. very cute! So simply put: you no longer believed in God or the Bible, or if you did, just wanted to ignore Him. The Bible gives us strict guidelines for life.. ya can't live with it, too bad! Step aside. Like you did.

    Ya could have at least tried.

    >How long do you think you'll be a baptized brother in good standing

    As long as it takes. (Matt 24:13)

    >when the elders in your congregation find out that you post to
    >apostate websites?

    I made it clear in the beginning that if someone needs help studying apostate garbage, they can turn to me as I believe I am the expert. I told this to our overseer, a very spiritual, respected brother, been in da troof all his life. They all know I got a 10mbit cable connection to the internet at home, and they know I'm the apostate-buster. I haven't heard one negative word about this.

    >Have you made known to others in the org. that you
    >post at such sites? If not then why not, in such a wonderful happy
    >place of freedom as your org?

    I have made known that I read the stuff occasionally, to keep up with what you guys are up to. I have not made known I post myself, as I wouldn't want any "normal" sincere JW reading the filth posted here. They should keep away, as far as possible. None of this stuff is spiritually upbuilding. Sure, the truth can still be found after digging through the crap, but it's months of work, and a waste of time. Unnecessary stuff. Brothers and sisters can just save the trouble and not read it at all.

    >If so how did the ones you revealed this to react?

    Usually "there's a lot of lies about us there, have to be careful". And I say "yeah, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt". It's a cool T-shirt btw.. with a nice "I survived from apostateland" written on the back.

    >Again, would you reveal your activities to those in
    >positions of responsibility in your org?

    Well the overseer already knows.. I don't know if all our elders do. I wouldn't go on stage to announce it, no.. as I respect the Society's views on this. Reading bullshit is a waste of time and can be spiritually weakening. Any kind of association with the world can do that as we know. I consider myself a special case however.. what I see here hardly affects me anymore.

    >I would greatly appreciate a response.

    You got it, charlie. Hope it was fun to read!


  • d0rkyd00d

    *****Don't give me the "if you're so much in the truth how come you're reading apostate web sites" -routine.. I've been there, done that. I started my search for truth with these kind of websites. Freeminds.org was my first source of information about Jehovah's Witnesses. Today, I am a baptized brother in good standing. Goes against the statistics, eh??*****

    See, the trick is, you're not supposed to announce your ignorance. If you read all the articles and know the real truth behind the religion, you really shouldn't be proud of still giving your free mind over to the watchtower and handing the rest of your voluntary actions to an organization. shame shame shame.

  • HoChiMin


    What a gem reply, I can't stop laughing.


  • unanswered

    " I'm the apostate-buster. "

    you sure about that? i don't feel to busted up. nice to see that your humility is still going strong.-nate

  • Uni girl
    Uni girl

    I did not have opportunity to read the entire post but Im outraged!! this man has not been around long enough to understand anything...he knows nothing of the politics of the congergation and how if your face doesn't fit you are not given the benefit of the doubt.

    I'll tell you another thing I have more lovely, honest and genuine people in the world than I ever met in my old back biting cong.

    You feel sorry for us???God I well feel sorry for you cos your hooked and their no better drug than affirmation
    The truth set you free??huh? nah its just puts you in unbearable chains were your constantly hating your sinful self.

    Maybe in a few years you'll wake up, its just a con trick...the new system aint gonna rescue you, you either sink or swim in this world. Deal with it on your own not cloaked in religion and if JW's were the chosen people what a fuckin dull world it would be. Id rather live my life as it is than live with you all.

  • JanH

    : The Bible gives us strict guidelines for life.. ya can't live with it, too bad! Step aside. Like you did.

    Like, don't wear clothes of mixed fabric? Not to mention that gem about not cooking a kid in the milk from its mother. I have often had real use for that rule in my life. And I'm sure all those slaves living through the centuries really appreciated God's concern for them, when he permitted slave owners to beat them half (only half!) to death, using the words "your slave is your money."

    Almost as interesting: the rules that are not there, but everybody things they are. Please show me from the Bible an unambiguous law against having sex before marriage. Or, indeed, show any scripture forbidding people to simply move together and live as a couple without asking a priest or judge first.

    Ethics -- something JWs don't understand -- is about explaining why some things are wrong and others are good. To blindly refer to some ancient book to dictate how people should live in the 21st century cannot but end in disaster.

    And, since you asked: I was disfellowshipped (indeed: forcibly disassociated; the elders lied to the congregation claining I had DAd myself) because I did not accept the 1914-doctrine.

    - Jan
    "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen"
    -- Albert Einstein

  • LovesDubs

    STillInDaTroof is jealous of us guys. Its so obvious. He got his ass baptized and now he's STUCK THERE and he's jealous as hell of our freedom! LOLOL!! Was she WORTH IT Still? Did she fall MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU now that you got dunked?? Just like a guy who was DUMPED by his girlfriend because he's an ignorant pompous dweeb, he spends his time now bashing HER, trying to make it seem like SHE'S the bad one, trying SOOOOO desperately to bring himself up out of the mire pit he's stuck in. The problem is he's complaining to all over HER relatives and family and friends who KNOW BETTER than to buy into his trash! He's only making it worse, he knows it, but he cant stop the train.

    It's OK Troof babe...we know yer just slinging hash, and the beauty of it is we all KNOW what you KNOW, and we DO know what you THINK you know, and we know MORE about this pathetic excuse of a religion than you will EVER know being stuck inside its ever-so-righteous walls.

    Just reading apostate stuff to "keep up with what we are doing" are ya? Personal SPY for the Society are ya? Troof yer the kid with your runny nose pressed up against the bakery window drooling at all the goodies that you CANT HAVE...all the while saying "yeah that stuff in there is AWFUL and those are FOOLS in there buying those things and I wouldnt go in there even if I COULD go in there..yeah..I'll show em." droool, slobber, slurp

    Trooofy YELLS from his Watchtower Jail Cell: "Well YOU guys are this and YOU guys are that and YOU guys think this and YOU all do that and YOU really want this and YOU went and did that and...." Got it alllllll figured out for us do ya Bunky?

    Now you just gotta figure out how to UNSCREW UP your OWN life.

    Hey, scan your Special Dispensation To Talk To Apostates card for us all...I'm sure we'd all love to see it.

  • freddi

    blah blah to you as well. having a boring day? you must be. such a good brother as yourself would not even have the time since every moment of your life must be consumed by only what the org deems is proper.
    how do you dare to assume that i no longer believe in Jehovah or the bible. are you my judge? i have never felt closer to Jehovah than now i am free to love him without the guilt of not putting in enough time in svc or not wanting to go to a meeting just because i didn't feel like it. only my God knows who i am and how i feel in my heart.
    judge not my man or you will be in for a sad awakening.
    oh yeah, i forgot to tell ya what my "then" fiance, who was in good standing and a pioneer, gave me as a present after i got baptized.
    he took me home, made passionate love to me and told me not to tell.
    WOW, such good standing and ain't that the truth. i still love Jehovah too. how amazing!!!!!

    Hi All!!!
    I am an inactive JW. The last time that I have been to a Kingdom Hall is about 11 yrs ago but I still try to keep up with what is going on with the society. I am happy to have found this site. Once again, "Hello to all."

  • dark clouds
    dark clouds

    You are well on your way to becoming the next member of the GB, send in your resume, i believe they are hiring.

    Your apparent knowledge of the "truth" clearly marks you above the average R&F of the congegation you belong to. Im surprised your impeccable behavior and attitude has gone unrewarded. Your obvious sincerity and charisma is sure to take you far in the ranks of the elite.

    Who knows, perhaps you may even be annointed even, check your mail, actually i heard jehovah upgraded and is now sending emails. Stay posted will you, that t-line of yours is sure to transmit . . .


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