What did you do?

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  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Still in the truth,
    Good for you so glad you could justify staying in. If it works for you then fine!
    John 13:35 That is why I left!!!! And you are the epitome of what I saw the the Borg.

  • gotcha

    hey still,
    i'm still active technically but inactive at heart..so what do u suggest now? i believe that it would be ok for anyone to hold on to a religion which his conscience allows him to as long as he has exhausted all possibilities/reasons and still come to that conclusion that it is true. but maybe what has caused my being inactive at heart is that people inside the org are just so judgemental..i couldnt bear telling others that the only for you to be saved is by joining a single true religion..there is but one path right? and i think that that is love...but love can be found in so many ways not just in a single religion. so what is your basis for saying that a certain religion is true? i believe that only God could judge so...

  • somebody


    I've posted something for you in the Beliefs, Doctrine, and Practices forum.


  • Englishman

    Still - in - Truth,

    What did I do? Well, by best friend was DF'd so I duly ignored him. I ignored him everywhere, in front of non - JW's who assumed that I was either nuts or amazingly judgemental.

    I decided that this mega-sulky behaviour was for prepubescent teens only and decided not to ignore him and was duly DF'd myself.

    Hope that clears up any doubts.


  • Mommie Dark
    Mommie Dark

    You said,

    Nope, I printed out most of the stuff and went through it during several months with the brother I was studying with. Luckily he didn't back off no matter how tough it got, and we went down to some serious study to get to the bottom of things. Most apostate stuff turned out to be either lies about the WTBS, distorted facts, or just plain hostility, which was easy to see through. Doctrinal issues were always solved in favor of WTBS.

    My question is: do you kiss your mama with that lying mouth? Because if you truly read with actual comprehension the reams of material that exposes the Watchtower's real agenda and purpose, you could not say those incredibly stupid and lying things!!!!! So I must assume that you are trolling, seeking to stir up some emotional response in a childish taunting game of some twisted sort.

    My advice: run, don't walk, to the nearest elder and turn your lying self in. Enjoy the drama of your own committtee hearing, and leave the nice folks here to do their thing without your trollish intrusions.

  • Liberated

    Evidently I go against the statistics too.
    I found the wt doctrine to be in serious error and politely handed in my letter of resignation.

  • stephenw20

    still in
    I would love to respond with along letter

    but here it is

    I read the bible

    Love the day!

  • LovesDubs

    StillInDaTrooof eh? How can you be in da troof when there was no troof to begin with? I love these posts. And you know what guys? This line has been read over 750 TIMES and you KNOW a ton of those are JWS getting the REALITY CHECK they need! So thank you Still...you did us a great service with your self serving sermon from atop your CONTRIBUTION BOX. LOL!! Kissy kissy babe.

    I know a brother who is still in Good Standing in Da Troof too. Let me tell you about him. (Those of you who have heard this, go get yourself a beer and your binoculars so you can covet your neighbors spouse.)

    He was "born in da troof", his mother is annointed, his father a long time elder. I met him at a disco where he was picking up women with another JW after having attended a JW wedding and gotten bored there. He picked ME up...a newly divorced, lonely hot looking gal, and we spent several nights a week together. But he would bring me a Live Forever Book and a green bible so we could "study" together too. So he could sleep with me and count his time! How cool is that? We went to several rock concerts together with other JWs including Michael Jackson's, and went to see R-rated movies again with a group of JWs and some plays with nudity. We had large parties at my apartment with ALL JWs including a large turkey dinner on thanksgiving day. (These partiers were the Society's FINEST, the pioneers, the FAMILY PART people, the GOOD JWs) We went to all the discos and bars he knew EVERYONE in and they knew HIM on a first name basis. He sang lead in a "Witness Band" which performed in these worldly bars. He drove and is driving a hot red, pop top two seater sportscar with a Fuzz Buster and vanity plates. (He got several speeding tickets but had a friend wiht an uncle who was a judge and got off on em...bragged about it too) He was sleeping with several women at one time, including pioneer girls, TEENS, and many worldly women, some still married. His hobby was DJing worldly parties. He also DJ'd several witness parties. He went away every weekend to other congregations to party THERE, with his speedo bikini swimming trunks. He drank heavily every where he went.

    After studying with his mother for 5 months, I saw the "light" and I busted his sorry ars. He was disfellowshipped for five years during which time he married a worldly woman. He "converted" her and began to cheat on her immediately even tho he was "in good standing" again. He parked his red sports car in the handicapped spot at the hall because "hey we have no handicapped in this congregation" and he gave talks with great GUSTO about being representatives of the great God Jehovah to all those we come in contact with. Applause applause.

    When I disassociated, he came over to my house anyway saying he "wasnt afraid of anything the Society had to say" and was concerned because he had "gotten me into this shit to begin with." I told him it was because of hypocrites like him that I KNEW this was not GODS organization by any stretch. He told me that God had MADE him do all those bad things because God was teaching him what worldly people do in order to make HIS preaching more effective!! (I did in fact have to sit down right where I had been standing that floored me so much)

    A year later...I found him online...picking up women. Having major league cyber sex with them, sending porn info to them, talking about S&M practices and how he loved to M***bate whenever possible. He made the mistake of getting involved with two people I KNEW from online and they logged all the conversations, pictures, sites, and TAPED his phone conversations. (One women he typed for THREE HOURS to her all this porn smut he was getting from a book, asking her every 5 minutes if she was getting HOT and that he "knew what she was doing"...she was eating a balogna sandwich and laughing hysterically is what she was doing...logging away) He admitted to one of them having slept with 5 women since being married, the first less than a month after marriage. I gathered all this SPIRITUAL information and sent it to his elders. I also included conversations that I had had with him online where he did say who he was so there was no question about it. The elders dragged him in...and without telling him WHAT information they had, had him explain what he had been doing and in doing so he admitted even MORE than they already knew about. His punishment? He was MARKED and privately reproved!! That was IT! And his comments and remorse? "Gosh, now nobody will come to my Superbowl party next week."

    Oh yes...during the time he was "back" at the hall, he was taking several teen boys downtown to a major city to pool halls and giving them beers, and showing them how to pick up whores there. One of them eventually got hooked not only on the drugs she provided but moved in with one and was immediately disfellowshipped.

    Yes...we WORLDLY ones...just lying in wait out here to snag us a JW and BRING EM DOWN to immorality. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!

    Oh I know.."JWs never said they were PERFECT" BWAHAHAHAHHA!!!

  • Esmeralda


    Excellent post! So excellent, in fact that I'm going to use it to start another thread.

    Hope ya don't mind :)

    luv ya

    The Four Agreements:
    Be Impeccable With Your Word
    Don't Take Anything Personally
    Don't Make Assumptions
    Always Do Your Best

  • nojw86

    Why does everyone still call it the TRUTH, yeeesh guys its anything but the TRUTH, Or maybe I"M wrong does truth change and become "new light" well schucks throw my bible out the window or get me a new NWT!!...nojw

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