What did you do?

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    still, since you like quoting scripture, you might like these-

    james 4:6-however, the undeserved kindness which he gives is greater. hence it says:"god opposes the haughty ones, buthe gives undeserved kindness to the humble ones"

    4:10-humble yourselves in the eyes of jehovah, and he will exalt you.

  • riz


    :and if that makes me a loser... YEAH! A LOSER I AM!

    so we agree. little word of advise... don't come in here attacking or assuming. you will leave with your tail between your legs.


  • notperfectyet


    I appreciate you are aux. pioneering this month. But it's only the 4th. Get out there and knock on some doors, come back here on 30th and you can get in at least 24 hours to remain in good standing. We wont tell.

    Oh and by the way...anyone seen logical lately?..hmmmmm..

  • StiLLinTruth

    >Hello StiLL:

    >Have you even bothered to read any of the posts here about what >happened to us?

    Yes I've read apostate web sites for two years now, I know what's happened to many of you.

    >I've seen a lot in my many years "in the truth" and I along with >most others here, left because of the UNLOVING treatment received >not to be immoral.

    Unloving... oh :(( That's so sad. That reminds me of an assembly talk from over a year ago. We're waiting for the bus, at the bus stop.. finally it comes, we board the bus, find a seat. You're SO happy to find the only vacant seat, 'cause it's a long journey! The bus is packed full of people, it's VERY HOT. Then you notice how over there on the front seat, the air conditioner is working! Ohhh.. how you wish you were there, where it's nice and cool. Next, the fat woman sitting next to you with two kids on her lap proceeds to have her picnic, and spreads her stuff all over the seat, with her children annoying you.. and you wish how you were sitting at least a few seats away from them....

    You see what I'm getting at here?

    First, you were so happy to have got on the bus and get a seat. A place on the bus. Same thing with the Truth. First, we're so happy to be part of the congregation, but in time, human imperfections can start irritating us. How "our elders aren't quite as loving as those other ones in that congregation"..

    Me personally, I've been blessed with a very good congregation. Excellent spirit there, VERY LOVING and caring elders. I do believe some have run into unloving behaviour, but that's how it goes. Live with being human, only way to go!

    >You can't be serious when you say you started reading "apostate" web >sites and still decided to get baptized into the WTBTS.

    No joke.

    >What did you do with all of the info out there about the WTS?
    >Did you decide to close your eyes to it?

    Nope, I printed out most of the stuff and went through it during several months with the brother I was studying with. Luckily he didn't back off no matter how tough it got, and we went down to some serious study to get to the bottom of things. Most apostate stuff turned out to be either lies about the WTBS, distorted facts, or just plain hostility, which was easy to see through. Doctrinal issues were always solved in favor of WTBS.

    >If you truly want to worship God, why would you chose to
    >follow a false prophet?

    Not false prophet. The WT never made any prophecies, they merely interpreted existing ones - yes, sometimes incorrectly. That's human nature again.

    Besides, what other alternatives were there? Seems to me like it's either the Jehovah's Witnesses, or one of a thousand trinitist Jesus-is-God-and-forgives-anything-to-anyone -churches. Not hard to make a choice, even after a mere skim of the Bible. I merely chose what sucks the least, and actually DO something that the Bible says.

    >i was d/fed for smoking, but before you start rubbing your hands >together, remember, i had walked away 4 years previously and stopped >associating.

    Whatever. I'm sure smoking is a healthy habit, and saves you money too so you can spend it to support your wife and kids.

    >when i first walked away, i was in good standing.

    Shouldn't have let human imperfections affect you that much, pal :(
    It's still not too late to come back ya know.

    >hope in the future that you actually read that bible you are >thumpimg. you might find an eye opener or two on how jesus treated >his fellowman.

    I believe he always had a sharp answer ready, at least when answering to opposers.


  • Tina

    I left because I didn't want to be a person like you anymore,Tina

  • Had Enough
    Had Enough


    If you ever become an elder with an haughty attitude like yours, you will be a typical example of why many of us left.

    I have met former elders here that you couldn't even measure up to half of their worth. They too left, because they saw, even more than some of us, the brutality and hypocricy in the ranks of the 'powers that be'.

    Possibly one day you will be on the receiving end of what many of us here have experienced. If not I can guarantee, you will be among the ones handing it out the hurt... and you then will have to answer to God for that.

    You've obviously touched a raw nerve here, just what you wanted to do.

    But I challange you to accept the offer made by Francoise...to stick around and discuss some of the topics here with anyone. Perhaps you will gain some insight on what's REALLY going on with the mass exodus from the org.

    Still Had Enough

  • StiLLinTruth

    In answer to the person who wrote

    >Actually, what I really would recommend is that you read Ray Franz >book "Crisis of Conscience." If you don't mind rubbing "minds" with >the so-called apostates on this site, then you shouldn't mind >reading Ray's book.

    Yes, I have no problem with it, I have it in my bookshelf and I've read it. It's one point of view. Some of it probably happened word-for-word, some parts are maybe not as true as could be.. whatever the case, it's a testimony of a disappointed old dude who thought he should run ahead instead of waiting for the holy spirit to fix things he THOUGHT was wrong. Strange how others have waited, and are now old and happy and still with us.


  • unanswered

    still- these are your "sharp" returns to my comments? please. i never said smoking is good for me, we all have our weaknesses-even perfect little boy in the bubble you. if i had a job where i couldn't afford to smoke and take care of my wife, i wouldn't smoke, duh.

    shouldn't let human imperfections affect me that much? are you kidding me? human imperfection affect EVERY SINGLE ONE of us quite a bit, this also includes you, unless you are perfect.

    your complete lack of compassion and your view of reality are refreshing, really.

  • StiLLinTruth

    Heh, fun how I'm suddenly called haughty, an april fool's joke and what not, after posting a few comments about how some of us really ARE happy and in the Truth. It's like a red cloth isn't it?

    Also what I noticed in another thread here somewhere.. I think it was about the financial standing of the WTBS, and how everyone was hoping for them to go down, I couldn't help but notice one guy.. I think it was "larc", explaining a lot of stuff about companies that have been huge, then gone down.. and finally state: "So, using you analogy. Are the JWs vulernable? You bet."

    Vulnerable? Of course we are. We're sincere, fragile human beings and definitely vulnerable. This dude really seems to hate each and every one of us.



  • LDH

    I was planning to post a rather lengthy response to "STILL," however, I am late for my Wednesday night ORGY.

    After engaging in mindless sex with anyone who shows up at the party, we'll no doubt snort cocaine!

    I'll probably bring a case of wine, others bring whiskey and lots of other hard liquors!

    I'll have to wear an overcoat, because since I don't go to the Hall anymore, I dress like a SLUT wherever I go.

    My worldly husband also pimps me out for extra money on the weekends.

    I steal every chance I get! Why, I even drive 5 miles over the speed limit!

    BITE IT!

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