Stupid Rules - LIST!!!! ( CONTEST )

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  • Tashawaa

    Nowhere - ALBERTA

    So many dumb rules... so little time!!! The "social" status within the Org - eg. if you're a Pioneer (lady) you should strive to marry a Pioneer Brother - but in the same breath the brother was encouraged not to marry (go to Bethel, MS School, etc.). Leaves you kinda frustrated :(

  • kenpodragon

    No elder, ministerial servant or Pioneer may own a hand gun. If you have one, you must take it apart, bash it with a hammer and throw the pieces into separate trash containers.

    ~real rule~ In Southern Oregon congregations!

    My thought


  • TR

    Inserting one's body parts only where the WTS says they can be inserted.


  • ugg


    THE ORGANIZATION: (even though they lie)

    THE DO'S AND CO'S: (even though they lie)

    THE ELDERS: (even though they lie )

    YOUR HUSBANDS: (even though they lie)

  • jurs

    GOOD ONE TR !!!

    Now thats funny !


  • Brandy5


    Was this gun thing just a Oregon thing? Why di it have to be distroyed in such a ritual way? Could you not just sell it?


  • stichione

    Not signing up my kids for sports. I bucked the trend 4 years ago and signed up one for baseball and another for hockey. Now I'm looked by my fellow dubs as spiritually weak!

  • czarofmischief

    Not being alone with a single female for even a second. A married one is ok, even though adultery is a WORSE sin than fornication.

    No boob touching. How many infants must be declared "Bad Association" before these pint size young people stop putting their mouth on organs that God has clearly reserved for the father's use!

    No masturbation! Let your body relieve its pressures in a natural way, I was advised. There is a natural way. It's called MASTURBATION!

    No college. Thank heavens that changed.

    No breakfast at service break. Coffee and unleavened toast (no butter) only.

    White shirts only on the platform.

    TWO bags, one for service, one for meetings. Couldn't use the same one.

    No fencing, martial arts, or organized sports at all. Even a game that got scheduled ahead of time would probably get broken up by the elder.

    Don't say anything that might "stumble" someone. (I always thought, if they can be stumbled, then they are looking to fall)

    Avoid worldly friends. (Not to mention at what point does someone become a "brother" or a "sister".)

    "Mark" bad witnesses. Avoid.

    Don't leave during the meeting. Better not to come at all than leave halfway.

    Elders can't drink.

    No underage drinking.

    Don't break the speed limit.


  • LDH

    NO tampons won't be a virgin anymore!!!!

    True Christians , if married, may on occasion use a tampon. But under NO circumstances should a sister wear THONG underwear.


  • out4good3
    We couldn't have Count Chocula or Boo Berry Cereal either. We couldn't even have the Rice Krispies with the green and red ones in that were made for Christmas.


    I'm sorry, but that's got to be the stupidest rule I've ever heard.

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