Super Bowl Predictions

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  • dubla


    uh, yeah, hes got more football talent in his left pinky than fiedler has in his whole body.


  • dubla

    ah, the time has come for reflection.....lets look back on some predictions and see what came of them.........

    my prediction to crown:

    unfortunately for you, your squad will be watching the super bowl from the couch, as will mine, and at the end of it all, youll only have bragging rights by way of a better division record.....not by overall record, and not by it wont much matter.

    yep, thats true now.......lets see what crown had to say:

    The Jets will be hoisting the Lombardi trophy come February.

    to which i replied:

    that is by far the funniest thing youve said on here yet! the jets shouldnt even be in the playoffs, and they cant match up with 80% of the teams in, especially on the road. theyve got a shot at winning one game, and thats only because manning is famous for his playoff chokes, and the jets are playing at home for the wildcard. IF they make it past the colts, i give them about a zero percent chance of making it past the second round, and thats because like crazy says, they really do suck. .

    hey crown, just call me nostradamus, lol.

    either way, i still stand by my prediction that the jets wont make it past the second round

    that one was for emphasis.

    name said:

    Better break out the Chad P jersey for this weekend

    well, i think anyone owning pennington jerseys can safely burn them now, lol. did that guy look like a high school backup or what? looks like he will fit in nicely with the jets, hes already got the "choke" down to perfection.


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  • NameWithheld

    Ahhh - I see my helping of crow is ready. Better get down to eating it

  • Crazy151drinker

    Hi my name is Chadwick Penislesston and I had a QB rating of 8.7 in the second half. I also have a candy arm and I cannot throw the ball deeper than 20 yards. Even when my recievers are closer, I overthrow them. Basicly, Im just your average QB. I know all the JETS fans think im some sort of Nameth reincarnated, but I proved them wrong yesterday. Now everyone knows that I suck!!!


  • ashitaka

    Surprised to see how no one mentioned that Vic was held to 30 yds. rushing during the Eagles game, four less than Jim Johnson (Eagles Defensive Coordinator) had hoped for. I knew the Eagles would pull it out........................and now for a helping of the Bucs.


  • Crazy151drinker

    Congrads Ash on your thumping of the Falcons. It made me very happy. REVENGE!! The bastards shouldnt have even been there Take out Sapps legs.

  • crownboy

    dubla and Crazy151drinker lost any real right for critizing the Jets since both their teams have long since been eliminated .

    Chad Pennington had a better first year than either Fiedler or Favre had. Granted he really sucked yesterday, but he's more accurate than either Favre or Fiedler (not to mention he's won more playoff games than either one this year ), infact he's generally more accurate than anyone in the NFL. Unfortuneately, the Jets defense went into the witness protection program in the second half after a solid showing in the first half. The Raiders pass rush would have made any QB have a tough time, even a Pro Bowl caliber one like Pennington. He rushed and missed a couple of key throws, and everyone already knows he can't throw it too deep (one of the few things I miss about Vinny Testaverde, but Pennington can work out and gain some arm strength). The Jets should tweak the defense a little, and try to draft a big wide receiver to play alongside Lavernius Coles, and move Wayne Chrebet to the third wide receiver option.

    Well, there's always next year, but for the remainder of this playoffs, I'm choosing Tampa Bay to win the Super Bowl (over the Raiders).

  • dubla


    who was critisizing the jets? all i was doing was going over some predictions.....i predicted the jets wouldnt make it past the second round, because they didnt deserve to be there anyhow, and they proved me right. you predicted the jets would win the super bowl (blindly as any fan does i guess), and they proved you wrong. whats to critisize?

    now, i was critisizing pennington, and no hes not a pro-bowl qb, not by a long good stretch does not a pro-bowler make. you have to be able to win the big games when its all on the line, and pennington couldnt do that. fiedler hasnt done that either for that matter, which is why he hasnt been to the pro bowl yet. favre on the other hand is a three-time league mvp, so to say pennington is more accurate than favre is a bit one knows how accurate pennington will be over time. and to say hes "generally more accurate than anyone in the nfl" is just was one season! and he basically got to play as an unknown, like brady last year......we shall see if pennington can stand the test of time.

    The Raiders pass rush would have made any QB have a tough time

    maybe you missed the raiders-dolphins game? fiedler handled that pass rush just fine, and he did what pennington hasnt been able to do, he beat the raiders.......dont make excuses for your golden boy.....he showed his true colors in that game, and id say kitna couldve mounted a better passing game than that. face it, pennington got your hopes up, then showed everyone how he handles pressure.

    like i said before, your only real bragging rights are a better division record, considering the dolphins and jets both went 9-7, they split their regular season meetings, and they are both watching the super bowl from their homes. the dolphins didnt deserve to be in the playoffs because they couldnt win when it counted, and the jets didnt deserve to be in the playoffs because they just flat out arent that good of a team (ahem, bears). thank the fish for your short-lived postseason hopes, but the true talent always shows itself, and the jets just didnt have it.


  • email

    How about those BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Shakita

    The Ashitaka and Shakita families are in mourning......

    The best part of the Eagles game with the Bucs, was the

    Soooooooo depressed............................

    Mrs. Shakita

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