Did man go to the moon?

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  • SpiderMonkey

    No links or evidence to post; just weighing in, here: I think the evidence against a real lunar landing is about as convincing as the evidence against a real Holocaust. Both are conspiracy theories created by people who have more time on their hands than common sense.

  • Simon

    I think conspiracy theories are a bit of fun and may reflect soem cultures inability to separate fact from fiction. Whatever film is made about something somehow becomes believed as being 'true'.

    The strongest proof I can think of for the landings not being faked is that the Russians did not expose them as such and as the biggest competitor to the USA they surely would have?

    If we couldn't get to the moon then when did we make the sudden leap forward that allows us to put satelites into space and build space stations etc which we can even see from earth?

    Incidentally, my Mum and step father saw the programme some time ago and believe it 100%. What can I say? They are barking mad and dedicated followers of the most high god Jeho-varghhhh (gullible?)

  • kenpodragon

    I saw something like that once, and to be honest it raise a lot of good questions. I do not know if I 100% trust that we went, and to be honest, since they never went back ... it does show that perhaps they did not make it there. With all the work on Space Stations and things like that, why not go back to the moon. Who knows, maybe aliens told them to stay within a certian amount of miles. Everything is possible I guess. Fun to ponder if nothing else.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Yes, we had the technology to send a man to the moon but not to fake it. That's completely true and I don't see what's so crazy about it. Its like saying that since Michael Jordon is such an amazingly good basketball player then he should be an amazingly good baseball player too and we've all seen how good he wasn't at that.
    Sending a man to the moon is essentially an exercise in rocketry. You shoot a rocket up and then do the math needed to get it to orbit and eventually hit the moon. After walking around a little bit and grabbing some souvineers for the kids you launch back up and then basically fall back to earth. Throw millions of dollars and the best and brightest of one the largest countries in the world (especially when those best and brightest have been spending quite a bit of time and effort working on shooting things at other people).
    Faking it would require intense amounts of research into what the surface of the moon would be like. Not only that but video editing was painfully bad back then. Only analog equipment was available back then and for anyone who has ever done any work with that at all can tell you of the many limitations that come with that medium. The technology needed to produce something that realistic has only recently become available in the form of high end computer work stations. The computing power needed to send a man to the moon is considerably less than what comes in a Microsoft X-Box.
    Just because one type of technology is pretty advanced doesn't mean another, totally unrelated type, is anywhere near as capable.

  • plmkrzy

    I like to keep an open mind ESPECIALLY when it comes to any form of Government or anyother type of powerful control group.

    It's possible they went to the moon and it is also possible they did not.

    None of us can say for sure either way. We just don't have that kind of technology here on this board.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Interestingly, when the astronauts returned from their moon voyage, a news reporter asked them the position of the sun. Both were unable to give the answer. The news reporter was quickly hauled out of the press room. A honeymoon would be more like it, most of us have been there.

    Guest 77

  • Farkel

    Man definitely did NOT go to the moon. The whole scam was filmed at a Burger King in Area 51 late, late at night. They blocked off the windows so no one would be suspicious. This happened while aliens from the planet Zolotone were picking up people from Kentucky with no teeth and doing nasty things to their genitals.

    By the way, Nostradomus predicted this in quatrain # 65,274.


  • SixofNine

    This idea that "what? they can put a man on the moon, but not fake it?" is seriously bogus reasoning.

    Reason being, that it is exactly right. Space technology is much older than really good video compositing technology. Hollywood can throw millions of dollars, and months worth of amazing talent at compositing a few seconds of a film, and most of the time, even now in 2003, I can tell that it has been composited or effected.

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  • hillary_step

    Everyone's Gone to The Moon - Jonathan King

    Streets full of people, all alone
    Rows full of houses, never home
    Church full of singing, out of tune
    Everyone's gone to the moon..........

    That song should have gone to the Moon....and stayed their...lol. Hate to dissapoint the idealists among us, but nobody actually landed on Jonathan Kingathan, it was all staged by Keith Moon.


  • plmkrzy


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