Did man go to the moon?

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  • COMF
    why don't we start calling each other idiots over this. maybe that would be smart

    Idiots... fools, maybe...

    Plum of the no longer the fool class
    Who's in this "fool class", Plum?
  • Farkel


    : Another problem is that genuine journalists and researchers would die to be able to prove one of these conspiracy thories - that man never landed on the moon or something similar.

    Case closed. But, in fact, there IS a conspiracy. They didn't actually land on the moon, but with that technology, went at Warp 10 to the planet Zolotone in a galaxy far, far, away. They brought prop people to make it look like the moon, and even brought a fan and a generator to make the American flag "flap" so that the conspiratists could say they never went anywhere except to a movie studio. It was a Communist plot led by Ralph Nadar.

    They were all later abducted by aliens from Zolotone, and received facials, good diet advice, a year's supply of condoms, a bag of beef-jerky and mega-vitamin packets from them. The US government does NOT want the public to know this. They secretly own stock in mega-vitamin companies that are controlled by the Illuminati and the Tri-Lateral Commission, who not so coincidentally were bred and trained on Zolotone.

    Only Lyndon LaRouche can help us out here. But then he was bred and trained on Zolotone, too. Dang. I think we're all screwed.

    I'm not sure if any of this is Bible-Based(tm) or not. I'll have to look it up and report back. I'll start with the book of Zephaniah. That's the best place to start. It's easy to make up stuff from Zephaniah.


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  • heathen

    I have to admit the latest conspiracy theories have me questioning that .I have no problem believing they launched a rocket to the moon but as far as landing on it I now have some new found skepticism due to the internet and shows I've seen .When they show pictures of unexplained lighting that the astronauts claim where alien beings threatening them to get off the moon ,something smells a little fishy too me .Let's face it America in 1969 was at war in vietnam against communism and was faced with alot of protesting they were also faced with the cold war with russia ,It wouldn't surprise me if they weren't using it as some kind of gimick to support a trend of feeling superior to communism in the field of technology. [let the reader use discernment]

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    This was sort of touched on in an old movie entitled "Capricon One". The only difference is NASA faked landing on Mars. Not a bad flick, even though OJ Simpson was one of the astronauts.

  • sleepy

    "Another problem is that genuine journalists and researchers would die to be able to prove one of these conspiracy thories - that man never landed on the moon or something similar."


  • funkyderek

    Here's a site that debunks the hoax claims, which should be unnecessary but sadly isn't.


  • Crazy151drinker

    Common folks! The Soviets would have exposed a hoax in a second! They hated our guts and were always trying to slam us! Plus their space program FAILED, what better reason to shoot down ours???? Well, when someone explains how they got all those moon rocks without going to the moon...........oh my bad, the aliens brought them......

  • Crazy151drinker

    Ok 1) Where did all the money go

    2) Why didnt the Soviets call us on it

    3) We didnt have the Video tech to fake it

    4) What in the hell did they do for all of those space missions? Go to the Mc D's on Mars?

    5) There were thousands upon thousands of people involved in the Space Program. Someone would have squeaked by now.

  • Seeker4

    Farkel - great post. Did you leave out any of the big conspiracy theories??

    Plmcrzy - OK, I'm chilling. It's just that it takes about ten minutes of Internet research to debunk most of this nonsense, and I struggle with listening to the shoddy thinking that accompanies a lot of these ideas. I sat through too many years of that in Kingdom Halls!! Sorry about the "idiot"s - its just such a convenient word at times!

    And for whoever asked about crop circles, a group of guys in England came forward and admitted they created the crop circles. When the true believers questioned them, saying the designs were too impossible to have been made the way the men claimed (using a little advanced math, graphing, along with simple tools like planks and ropes), the gentlemen proceeded to create a marvelously complex crop circle design in a few hours one night, all while being filmed.

    The two main researchers on crop circles have completely switched their ideas and now agree that they are man made. Of course, that brought death threats from the true believers!


  • TresHappy

    I really believe man went to the moon. The only good thing about that movie Capricorn I is that O.J. Simpson was killed.

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