Did man go to the moon?

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    I believe it was Simon who pointed out the fact that if we had faked it (how many times?) that the Soviets would have surely pointed it out. This is a very good point. I forget the figures on the amount of money the US spent on the space program but I think is was comparible to a Trillion of todays dollars. Now I could be off a little but it was a SERIOUS amount of $$$$$$$ If they did fake it where did all that money go??? Maybe they paid off the Aliens so we wouldnt get attacked! LOL

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  • Cassiline
    Man definitely did NOT go to the moon. The whole scam was filmed at a Burger King in Area 51 late, late at night. They blocked off the windows so no one would be suspicious. This happened while aliens from the planet Zolotone were picking up people from Kentucky with no teeth and doing nasty things to their genitals~~ Farkel


    You forgot to add they used trash bags to tape over the windows. They still practice this same strage ritual today but at kingdom halls.

  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist

    What I remember about the first moon landing was a guy standing outside the Kansas City Stadium with an American flag and a sign that says "There is an American flag on the moon. Why not here?" If the JW's are always wrong, and they are, then this guy was right. So that answers the question.

  • sleepy

    Ok here are some of the points the programme raised last night ,their points not mine by the way.

    1.American flag flapping.Since no atmosphere on the moon and no wind why was the flag flapping?

    2.No blast creator or dust disturbance under landing craft yet astronauts feet left foot prints.

    3.No rocket propelled craft can take off and land vertically today, et this was done of the moon over 30 years ago when they couldn't even do it iin practise on earth.

    4.Lighting appears to come from a source not far from astronauts and the astronauts are spot lit.

    5.No stars visable.

    6.Radiation belt between earth and moon that some claim you would need six foot of lead round you to survive, yet astronauts had milimetres of aluminum.

    7.Strong radiation and intense heat on the moon , yet astronauts uneffected but had little protection.

    8.Large number of NASA personnal died running up to moon landing, some strong critics.

    9.Astronauts don't like to talk about the experence.

    These are just some of the points I remmebered.I 'm sure there could be answers to them but the NASA represenatives on the programme weren't very good.

  • Seeker4

    Just when I start to wonder why people believe stupid things, such as most religions and most conspiracy theories, I read a thread like this one and am reminded all over again about how gullible and lacking in rational thinking people can be.

    It is NOT a matter of "having an open mind" and saying "well maybe we went to the moon and maybe we didn't." You investigate any matter by looking for the GODDAMN PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE! You look for flaws in the arguments presented (and ALWAYS one of the biggest flaws in the majority of conspiracy theories is that they rest on the supposition that thousands or tens of thousands of people joined together in a plot that NOT ONE of them has ever spoken about. THINK about that for a second - even the Nazis couldn't force that kind of silence.).

    Another problem is that genuine journalists and researchers would die to be able to prove one of these conspiracy thories - that man never landed on the moon or something similar. You'd guarantee your fame, fortune and immortality to do that. So, why haven't they? Are ALL these journalists a PART of some great conspiracy? No. It's simply that these idiot ideas are simply NOT PROVABLE, and the evidence to the contrary (ie: that man DID go to the moon) is overwhelming.

    What I see in a lot of these posts is the same sort of thinking that allows Jehovah's Witnesses to believe that Adam was literal and created 6,027 years ago, and there was an earthwide flood 4,000 years ago. It's just simply really shoddy thinking and reasoning. Come on people!! Next you'll be believing crop circles are the work of aliens, or that OJ is innocent. Yes we're all free to think as we will, but it is a HUGE mistake to think that all ideas are equal in value.


  • sleepy


    I'm not sure anyone here said they didn't believe it.

    I only saw the programme about it last night, an am sure there evidence against the conspirecy theory and before hand would have laughted at the idea.But not all the claims were looney some seamed very reasonable.I still think man went to the moon, but it woundn't supprise me if it was a hoax.

    I also don't think the Hoax theory rests on thousands being in on it , just a hundred or so.Also the area were its claimed the filming took place is off limits to civilians.

    Governments DO cover things up, there is solid proof of this as in Britian files are kept on government activities ,after a number of years (I think 40) secret files are allowed to be opened to the public often they have revealed things the government kept quite at the time.

  • plmkrzy

    AND some people get JUST A LITTLE too shook up and need to chill

    why don't we start calling each other idiots over this. maybe that would be smart

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  • funkyderek
    I would be amazed if it were a hoax.....but stranger things have happened I guess. For there to be TV shows and stuff...there must be something to the story.

    Why? If it's on TV, it must be true? Especially on a channel owned by Rupert Murdoch?

  • SpiderMonkey

    LOL, Seeker4; I agree with you on the subject of the moon landings, but... Please tell me what *does* account for crop circles

    Not that I'm convinced it's aliens, just that I don't know, and you seem to...

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