Hellfire loves "Dumbass people".

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  • Bleep

    larc,You made the assumption that I cut and paisted all that info, so I will make the assumption that the Watchtowers are

  • larc

    Bleep, I never asked you about the ransom. If you did cut and paste from a Watchtower, you should provide a reference, as I have done every time I made a point. Edited to add: you assume that the Watchtower is right. Which particular one, since the doctrine in the Watchtower changes on a regular basis on a number of subjects.

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  • Bleep

    Have some patience, you still have a few years to live. I am not going anywhere.

  • Bleep

    larc, was I able to answer your question? Maybe you are trying to get information out of me that I do not have. What do you think the answer is? I know that you think you can try and convert me from reading the Watchtower magazines. There are more benifit than harm from reading them. I will use another Bible if you think that will help with the Watchtower.

  • sunshineToo

    Geesh! 5 Pages!!!!

    Bleep, I guess you are just irresistable.

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