Hellfire loves "Dumbass people".

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  • wasasister

    Well Bleep, it seems there are now at least three people politely requesting that you respond to their sincere querries: Crazy, Larc, and myself. I don't really have original questions of my own, but I would rather appreciate your responding to Crazy and Larc.

    Anyone else like to hop on the bandwagon? Plenty of room....Who would like to see Bleep answer either Crazy or Larc?

  • truthseeker1

    Well, bleep asked for answers to his questions and got them. I guess he has nothing else to say.

  • Bleep

    The difference is that I have proof from the postings on this site.

    The claims that Crazydrinka makes are a few cases in a huge Orginization. You forgot that any Orginization on Satans system are not perfect. But it is good to know I can at least talk to people who love God.

  • larc

    Bleep, you seem to have difficulty answering specific questions. When they come up, you either ignore them or start a new thread. Now, at the risk of putting you into information overload, I am going to bring back another question to you for the third time. You said we are not being judged today, because we are imperfect. This statement means that everyone who ever lived will be reserected and judged when perfect. This is not WT teaching and there is nothing like this since the early days of Russell. Now, would please comment on my response to your statement?

  • jgnat

    I have zero interest in exchanging insults on a Bible Research thread. However, I agree with Truthseeker that I am waiting for Bleep to answer many unanswered questions I have left on his other, abandoned threads.

    He can look them up himself. I am too busy having a balanced life to keep repeating myself.

  • larc

    Bleep, again, I ask about the Mexico - Malowi differences. These differences came from the very top of the organization, and can not be blaimed on imperfect underlings.

  • NeonMadman
    I have stated many good ideas and have been told I have made many good topics.

    Who is telling you this, Bleep?

    Or is this like Judge Rutherford saying, "It has often been said [yeah, BY HIM!] that religion is a snare and a racket"?

  • StinkyPantz

    I too have unanswered questions. Unfortunately Bleep is notorious for abandoning thread when confronted with reasonable questions.

    Bleep, if you are here to help us, then why won't you answer our questions?

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  • SYN

    Bleep, we're all going to gang up on you if you don't answer Larc's questions. What are you so scared of? People died because of the Tower's policy in Malawi, when this could have been avoided for the price of a 25 cent card.

    Do you think that's "ethical"? HUH?

    If you say anything except no, you are a monster, and probably really good Governing Body material.

  • SpiderMonkey

    -Principle of fidelity-keep promises and acts faithfully

    This is what those Apostates need. When they got baptized they knew the principles that were agreed when taking that test.

    Bleep, tell me, please: Which court in which nation would accept as binding an agreement someone made when age 13, or younger? And, if indeed there is one, do you wish to equate the ethical level of Jehovah's Witnesses with that of said court or nation?

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