Hellfire loves "Dumbass people".

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  • Bleep

    CRazydrinker wrote, "If the WT printed that people were aliens would you believe that to??"

    They did say some stuff about aliens, but it was in a talk. They have people give talks as well, for free.

  • larc

    Bleep, to get started, you could do a search on the Wt CD, on the word Sodom to cooborate the more recent references and to find out if there any newer ones since 1988.

  • Bleep

    Here is what I have so far brother larc,

    In 1870 - 75, Russell and his study associates learned that when Christ comes again he is to be invisible to human eyes and that the object of his return includes the blessing of all families of the earth. In 1872 Russell and his study group came to appreciate the ransom price that Christ provided for humankind. JW's commemorate Jesus death every year. In 1877 the book Three Worlds is published, as a result of joint efforts of N.H. Barbour and C.T. Russell. That is where everything started to go wrong in accordance with your claim larc. In 1879 Russell withdraws all support from Herald of the Morning, In May, because of Barbours attitude toward the ransom.

    Of course I understood it that all mankind was clean from sin since the scales of justice were equal. In 1886 the Divine Plan of the Ages is published, the first volume of the series called Millennial Dawn (later known as Studies in the Scripture). Topics such as the Thousand Year Reign of Jesus Christ started to develop there.

    In 1917 J.F.Rutherford became the president of the society on Jan 6th. Nothing is said that he did not agree with the ransom from Jesus Christ. The book The Finished Mystery is released to the Bethal family in Brooklyn on July 17 ; four who had been serving on the Societys board of directors became heated in their opposition; thereafter many congregations were split.

    Please provide the month of each Wt. you have listed.

  • Crazy151drinker
  • jgnat

    Bleep, perhaps you are not aware of how your Watchtower CD works. If you have the year and page number, I am pretty sure you do not need to know the month of the Watchtower article.

  • truthseeker1

    Bleep, you crack me up. I have come to the realization that you are not a real JW. you are probably an ex-jw like the majority of us. I think you are going so far to the extreme to make the witnesses look bad. It cracks me up. Thanks for the humor. The only sad thing is that you might actually trick people and get them angry. I understand why you do it though. At least you are showing us, and others who might not be too familiar with the JW brainwashed mentality, just how silly their doctrine really is.

    Thanks again!

  • Bleep

    What's that got to do with Hellfire Doctrine? Ask some questions other than personal matters.

  • larc

    Bleep, your cut and paste regarding Russell is interesting, but it has nothing to do with the resurrection doctrine. Please address the issue, and forget about putting up fog. Do you have a JW CD? Do you know how to use the search function? Can you spell Sodom? I laid out what you need to do to get the information since 1988. Why can't you do it? It is really not that difficult. Since you are not good at Essay questions, Let me try some true false questions. (1) Russell believed that all would be resurrected. (2) Rutherford first believed it but changed his mind. (3) As to whether the men of Sodom would be resurrected the Society changed their minds at least three times.

  • The Devil
    The Devil

    To those interested in hellfire I can help out. All you have to do is sign a little bitty contract. No biggy and don't worry about reading the fine print.


  • Bleep

    I think Russell laid a good foundation for the Bible students. The conflicts started when other men wanted to change things about the ransom and a few other facts about the Bible. Satan must have been behind it all. I will look up what you requested shortly brother larc. I like to do my own research at times.

    You have asked me ten times regarding the ransom. I will have plenty of time to look over all of those scriptures you have given me.

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