Hellfire loves "Dumbass people".

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  • Bleep

    Any questions about Hellfire are welcome. The only response I got from Crazydrinker was, "Youre a Dumbass".


    I guess he was a Beavis and Butthead fan. "This Sucks"

    Please also list the REASONS that I am a "Dumbass" here.

  • Bang

    What do you think it is?


  • larc

    Hi Bleep, are you going to answer my questions I posted on another thread? If not, why not? A question from your dear brother Larc. Who loves you?

  • SYN

    You've said essentially nothing, contributed basically zero, and yet you have over 500 posts. Unbelievable.

  • Bleep

    I have stated many good ideas and have been told I have made many good topics. I love it when people try to abuse ethic principles.

    I promised I would teach some useful ethic principles so here goes.

    -Principle of honesty - do not deceive.

    This site has been dishonest and been trying to fool others into thinking that JW's are a cult. They use the Bible and agree on the Bible standards set for true Christianity. They even go door to door like Jesus.

    -Principle of do no harm - do not harm others.

    This includes abusive speech with the internet as well. DUH!

    -Principle of fidelity-keep promises and acts faithfully

    This is what those Apostates need. When they got baptized they knew the principles that were agreed when taking that test.

    -Principle of autonomy- permits and encourages others to act rationally

    So many have tried to say I am wrong and I can't contribute anything. But they can not say good things I have done because they are not Christians at all.

    -Principle of confidentiality - keep confidential information in proper circles.

    So many times I have been told not to post the truth here. They also beg and plead for me to give my info to the elders. Hey if they want the info I am contributing then they are more than welcome to come to the site.

    Principle of lawfulness- do not violate the law.

    There is a law for abusive speech. If you want to abuse someone go to the Adult section of this site.

    Hope you guys that responded to my posts in an unethical way know how to act now. They can start learning some Bible principles someday.

  • larc

    Brother Bleep, do you consider it ethical to ignore my questions to you?

  • wasasister

    OK, I'll bite. Here is an ethics question for you:

    Do you think the Society has acted consistantly with the brotherhood in all areas of the world?

    and a follow up:

    Would you kindly respond to specific instances where the Society has not acted consistantly?

    Thank you in advance,

    Wasa, with full acknowledgement of Larc's ownership of this question.

  • Crazy151drinker

    Principle of honesty - do not deceive.

    Is it 1975 yet????? Time to sell your house!! Do not deceive but its OK for the WT to change the bible whenever they want in order for it to conform to the WT beliefs, regardless if those beliefs are not the LORDs.

    Principle of do no harm - do not harm others.

    Just tell them to sell their houses, shun their families and friends, support pedofiles, defend rapists, and let them kill themselves with an ignorant blood policy.

    Principle of fidelity-keep promises and acts faithfully

    "Millions now living will never die!" The WT has not kept any of its promises nor have any of its numerous predictions come true.

    Principle of autonomy- permits and encourages others to act rationally

    Encouraging others to not get life saving medical treatment, denouncing education, protecting molestors, and waiting on God to do everything for you is in no way rational. Its idiotic.

    Principle of confidentiality - keep confidential information in proper circles.

    Protect molestors, rapists, pedophiles, and wife beaters so the Org does not get a bad name.

    Principle of lawfulness- do not violate the law.

    That is unless you are an Elder or from Brooklyn, then you can do what ever it takes to cover up any crimes.


    I have responded to your post in an ethical way. However, your own orginization does not follow these ethical rules. You need to take a step back and look at the hypocracy that circulates within the WT.

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  • Bleep

    wow, no swear words that time!

  • Crazy151drinker


    I responded, now what are you going to do about the factual points that I made? Are you going to look at all the double standards and lies in the WT or are you just going to post some more jibber jaber junk.

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