Hellfire loves "Dumbass people".

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  • Celia

    Bleep :

    They even go door to door like Jesus.

    Picture Jesus with a book bag in one hand, some rolled up parchments in the other, knocking on people's doors, telling them that if they don't become Jehovah's Witnesses and follow the rules of the Governing Body they will go to Hell.... Jesus taught Hell, didn't he ?

    HaHa ha ha Haaaaha ha ha ha...

  • NeonMadman
    They even go door to door like Jesus.

    Bleep, please point out a few of the scriptures that speak of Jesus going from door to door. I know they must be there, right?

  • plmkrzy

    I must have taken the wrong off ramp some where. I'm not clear why we would be asking Bleep questions on WT policy.

    What does he have to do with the WT?


  • Bleep

    Crazydrinker. You have failed once again and have not addressed my issues of ethics. Instead you have looked at the side of this website with its propaganda.

    Some people fail to think about the principle of confidentiality and the do no harm principle, much like you.

    Why is that?

    Also on the matter of my view, you can see I am not acting like a clown with abusive speech and persistence on one question. I am not in those countries. Maybe you can pay for the price of the ticket so I can see how they are in those Congregations? No proof was provided with the Watchtower. Someone is not doing a good job "Watching the Watchtower here".

    I went over my limit yesterday but I still answered the question the best of my ability at the time.

  • Bleep

    I would gladly tell you this Neon. When Jesus Christ sent out his disciples, he instructed them: "As you go,preach,saying, 'The Kingdom of the heavens has drawn near.'" (Matt.10:7) And in his prophetic command to true Christians who would be living during the conclusion of the system of things, he said: "This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness."(Matt. 24:14) What did that mean?

    It did not mean that they were to build churches, ring a bell, and wait for a congregation to assemble to hear them give a sermon once a week. The Greek verb here rendered "preach" (ke`ry'so) means, basically, "make proclamation as a herald." The idea is not delivering sermons to a closed group of disciples but, rather, making open, public declaration.

    Jesus himself set the example as to how it was to be done. Would you like more examples of this?

  • SYN

    Seems Bleep is ignoring our questions about those people who DIED! Because of the Governing Body!

    Every time you do that, Bleep, it just reaffirms who you really are! Stop preaching to us about ethics when you ignore the issue yourself!

  • COMF
    Hellfire loves "Dumbass people".

    Of course it does. The only place it lives is in their minds.

  • Bleep

    If it was up to you, which religion would you rather have? A God of hate or a God that gives all people a chance to live forever?

    This is what most churches think: You are born then when you die you go to a fiery torment or you go to heaven. The earth just being a stepping stone.

    This is what JW's think when studying the Bible: You get a second chance in life in the millennium reign and have 1000 years to decide, being perfect the whole time. Then if you still want to do bad you get the second death.

    All backed up by the NWT.

    So when someone comes knocking at the door you have something to talk about.

  • COMF
    which religion would you rather have?

    None at all.

  • Bleep

    SYN claims "Seems Bleep is ignoring our questions about those people who DIED! Because of the Governing Body!"

    Did they line them all up and shoot them all like most wars? True Christians did not go to war.

    Or did they come to an accurate knowledge of God and kept God's promise and principes of putting away the sword?

    If you want to talk about death I have open ears.

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