JWZone Thread on Bill Bowen - UPDATED!

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  • SYN

    Oh come on guys! Why flame Apostates when you can flame Dubs?

    Although I knew a topic as emotional as this one was going to draw some heated responses, but this is whack!

    Avengers, LOL, cool picture!

    There have been some very good thoughts on this thread, although I doubt that if I'd heard about all the Silentlambs stuff going down when I was still Assimilated, I would NOT have blindly trusted - my mind is always very curious, and I would have investigated for myself.

    But then again, that's the reason I'm not Assimilated anymore, isn't it

  • Farkel


    :all, you are assuming that the people I've helped are on the internet.

    I guess I assumed correctly. See your comment here:

    : One of them isn't. She's never used the internet in her life.

    Since you've attacked what I write so much, it's only fitting that you would cite this example since it doesn't include anything you've written. But nonetheless, I salute you for it.

    : Please explain how you've helped her before she called me for help.

    Don't know her. Didn't get the chance. But if you were to be measured by what you've said in here, I assert you haven't done shit to help anyone but yourself.


  • Prisca


    I totally agree. Farkel's attack was totally unneccessary, and un-called for. Just a case of him wanting to be King of the Castle, I guess. Let him think he's the Ace Apostate. It's guys with egos like his that confirm JWs' claims that apostates are bitter and twisted.

    I really don't care what Farkel or anyone else thinks about me. I know who I've helped, and how I've helped them, and these ones know the effort I've put into helping them. Who is Farkel compared to the rest of the 6 billion people living on this earth?


    But if you were to be measured by what you've said in here, I assert you haven't done shit to help anyone but yourself.

    Is that so???

    Real interesting to see that said by someone who received $AUS 100 from me when he was supposedly homeless and penniless.

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  • In_between_days

    Don't know her. Didn't get the chance. But if you were to be measured by what you've said in here, I assert you haven't done shit to help anyone but yourself.

    A statement I have come to regard as quite typical from this arrogant and self - absorbed poster. I would'nt bother any further with him Prisca, he's not worth the keystrokes.

    Onto other matters at hand, of course this thread is very disturbing in the sense of the very unloving attidude that these people have unknowingly adopted. I feel sorry for these brainwashed people, but know that at one time, I was also a member, and this topic would probably have made me say the same things.

    On the other hand, at least these people WATCHED Dateline or Panarama, my parents refused to watch it on the net, and already condemned the victims as being twisted liars. My mother then accused me of being a victim of brainwashing, saying I was being used and manipulated by apostates. Now, this is hard to take, but I do understand that mother is a VICTIM of MIND CONTROL, and I would not feel that she would deserve such brutality as a kick in the teeth, the GB and certain elders however, are another story.

    I also clicked on to another thread on this Pro JW website about child abuse where a JW poster projects the anger he feels at the injustices he saw on this program, and expressed his opinion on how the show has affected him. This is an example of the GOOD that these programs and Bill Bowen has done. I firmly believe that anyone who has viewed these programs has not walked away without being impacted.

  • professor

    I knew I was going to get really angry reading this as soon as I saw the title. Can anyone else hear the MUZAK playing in these people's sedated brains?

  • SYN

    <<<< not taking sides! Purely because I enjoy both of these naughty posters' posts!

    Professor: Nope, you can only hear Kingdom Melodies, which make Muzak look like Beethoven

  • Kismet

    On average, there are 40,000 people worldwide that are disfellowshipped.

    There are about 6,000 members here (recognizing of course some of these are duplicate/triplicate accounts). That 6,000 is over a 2 year period. That is 6,000 out of a possible 80,000 that have been df'd.

    That number (80,000) does not include all the walk aways or ones that simply became inactive or disassociate themselves.

    I think it is arrogant to feel that any one (or even 10) person can take credit for all these people. Some here have helped a lot, but let's keep it in balance.

    I know personally I made the decision to walk away from the Org on my own without the help of any "apostate literature" I did however appreciate the support I received once that decision had been made and I found H20. The articles and essays written by Farkel and Jan did validate my reasons for leaving and often made me think about topics from a different angle.

    The support I got from alleged "fluff" posters helped me greatly as well.

    Bottom line, we can all play a part. We are no longer needing "human letters of recommendation" to prove our worth to a man made group. Some write the essays that help people, some provide emotional support, others take the time to sit and reason over and over with questioning JW's. All are of equal importance IMO.


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  • Liberated

    I didn't go back and read it again, but did any of them mention the two witnesses to EACH molestation (the policy that Bill was hoping the wts would change)?

    Also, Bill Bowen has not been allowed to present his witnesses at the judicial meetings for one reason or another. I see that they referred to his witnesses showing up at one of the meetings as a 'demonstration'. When they saw all the people there to support Bill's position (peacefully gathered), the elders would not conduct the judicial hearing and left.

    At the meeting where Bill took pictures of them locking the door and putting trash bags over the windows, he had already informed them that he could not meet with them that day because his witnesses could not be there on a week day. His photos are important because they show that the elders had no witnesses against him at that hearing. Where were the two witnesses who are accusing him?? Were they sitting on the committee??

    On another forum a poster asked what the predominant factor is which prevents jw's (or others) from speaking out against religions which preach false doctrine. In view of how Bill Bowen is being gutted, it's a wonder anyone speaks out at all. And Bill is not questioning doctrine, he is simply asking that the policy be changed, which isn't really a change at all because they already allow two witnesses to separate infractions with smoking. The wts rapidly changed their UN policy when that became public knowledge; they should have changed this policy when first presented with it (before it ever went public) and all of this could have been avoided. Allow two victims of a pedophile to be the two witnesses against him/her.


  • sunshineToo

    I second that, Liberated!

  • joenobody

    What gets me in their comments is that they are so well trained in Thoecratic New Language. Brothers are referred to as "loyal", apostate signs are "deceptive". So many adjectives are tossed about to qualify everything. The devotion to the "earthly organization" is absolutely astounding. It's a well packaged product that Society has sold people - you are special, you are part of a special organization on earth, it is God's visible organization, but because men are involved, there will be some imperfection. It's not until one is able to do an honest examination without the influence of the organization that you can see there is no basis for the claim of being approved by God. Nothing.

    I can sympathize with them to a limited extent. But statements to the effect that these "scandals" will make honest-hearted worldly people look into things and that it will actually add to the ranks of the brothers and sisters, are so naive as to cause one to pause and reflect as to how nonsensical such statements are and regret ever following such a course of non-reasoning in the past as a JW.

    As a small aside, it really bugs the hell out of me that they use Star Trek characters as their personas - seems it's ok to "boldy go where no man has gone before" but don't "boldly go out in front of the Organization". Seems to me an honest JW could enjoy the show but wouldn't completely embrace the mythology of other worlds that flies in the face of Earth having been a special creation.

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