JWZone Thread on Bill Bowen - UPDATED!

by SYN 170 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Xena

    *sigh* Prisca Prisca Prisca......just stroke their egos and they will let it go....it's what they want and obviously need. Bit suprised at Dave, kinda expected better.....but live and learn I guess.

    Farkel not everyone feels the need to overthrow the WBTS, not everyone wants to be the Moses of ExJW's, leading the people out of the wilderness. Some of us just want to learn to cope with our OWN lives and the deal with our OWN family members. And one way we do this is by interacting with others who have suffered with some of the same issues. lol so are we bad people? are we stupid? are we inferior to you and your ilk due to this. Obviously to you we are, but you know what I don't think that may people really care, we just get DAMN TIRED of hearing you bitch and moan about it all the time and so they stoke your ego a bit to get you to SHUT THE HELL UP.

    I didn't leave the JW's because you, my husband didn't leave the JW's because of you, my sister-in-law didn't leave the JW's because of you....wow however did we make it out without you????? Dumb luck I guess.

    oppps I just did a Prisca....I guess bad association DOES spoil useful habits, huh?

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  • Prisca

    Xena dear, of course they want their egos stroked, that's what this whole curfuffle is about. Of course Farkel and Dave couldn't have said this in emails - how on earth would they have had an audience?

    Hey look... the entire ex-JW world owes their existance to Farkel and Co.

    There, I've said it, can we all go home now?

  • Xena

    Perhaps I was a bit harsh, Farkel you write some great stuff. And it is apparent you devote a lot of time to this, but you know what a little humility goes a long way! And you don't have to put someone else down to make youself look good. A lot of people look up to you and respect you, shouldn't that mean enough? Why do you appear to need to keep hearing it?

  • DannyBear

    Go away, come back, go away....same ole, same ole....the circle of cyber-life as an ex-jw is very predictable to say the least!

    Dave you held a high ground alot longer than most, but have fallen victim to the 'egomiester's' of jwcom-dom, whether you like it or not, the Norwegian's were some of the first to practice the vice, some other wanabe's followed suit and emulated them....so we now end up with a few self agrondizing prick's who think their shit smells better than most....and never miss a beat to tell everyone that they should eat it and smile. Yeah Farkel you know what I mean.

    There is no defense for anyone who self promotes over the expense of another...no matter the provocation or history.

    It is somewhat boring now. So I rarely even visit here anymore. Life is to short for all this bullshit.
    But it does provide a little entertainment on a slow day.

    Reality check. The things said and implied here, would not even be considered in real life, one on one.

    I very seldom offer advice...what the hell here we go...GET OUT OF THIS PLACE....OR OTHERS LIKE IT...AND START LIVING IN REALITY!

    Off I go to follow my own advice.


  • teejay


    I started to send this to you via email. Then I figured: since our feud has played it out publicly, maybe it can end the same way.

    So, deciding to go public, I started to create a new thread for what I'm about to say since voices have been wailing for days that this thread has been "hijacked." As far as I'm concerned, this thread was dull from the git-go. I'll never understand why any ex-JW cares what one-dimensional, intolerant, dull JWs talk about. "hey everybody, look at the stupid, asinine, close-minded things the Dubs are saying NOW!!" when **we all** know good and well that, not long ago, we were one and all saying the exact same things.

    So, I'm saying it here. Screw JWZone.

    Overall, I think you are a good person. I think you mean well. I think you care--are passionate about--people and would do whatever was in your power to help someone if you could. I have little doubt that if I happened to meet you at some apostafest down the line, we'd quickly find that we have much in common. To be honest, the ire that exists between us, for the most part, has come from you. But, that's cool. You're not the first person (here or elsewhere) to not take an immediate liking to me.

    One thing about you, though... you come across very condescendingly and that is something that I simply cannot stand... as though you KNOW and everybody else (or those who disagree with you or have a different viewpoint) are somehow 'less than.'

    Yeah, I dredge up the Danni Affair when maybe I should let that debacle rest, but I do it only to show that even you are dead wrong sometimes. So, I'm wondering: where do you get this arrogance I sense from you all the time? As much as you might hate to admit it, you (nor I or anyone else) don't hold any high moral ground here.

    I didn't care for your attitude back then, an attitude that smacked of,

    "Hey, y'all, Dave's here!! Step back, peons!! Everything's under control. Here's the deal. Here's the opinion you all should have.

    What? You don't have the same opinion as The One I just offered? Then, you're a fool and you pander to JW pedophiles. I'm done with you."

    I have to tell you... a hand full of the posters here have never been JWs, but for the most part most of us have paid a heavy price due to our involvement with the Society, most of us for many, many years. (I don't think I need to elaborate on what the price is and has been.) What I wanna know is: why it is that some of us foist some of those same evil behaviors that were done to EACH OF US on people who have already been mentally, spiritually, and psychologically abused? It's a common human behavior--abused people become abusers--that I have a very hard time understanding.

    And, to me, that is what you do.

    You berate people that don't agree with you... you call people silly names like "ass wipes", call them "puppies" and let it be known (jokingly, perhaps) that your comments to certain ones is only a demonstration of your stooping to offer such degraded ones--so far beneath you--your simple words of wisdom, e.g. "kibbles and bits."

    I'm here to tell you: I'm forever through with that bullshit. I lived that kind of life already, suffered that sort of ridicule (and seen it done to others when I had no voice to help them) long enough.

    Let me offer you a reality bite: Dave isn't better than ANYBODY. Teejay isn't better than ANYBODY. Neither is Prisca, LDH, JanH, AlanF, Simon... the list goes on and on. We're all on the same level, my friend. I don't know how that tidbit of information registers with you, but for me it means that whenever, and I mean WHENEVER I see someone... as they say in the 'hood': perpetratin' ... actin' like they "somebody" when they really AIN'T ... sorry, but I'm coming with the both barrels blazing, Dude.

    For those in *my* life (whether 'real' or cyber), *I* will be the one to break the cycle of pain. I'm strong enough and I want to. I'm thinking: shouldn't every ex-JW feel the same?

    Like I said, the only problem and I mean the ONLY problem I've *ever* had with you is this--a feigned elitism, perfected to a high art by the gb and repeated all to often by us. Other than this, we got no problems. None. Zero.

  • teejay
    I didn't leave the JW's because you, my husband didn't leave the JW's because of you, my sister-in-law didn't leave the JW's because of you....wow however did we make it out without you????? Dumb luck I guess.


    You, my Girl, are the shit!


    How are ya, my friend?

    I'm almost embarrassed since it seems that after long absences, you seem to always stumble onto (into?) these silly fights. Lots of good talk been had 'round heyah since you last posted.

    Sorry you missed it.

  • SYN

    <<< hopes Simon doesn't lock this thread

  • Xena

    ROFL poor Syn look what you have done now......started WWWIII with your thread....

    Teejay...I am ASSuming that since I wasn't on your "list" that I AM better then everyone else....

  • dungbeetle

    hey amacbumbac

    of course you think this thread is hilariously funny, a person like yourself who contributes little or nothing to this board unless its to belittle the efforts of others who want to use what their Higher Power (as they may view it) gave them to make the world a better place...

    while you sit on your backside whining about how bad the world is.

    Were you born such a useless piece of crap or were you dropped on your head too many times as a baby?

    the whole time youwere allegedly a JW, the world refused to die. The ten alleged years you've NOT been a JW, the world refused to die.

    For the next one thousand years long after you and I have hilariously funnily passed of the scen of things, the world will still be refusing to die.

    So live with it.


  • Farkel


    With regards to what you said about Dave:

    :One thing about you, though... you come across very condescendingly and that is something that I simply cannot stand..

    Isn't that a bit condescending?


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