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  • Apognophos

    The pattern repeats. The delay of the eschatological end means focussing on building the Kingdom of God on earth with 'churches' and 'cathederals.'

    Wow, great comment. History is repeating itself! We were taught as Witnesses that the first-century Christians expected the end to come in their lifetime. (The lesson was that we should keep on the watch just like they did; even though they were wayyy off, this time the end was really truly close, honest!) Now, as we enter the second century of our Lord's presence (the year "100 AD2"?) in this new form of Christianity, the religion is getting ever more situated and comfortable. The Kingdom Halls are going to get nicer so they're more inviting to the public. No more meeting in private homes like the earliest Christians did. The doctrine has possibly finished its first century of growing pains and is getting streamlined to last for the long-term.

    I wonder, though, if 2,000 years from now anyone will know what the Jehovah's Witnesses are. Can history really repeat itself with a new religion in the age of science, or is this going to be an abortive effort that dies out in the face of modern skepticism?

  • TTATTelder

    Magnum - good stuff. Adcms - hilarious.

    apog - as long as you have idiots lining up to drink this kool-aid, the scam will continue. I know of a long time elder that closed his business, sold his house, and moved to work at Warwick. He's there now. When he speaks of the organization, his eyes get big and he takes on the look of a child talking about Disneyland. It's embarrassing to watch. When do you ever see the WT counseling people to keep their adoration of the org in balance? Do you think they ever turn down donations that would produce hardships on the givers? Doubt it.

    It's disgusting how the organization takes advantage of groupie people like this. They accept their worship and then pretend to have humility. I'm sorry there's more to humility than not wearing pope outfits.


  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    We may often be making offers on properties that are not even for sale... we are in a War – we are in small battles with each property

    I guess the braniacs in the WT Real Estate and Land Development For Jehovah Dept. haven't 2+2 together on this one.

    WT makes an offer on a property that isn't even for sale. When the owner says 'no', WT then does what it always does: throws a tantrum and pouts. Step 3 is lawyer up through WT Legal to piss-and-moan in the courts to strong-arm a sale. Jeez, of course it'll be a "war"... whatdya expect, dumbasses?

    I bet WT laments the good 'ol days when god's people could just wipe the village out and take the real estate.

  • JWdaughter

    Its real nice that they are being asked to simplify their lives, give up everything and work free for one of the richest property development firms in the world. Building buildings for the org while they have wives and children living in travel trailers.

    How DID the thing with Jim and Tammy end? Besides not well? People kept putting money into things that were not being built or they were not getting the use of...

    When JWs are hounded incessantly to give more and more for less and less-are they going to ever clue in? That they are making their buildings more resalable is not surprising. That is sounds like they will be more vulnerable is kind of logical....Now, a window breaks and they can start feeding the fear monster so that everyone is happy when they sell and  move to other premises, building again, pushing for more donations.

    I reallly think that the building frenzy is a way of hiding the LACK of growth. While in some areas there is more growth, I know of family members who had 6 congs meeting in one hall until 2 were consolidated into the other congregations. They needed a new hall a lot more-just 2-3 years ago, than they do now, didn't they?

    Remember the article a few months ago about meeting in basements? That is what they will all do as they sell of the halls claiming persecution (maybe some  paying off of Conti and othervictims). It won't all be to pay off, they will play their games for more money and then build NEW and MORE halls. 

    I don't know and cannot even fathom what they will do with all the money, but I know that they are not now being honest about money or expenses, they are building $$$ Warwick that is the cost of building hundreds or thousands of halls-on its own. That isn't necessary. That is them building the VERY BEST for a very few people to live in while others are told to give up their lives and for their families to live in poverty. 

    OHHHH, what a loving arrangement.

    OH and the rhetoric? It sounded exactly like what the televangelists use to manipulate. All the scriptures to tell the story they want to tell.

  • wannaexit

    I just read this to my husband and he wants to thank you for your forbearance in sitting through all of this.

    All I can say is that the gb is getting more and more deluded and I pity the poor rank and file that cling to every word they utter.

  • wannaexit

    New store front format??

    Looks like they want to integrate these so they can sell them later as commercial properties. They will be building to get a higher resale value

  • _Morpheus
    Just as footnote to this thread, i confirmed that the same meeting was held on the east coast of the USA, same bullet points, same program of building and details of new KH outlined. 
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    "By this you will know that they are my disciples, that they are one of the largest property development corporations in the world" -- Jesus Trump
  • Oubliette

    Sour Grapes, what is the source for this. While parts of it sound legit (and I personally know some of the men named), other parts sound completely crazy?

    Also, the number of typos makes me question its legitimacy. If nothing else, the WT Corporation is anal about spelling and grammar.

    Please explain how you came into possession of this?



  • Oubliette

    LDC. LDS. Hmmm, not much difference.

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