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  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    If I were them, I would have made this move a long time ago. It's funny, when I was a kid, the "quick builds" were just starting and it was almost like an Amish barn raising. The transformation to a corporately driven, branded product is almost complete.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Was this only ON-SITE at Patterson, or was it broadcast to all the Assm Halls for the present RBC Dept Chairmen?


  • label licker
    label licker

    When ever the word local is involved with labels, you know they really mean the publishers pockets and not their own.

  • _Morpheus

    Im not sure how i missed this thread initially but much apprecition to OP for sharing!

  • startingover

    Is this really authentic? To be honest, it seems like it should be on jehovahstrumpet.com. Surprised it didn't get more coverage than this or leaked beforehand.

  • Magnum

    What a load of BS! I really see now that those who said that the org is changing from a publishing business model to a real estate business model are right. The emphasis in this meeting is on real estate and building. Notice:

    The new design will be a bit more commercial in nature – dryvit/stone/ flat roof with parapet / mechanicals on the roof.

    Transparency – windows and a store front like entrance - that passersby will be able to see into.

    Welcoming Atmosphere –this new design will draw people in.

    Seems that they are wanting to make the buildiings more commercial in nature for easier resale and better resale value

    We are one of the largest property development corporations in the world – we own over 80,000 properties – this is all managed by volunteers

    Yep, we’ve been knowing that. You finally admit it.

    We will search for what we NEED – not for whats available! We may often be making offers on properties that are not even for sale – we are giving the Holy Spirit a chance to get us exactly what is needed rather than being limited to whats on the market.

    Wow, they are really into this property thing. Even the holy spirit is on it!

    we are in a War – we are in small battles with each property

    As I said, they’re really into this property thing.

    Other observations:

    The organization is growing at a phenomenal rate.

    Problem: people are steaming in faster than we can build! Actually it’s a good problem to have!

    there is remarkable growth because of Jehovah.

    to care for new ones coming into the truth.

    Isaiah “little one will become a 1000; the small one a mighty nation” – Jehovah said he would “speed it up” in the time of the end.

    OK – I’m baffled here. Do they really believe there is phenomenal growth or are they just full of $hit??? I see complete stagnation and I expect to soon see decline.

    Look at creation – its all in sync its all in order – that is reassuring – Be part of that order – Jehovah blesses unity!

    If “Creation” is orderly, then it’s only in a cold sense. The natural world is brutal. Consider the horrors that occur on the plains of Africa in one single night. I could write books about the horrors of nature. Nature is all about survival – from the microscopic to the macroscopic. Even the plant world is all about survival.

    the room is filled with professionals from all over the country and world – that have chosen to completely unplug from their livelihoods – leave everything and everyone to come work on this historic project

    The room is filled with professionals because a lot of them went to college. They told me not to do that and they are against higher education.

    “Historic” in what way? If it is historic, it is only to clueless JWs. The world couldn’t care less about it.

    GB says simplify – earn less money but at the same time they need millions more to do what we need to do – a contradiction? NO – Jehovah makes it happen.

    That’s BS. Individuals will be simplifying, meaning that instead of working to make money for themselves, they’ll be working to make money for the org. So the individuals will be earning less money, but the org will be making more money; it will be building up its real estate empire.

    We are the largest printing house in the world - all unskilled workers

    Yeah, they’re unskilled. They’re also clueless and unqualified.

    We are the largest translation organization in the world – 700 lang- unskilled

    Very unskilled. They can’t even get their native language right.

    Can you see it? The pillar of fire?

    No I can’t see it. Please show it to me and I’ll quit my job and come help you build.

    We all agree that the Warwick Project is monumental – and of utmost importance…

    Kind of presumptuous to say that, isn’t it? How do you know everybody agrees? Did everybody have a voice in the decisions? Did anybody outside a select few have a chance to dissent? Could any outside the select few voice their dissenting opinions without being branded as being negative (or worse)?

    Well, 24 years later – we are fine – in fact Jehovah has moved people to donate more than enough to keep the work going and growing! Nothing short of a miracle!

    Now – this new arrangement dwarfs that miracle – the loan arrangement for building Kingdom Halls is being done away with. The Branch is essentially saying “here’s a $600,000 facility at NO CHARGE - ENJOY!!!!!”

    So it is really a miracle that the org is doing “fine” after moving to the donation arrangement? A miracle??? Wow! I can’t believe I actually observed a miracle!

    So the loving organization of the only true god is giving away buildings? Wow, I’m brought to tears. And to think that I actually thought it was the other way around; I thought the rank and file were donating money and labor and giving the buildings to the org.

    Imagine : Jeh says to Jesus – Ok I want this creature to be lighter than air – but very strong – strong enough to carry not only it’s own weight while flying but also the weight of its prey…make its eyesight so keen that it would be like sitting on the top of the Empire State Building yet still be able to see an ant on the ground… go to work!

    So Jesus made creatures that can carry prey??? I thought animals were not designed to kill?

    One thing that really stood out to me in these notes is how the org comes up with something it wants to do or teach or whatever, and then it searches the Scriptures to find accounts to use to make it look like what it’s doing or teaching is backed up by the Scriptures. So instead of just reading the Scriptures with an open, unbiased mind and letting the Scriptures guide them, the org massages and uses the Scriptures to get what it wants.

  • Apognophos

    So Jesus made creatures that can carry prey??? I thought animals were not designed to kill?

    Haha, oh my God, I didn't catch that.

  • AnnOMaly

    The pattern repeats. The delay of the eschatological end means focussing on building the Kingdom of God on earth with 'churches' and 'cathederals.'

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    Transparency – windows and a store front like entrance - that passersby will be able to see into.

    Now, if WT could only design some transparency into everything else it does...

    we are giving the Holy Spirit a chance to get us exactly what is needed rather than being limited to whats on the market

    Next week on "Flip This House": Holy Spirit finds WT yet another property that wasn't even on the market. You go, boyee!

    Holy Spirit- The Donald Trump of WT World.

  • cultBgone

    I missed this when posted but O.M.G. Is there no end to their lunacy?

    The jdubs will focus on comments such as "all our 80,000 properties are managed by volunteers" and think, wow that's so cool, we must be god's chosen people because we use volunteers!

    They totally miss the important fact that they worship a real estate developer.

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