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  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Oubliette, this looks like either notes Sour Grapes personally made or that someone gave him. Not necessarily a WTS outline. That's likely the reason for the typos.

    And yes, it is crazy but what do you expect. 

  • _Morpheus
    @oub-  i cannot say where he got his info but i can say for a certainty it is exactly what was said to the east coast ldc.  As DB suggested its likely notes from the meeting. This information isnt something the wt would print.  No need tok, its just to hype up the construction forced that are being shuffled around, many of whom seem to be disgruntled at the loss of local power
  • TTATTelder

    I had a conversation with a brother that is involved with scoping out the costs of building these new "Kingdom Halls". I spouted off about what I knew about the design changes and the new plans (which I learned from this thread lol) and he asked how I knew all this because it was suppose to be confidential. He told me he has seen pics and blueprints for these new commercial units. I'm not sure if the pics were real buildings or digital drawings though.


  • ToesUp


    We have learned more info about what is going on in the WT world than we knew when we were still attending. LOL

    We love hearing from you and reading your posts!

  • fastJehu
    LDC is also mentioned in the yearbook 2015. 
  • TTATTelder

    Thanks toesup and so true. I often see boe letters on here day of or one day after they are available to elders on .org lol


  • DesirousOfChange

    LDC is also mentioned in the yearbook 2015

    Is the new Yearbook available already?  Or did you get a "gift" from someone at Bethel?


  • Oubliette

    Morpheus and Doubting Bro, thanks for the confirmation and clarification.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    RBC is not a failure! Anymore that the DO’s that are being reassigned are failures. Would we say the book study arrangement was a failure simply because we have combined the meetings?

    If those DOs and CBSs weren't failures, they would still be used. Successful things don't get axed. "Pioneers Assist Others" was also a failure. 1975, 1914, 1925, and "this generation" were all failures. Growing all their food at Watchtower Farms was a failure. And now with the description of what the new JW.bORG Halls are supposed to be like, the old windowless design was also a failure. WT Corp is just full of failures.

    Jeh says to Jesus – Ok I want this creature to be lighter than air

    WTF? Since when are eagles lighter than air? Are JWs really supposed to believe that eagles would just float out of their nests if they weren't clinging to prey to weigh them down? That entire section of the mess is just loaded with idiocy. Why didn't they marvel about the marvelous design of mosquitoes and ticks that suck blood and spread disease. Can I get a "Thank You, Jeezus!"?

    As a Business Model – this would be utterly ridiculous!!

    Much of what they are talking about is completely copied from a business model--standardization, minimizing expense, they sound like they want it to be as windowy and inviting as McDonalds or Starbucks.

    We all agree that the Warwick Project is monumental – and of utmost importance.

    We all agree that the Warwick Project is a joke compared to the truly stupendous construction projects going on out in the real world. There are plenty of cruise ships that are far more monumental than that goofy cult headquarters of Watchtower.

    It's embarrassing for me to read garbage like this from WT and admit that I ever belonged to this crazy cult... and that I have family that are still being deceived.

  • Listener
    Buildings with windows is a strategic move, they sell better than windowless ones.  It also gives the appearance of being more transparent and not so cultish.

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