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    DesirousOfChange19 hours ago

    LDC is also mentioned in the yearbook 2015

    Is the new Yearbook available already?  Or did you get a "gift" from someone at Bethel?


    The english version is online.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    270,000 people in Builder Assist (we want to reduce this down to 30,000)

    They used to boast about how they were increasing the numbers because it was all part of the training of the multitudes for all the construction to be done in the "new order". Now they're reducing the number and reference the account of Gideon reducing his army to 300.

    Such spin doctors to point to decreases as proof of blessing and growth.

  • JakeM2012

    Thank you Brother Sour Grapes for passing your notes.  Excellent

    It is amazing the "Brazen" manipulation of the scriptures that this non-profit* real estate development company will stoop to.  

    The seminar was concluded with this thought and promise:

    • We are Guaranteed Success for these reasons:

      1. Jehovah wants it done

      2. Spiritual people will do it

    1. You will see the “pillar of cloud & fire”

    They asked: Will you go on this journey with us??? If you do, You will see the Red Sea part!!!!!

    A few random thoughts:

    I guess since armageddon has not come, although promised by WTBTS so many times, and Christ's has been invisibly enthroned since 1914 and Jw's are now "celebrating" his invisible enthronement and 100 years of "he, The King, hasn't accomplished anything whatsoever yet", that WTBTS might as well part the Red Sea also along with all their other "successes".  

    My opinion for the reasons they are supposedly dramatically reducing the free work force like Gideon's 300 as stated by the comments ""Right now the Regional Building Committee has 275,000 people in Builder Assistance – we are reducing that to a handful? Ridiculous?  Do we really believe that Jehovah is in control?"

        1)  The work force they have used for the last 30 years is aging and dying and there are few "qualified" replacements.  Perhaps they know that the true publisher numbers are showing a drastic negative growth as many here suspect.  Just attend a Regional/District convention and see for yourself a "Sea" of an audience of gray haired people.

        2)  You can cut 20% off of a Kingdom Hall design which may cut some donated hours of labor but let's admit it, there is a "Brazen" amount of wasted labor on "Quick Builds";  

    They will cut mostly material cost of 20%, which you could probably cut the size of the Kingdom Halls by at least that by not providing a room for a Kingdom Hall book study, which is now obsolete, and removing the doubting/fringe/thinking elders making the body of elders smaller so that the remaining few super loyal elders won't need as big of a room. (edit, I'm glad I never made the P.O. I would have had the elders meetings at Hooters, or a nice bar that had a restaurant.) 

    (Many commercial buildings have flat roofs with no problems.  The usual commercial method in most retail stores is metal "bar joists" with galvanized decking, then 2"-3" of insulation on top of the decking and then a preferably white reflective membrane roofing material. Some large companies take water reclaimed from the roof and use it to provide water for toilets, i.e. the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee reclaims their water and it provides water for 750,000 flushes per year.) Cost savings with this worldly system over the traditional wooden framed structures is that the Fire Marshall dictates the building codes which many RBC have tried to battle and have lost. Now that's Holy Spirit in Action.  

    The Fire Marshall wants a building that can remain standing before collapse for at least an hour which cost more with a wood structure.  The Fire Marshals thinking is that they want enough time for people to evacuate and/or be rescued. (But JW's don't smoke, we don't need that extra fire protection). If the Fire Marshall even lets the wooden framed building be built, RBC's have been made to install a double layer of 5/8 fire code sheet rock on the bottom of their little wooden trusses and then JW's love that hanging acoustic ceilings to give the finished look.  They used to even build without any sheetrock on the bottom of the trusses and very little insulation. The new architecture is open ceilings with exposed bar joists.     

    Further, even at taking a discount to the 275,000 Builder Assistants for the labor waste of how quick builds operate, my suspicion is they are either planning on:

        1) Subcontracting the work done on the Kingdom Hall to outside contractors who have a more controlled labor cost and do this type of construction all the time hence very low profit margins , and then expecting the congregations to pick up the tab with a lot of donations and just a little free labor given. The last Kingdom Hall Construction Projects that I was involved in had food costs over 15% of the total cost.


        2)  WTBTS is not really planning to go through with the massive expansion plans they speak of, ....  I don't think it is so much a "Watch the Red Sea Part" as it is "Watch the elderly JW's die in the overlapping waves of the generation in the Red Sea of humanity.

    The one point that they are not going to pick from land that is available and on the market, but make offers on developed property not for sale, but which they need in a given area, took me as odd.  Sounds like to me, "if we are going to spend money we are going to spend it in the "hot" real estate markets.  I just remember how they built the 30 story building on 90 Sands, in Brooklyn New York not that many years ago and then recently sold it but have until 2017 to vacate.  Ooooh, the end must be sooooo close!   


    *Non profit meaning the WTBTS does not pay taxes, but they obviously make a profit. 

  • committeechairman

    Sour Grapes:

    I assume either you are/were involved in LDC or knew someone who was to get the detailed notes that you posted to start this thread.

    My question is - have you heard anything recently about LDC and what is going on with it? In the field, it is radio silence besides a few contacts from LDC maintenance and some other very spotty activities.


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