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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    LDC SEMININAR @ PATTERSON Nov 15-18, 2014

    • Entire LDC dept included – remote workers/design/legal/Real Estate/purchasing

    • Oversight

    • Jamaica & Palm coast are linked in

    • Most of seminar is not confidential (I have excluded anything confidential)

    HARMONIOUSLY WORKING TOGETHER – Jonathan Robbins (S. Africa)

    Today we will get the full picture of a new program that is in no way related to RBC or to LWLR (lands with limited resources) – both programs are history

    LDC is New! With elements of the old arrangements

    We will get an overview of the vision of where we have to go – logic will tell you it cant work – but Jesus is in control

    GB as said “this is the way…”

    Don’t apply your professional thinking to this concept – we will use it but it won’t guide you.

    We all need to be clear with 1 voice for our family and friends to understand it – we are the face of LDC – be excited - do you realize how incredible this is?!

    When things look impossible – how do we spiritually get our thinking right?

    Look at creation – its all in sync its all in order – that is reassuring – Be part of that order – Jehovah blesses unity!

    “Do Jehovah’s work – Jehovah’s way” We are spiritual people asked to do a physical task.

    On Jan 17 & 24 the GB will do live streaming to elders & CO’s to inform them of the changes

    EX 12:37 Israelites depart from Egypt – they seem to wander a bit before they get to the Red Sea –first they are told to go toward Succoth - if you are an Israelite you know Succoth is in the wrong direction – human wisdom says go North to Zoar – it’s the shortest route – there’s a highway – its well watered – it makes perfect sense!

    Ex 13:20 from Succoth to Edom – now what?? We are near the wilderness – speaking of Moses, what would you have said to your wife? “He’s lost – he’s old!”

    Ex 14:2 now they turn back to Pihahiroth and camp by the sea – what? Now you say “hes completely lost it!” You are only looking at the man . Are we sitting here at LDC saying “these brothers don’t know what they’re doing – this is ridiculous!”

    Ex 14:17 (Heres what no one knew – Jeh had a plan) God chose not to send them the shortest way – he knew that they may turn back if they were faced with a way out. Ex 14:4 says ‘ I will allow pharaoh’s heart to become obstinate and he will chase after them” – why? “thus I will glorify MYSELF by means of Pharaoh” There was a bigger reason for doing things this way.

    The bigger reason was and is = Jehovah’s glory!

    We have the tremendous privilege of experiencing his mighty hand…

    EX 14:30,31 “Jehovah saved Israel…they saw the Egyptians dead on the shore…they saw his great power. And the people began to fear Jehovah and put faith in him and his servant Moses”

    When the horses were pounding down on them – would you have doubted?

    Right now the RBC has 275,000 people in Builder Assist – we are reducing that to a handful? Ridiculous?

    Do we really believe that Jehovah is in control?

    EX 13: the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire – were visible evidence of Jehovah’s direction

    Look at EX 14:10,11 – When the Israelites were frightened they lost sight of Jehovah and saw only the man – they didn’t see the pillar of fire!

    2 months later – after going thru the Red Sea – witnessing a miracle of Jeh’s saving power – what did they do? Built a golden calf and called it Jehovah! They got afraid – they needed something visible. But what was on the other side of the camp – all while they were building the calf? Yes…the pillar of fire!!! They chose not to see the evidence Jeh provided and chose to look at the calf!

    Can you see the Pillar of Fire today?

    YES! The organization is growing at a phenomenal rate

    • At an unprecedented rate – people are simplifying their lives – ridding themselves of their belongings to come and serve Jeh more fully – the room is filled with professionals from all over the country and world – that have chosen to completely unplug from their livelihoods – leave everything and everyone to come work on this historic project

    • GB says simplify – earn less money but at the same time they need millions more to do what we need to do – a contradiction? NO – Jehovah makes it happen. – consider:

    • We are the largest printing house in the world - all unskilled workers

    • We are the largest translation organization in the world – 700 lang- unskilled

    • We are one of the largest property development corporations in the world – we own over 80,000 properties – this is all managed by volunteers

    Can you see it? The pillar of fire?

    We are asked to adjust our thinking and feelings – Jehovah is in control. When we are told “go this way” we say “ I will go even if I don’t understand why right now”

    Zech 4:6 “not by military force, nor by power, but by my spirit

    We are tools…our value is based upon obedience and loyalty – not talent.

    In Africa –land ownership is in layers – it can take years to get thru the red tape and fully gain ownership. Jonathan said his team used to celebrate when they would finally acquire a property – but

    then they would immediately stop and thank Jehovah for the victory – by his spirit – not because they were clever or smart.

    The fact is – they are clever and smart – but that is not why it works – it works by His spirit alone!

    When working together – do you think you have a better way? – there are often many ways to accomplish a task – but in the end we must settle on 1 way and go with it!

    Work with those in oversight! Be obedient – be whole souled – have a strong work ethic. Don’t neglect the details…remember Moses did “just as Jeh commanded”

    Show initiative: math 25 talents are given to the slaves – they had to show initiative to make the talent grow.

    We have sacrificed careers, family, children, and comfort – to give a witness – to care for new ones coming into the truth – to give them a dignified place to meet.

    Consider it a privilege to do this work.


    WT 5-15-14 - there is remarkable growth because of Jehovah

    Isaiah “little one will become a 1000; the small one a mighty nation” – Jehovah said he would “speed it up” in the time of the end.

    Imagine in the future, speaking to Isaiah about what we are doing???? He had no idea when he wrote those words…

    The GB has been reviewing the 2 programs used to build worldwide (RBC and LWLR) and have decided to make a new arrangement that will be unified worldwide.

    Organizational Structure looks like this now in 2014: (top down approach)

    Publishing Committee

    WDC /RDC (Worldwide Design/contr) & (Regional Design/Contr for assembly halls )

    LDC - Dept

    CG – construction Groups

    CV – construction Volunteers

    We all agree that the Warwick Project is monumental – and of utmost importance…

    To illustrate the scope of work of the LDC consider this:

    (Based on square footage)

    KH builds needed right now = 3.3 Warwicks

    KH remodels needed = 5 Warwicks

    Maintenance = 12.2 Warwiks

    Total 20.4 Warwicks AND…… the goal is 5 years!

    Add to that 1700 Full time Servant Residences & translation offices

    Now…you can begin to see the enormity of the undertaking!

    Add to that the fact that the US is divided into 7 zones – each zone is geographically as big or bigger than any branch out there.

    We have to help change the Perception amongst the friends as to what the priorities are, for example most people think like this in terms of importance:

    1. Warwick

    2. Wallkill

    3. Patterson

    4. Brooklyn

    5. Assembly Halls

    6. Kingdom Halls

    7. Maintenance of Assembly Halls

    8. Maintenance of Kingdom Halls

    We need to change the friends thinking to this in terms of importance:

    Objective of the Department: simplify / build / renovate / maintain all of our buildings FASTER & with LESS PEOPLE!

    RBC is not a failure! Anymore that the DO’s that are being reassigned are failures. Would we say the book study arrangement was a failure simply because we have combined the meetings? NO - Simply put – the time for RBC is past – it is clear we need to make adjustments to keep up with Jehovahs Chariot!

    Read the account of Gideon at Judges 7:

    32,000 men – already outnumbered by the enemy – Jehovah reduced them down to only 300 men - notice why he did this… verse 2 “otherwise Israel might brag about itself against me and say ‘my own hand saved me’”

    Jeh helped Gideon figure out who to search for as key men

    • Jeh gave them the tools they needed

    • Vs 17 he gave them exact instructions “watch me and do as I do” Notice 1 standard! – if they were to succeed they had to be unified!

    • Only AFTER they were unified – then the Holy Spirit was added – and the win!

    Jehovah likes impossible odds – this way its clear that He is with his people.

    Right now we have:

    132 RBC’s

    1350 overseers

    270,000 people in Builder Assist (we want to reduce this down to 30,000)

    • We built only 65 new KH in past year – we have a back log of 500 halls to be built plus more every day

    Zone 1 – Montgomery NY – Dave Palen

    Zone 2 – Palm coast – Matt Gowen

    Zone 3 – Chicago

    Zone 4 – Rosenberg TX – Ray Andrews (knows Les Jones)

    Zone 5 – Denver CO Zone 6 – Malmora CA – Tom McFarland

    Zone 7 – Peolip,

    Zone 8 – Islands – Rafael Torres

    Remember in 1990 how you felt when the branch said we are no longer going to ask for money for the magazines? We wondered how will this work? It costs a lot of money to produce the literature – how can we just hope people will donate?

    Well, 24 years later – we are fine – in fact Jehovah has moved people to donate more than enough to keep the work going and growing! Nothing short of a miracle!

    Now – this new arrangement dwarfs that miracle – the loan arrangement for building Kingdom Halls is being done away with. The Branch is essentially saying “here’s a $600,000 facility at NO CHARGE - ENJOY!!!!!”

    Here is the task of the LDC:

    Build 5 times as many Kingdom halls with 1/10 the work force – oh, and 1 more thing – do it for no money!


    As a Business Model – this would be utterly ridiculous!! But this is “Jehovah’s Work – Jehovah’s Way” …so we already know it will be a success – again we are told to work in unity and keep out of the way of the Holy Spirit!

    Micah 4:1 prophecy – “ In the time of the end, the mountain of the house of Jeh will be firmly established…and into it peoples will stream”

    Problem: people are steaming in faster than we can build! Actually it’s a good problem to have!

    STRATEGIC DESIGN (Byron Deitrick)

    Jehovah and Jesus have had a special relationship for untold millions of years – Jesus being his “master worker” helping in the creation of everything and all creatures.

    Their relationship is much like the relationship between the Architect & the Builder.

    The Architect has the vision – the Builder brings it to life!

    Job 39:27-29 Job chapter 39 talks about many creatures that were created by Jeh & Jesus – lets take just one: vs 27 the Eagle

    Imagine : Jeh says to Jesus – Ok I want this creature to be lighter than air – but very strong – strong enough to carry not only it’s own weight while flying but also the weight of its prey…make its eyesight so keen that it would be like sitting on the top of the Empire State Building yet still be able to see an ant on the ground… go to work!

    Jesus figures out that to carry the weight needed and have the ability to fly without tiring out – the wing span would have to be huge – so he creates the eagle with a 7 foot wingspan and designs it to flap its

    wings to get lift – and be able to soar using the laws of physics with the wind against its wings – impressive right!

    Now Jehovah says: ok today I want you to build a creature that can also fly (Jesus may be thinking he can use the same principles and perhaps design as he did for the eagle) but there’s a catch! This creature is not lighter than air – it’s round and kind of stubby – it’s purpose is to deliver liquid from one place to another – so it needs to fly. We are talking about the Bumble Bee – which at first glance flight for this creature seems to defy the laws of Physics.

    Did Jesus turn to Jehovah and cite all the reasons it can’t be done? “your own laws of physics prevent flight of this creature –I can’t do it!” - It’s doubtful he said that…so what did he do?

    Turns out the little bees wings have to be short in order for them to get in close to the flowers they are drinking the nectar from – short wings will not create lift for such a heavy bee – the key is in the movement of the wings! Instead of flapping up and down – they move front to back in an alternating pattern – in fact – 1 wing moves at a faster rate than the other – giving its flight a wobbly appearance – it is able to hover and fly straight up and down! Amazing!!

    It shouldn’t be able to do this – but it does!!

    Jehovah and Jesus created what in human terms should be impossible!

    They told us – the GB is aware that when you draw on your years of expertise in the secular world – you will have concerns and see all the reasons this will never work – they understand that – now they want to he how it WILL work!

    They ask us to reserve judgment till we have heard fully

    In the US we have 7 different climate zones – that creates a problem when you are trying to standardize the Kingdom Hall design.

    **We believe reductions of 20% or more is achievable if we simplify the design

    3 Principles:

    1. Standardization – leads to simplification – we can improve and learn from our mistakes – we will be building the same thing over and over

    2. Longevity of Materials – using better materials with a longer life will allow us to lengthen the time between remodels

    3. Design is not done in a Vacuum – design works hand in hand with purchasing to determine the best outcome for the best price

    The new design will be a bit more commercial in nature – dryvit/stone/ flat roof with parapet / mechanicals on the roof

    • Recognizable Images like JW.org

    • Transparency – windows and a store front like entrance - that passersby will be able to see into

    • Welcoming Atmosphere –this new design will draw people in

    • Self Serve Literature display immediately in the lobby – this first thing you see – it will mimic what the public is used to seeing in our Metropolitan cart witnessing

    • The whole idea is like “branding” – or “franchising” – and very recognizable building / logo / message repeated over and over across the country.

      STRATEGIC PLANNING (Mark Lafdany )

      District Representatives (these are the brothers in charge of each of the 7 zones – they are all CO’s or DO’s pulled off the road for this assignment)

      These brothers will need to be good at selecting the right candidates to help them on their LDCO (LDC field office) don’t worry that you will have to teach your helpers everything – LDC will send brothers to help train.

      Mark 9:17 child had epilepsy – wanted help from Jesus – he said “if you can help”

      Verse 23 Jesus says this expression “if you can?” “all things are possible for he who has faith”

      Don’t worry about the methodology – the Holy Spirit can do that!

      Land acquisition is critical and includes:

      -representative of the occupants of the building (elders)

      - trained field workers who gain data in a Geogrid Area

      - this data if filtered by another group – down to a few properties that could work.

      Our methods will be vastly different than in the RBC approach – once the Branch determines there is a need for land in a specific area - that’s called a (Geo-grid)

      We will search for what we NEED – not for whats available! We may often be making offers on properties that are not even for sale – we are giving the Holy Spirit a chance to get us exactly what is needed rather than being limited to whats on the market.

      NOT BY MILITARY FORCE! (Darrell Buchanon)

      Zech 5;37 “not by military force or by power but by my Holy spirit” that is what will crush insurmountable odds!!!

      **we are in a War – we are in small battles with each property

      • We have enraged Satan

      • 617 / week are getting baptized – he is angry

      • 32,518 / year

      Our professionalism can be a weakness – we succeed because of Jehovah NOT because of our skills

      Prov 3:9 “Honor Jehovah with your valuable things” our skills are valuable as long as we know our place

      We are Guaranteed Success for these reasons:

      1. Jeh wants it done

      2. Spiritual people will do it

    1. You will see the “pillar of cloud & fire”

    They asked: Will you go on this journey with us??? If you do, You will see the Red Sea part!!!!!

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Yep, it's a cult alright!

  • azor

    Sour grapes. Thank you for the post. I suppose this is representative of their being discrete! Their presumptuousness is palpable Prov. 11:2-" When presumptuousness comes, dishonor will follow, But wisdom is with the modest ones."

    It is amazing how openly they speak of their branding or franchising and yet it is Jehovahs doing. Wow just wow!

    As you posted "We are one of the largest property development corporations in the world – we own over 80,000 properties – this is all managed by volunteers" and they say it is free. The audacity of these people. My time and all of these peoples time is worth far more than money. And they continue to demand more. Damn your own life to the MASTERS of this lie.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Can you see the Pillar of Fire today?


    Quite simply, NO.

    I cannot see the pillar of fire.


    All I see is a cluster-f**k.


    And what the hell does LDC refer to?

  • sir82

    Good lord, what a bunch of hooey and claptrap.

    How do the guys presenting this keep a straight face?

    I love all the comments about how the organization is growing at a "phenomenal rate" - do these guys get a different yearbook than the rest? The rate of growth has been declining for the past 20 years! 100,000 fewer people baptized per year than 20 years ago.

  • Phizzy

    " The Branch is essentially saying “here’s a $600,000 facility at NO CHARGE - ENJOY!!!!!”

    No charge a ? that's good, Jehoober must have made $600,000 fall from the sky, and I presume by "no charge" they mean in line with the principle " you received free, so give free" that they won't be charging anybody for the use of the facility.

    Or have I misunderstood ?

  • Ajax

    A translation of LDC ( or any achronym) in a posts title would prevent Questions like this one -

    ¨What The F*Çk is an LDC?¨ or put another way ¨WTF?LDC¨ for nonverbal hipsters.

  • sir82

    LDC = "local design committee" - it is essentially the acronym that replaces the RBC (regional building committee).

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    KH builds needed right now = 3.3 Warwicks

    KH remodels needed = 5 Warwicks

    Maintenance = 12.2 Warwiks

    Money needed to pay for pedophile lawsuits resulting from our idiotic policies: not enough Warwicks

    Well, 24 years later – we are fine – in fact Jehovah has moved people to donate more than enough to keep the work going and growing! Nothing short of a miracle!

    Really? If WT has "more than enough", why are they constantly begging for more and charging $15,000+ a day for JWs to use a mortgage-free assembly hall?

    They asked: Will you go on this journey with us???

    I'd rather drink turpentine and piss on a brushfire.

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    Fascinating! The only thing I question is the flat roofs. They tend to leak in heavy rains and collapse under heavy snow loads.

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