I am being punished now for speaking against Simone. He has taken my commenting section away from so now I am not allowed to make a comment. I never swore on the site but voiced my opinion about him not allowing the memes to go on. Because of that he deleted the jokes and humor section as well. You would think he would put his time into his family more instead of harboring resentment for over twenty years against the org and taking it out on the exjws that give a slight opinion on something that was so trivial. I guess he likes to be in control over a name that doesn't even belong to him such as jehovah's witness. When you disagree with him he punishes people who actually have a mind and speaks up on matters he is totally clueless on. To say people don't kidnap kids in the org and yet someone got on to say it happened to them he doesn't say sorry that he was wrong but ignores the comments. He still holds on to old joho habits like wanting to be in control of others. Shame on you Only Simon Says. Too bad he doesn't know the meaning of freedom of speech and that I had to send him the meaning. That's when he deleted me. Grow up!