Watchtower Legal Department targeting Facebook and Youtube users

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  • bafh

    So monitoring FB is all good and dandy, but anyone very smart who is also a Doubting Thomas will put that elder on "acquaintance" and not post anything publicly that he could see. So much for requiring real names. And I also can't see FB actually being able to enforce that policy with the number of users they currently have.

    I can see elders being encouraged to spy - and they've always been encouraged to do that, hell - everyone is encouraged to do that. So the big change is what, they get to count an hour of their time for it?



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  • Richard_I

    Sounds like BS (actually, I know it's BS), I actually laughed out loud when I read this. They don't even take down their own videos off of YouTube, which violate their copyright. They don't give a shit about apostates and never will. They don't look at the forums, they don't have a team that "surf FB and YouTube daily" (again, they would be removing the full videos from YouTube if this was the case) and they already know all the major problems within JWs which seems to be porn, masturbation, fornication, and adultery. These three things are the most popular disfellowshipping acts and all the counsel is solely focused on sexual activity, look at all the stupid porn articles that they shoot out and in a WT last year said you can be DF'ed if you regularly look at porn

  • RobertT18

    lol if Microsoft denied access to senstive information to the US Court of Justice. What makes you think Facebook and Google will allow some silly religion access sensetive info? Besides, this is a breach of privacy.

  • truthseeker

    This could be true.

    A few years ago, my wife was a member of a non-JW parenting forum. There was a JW sister on there. My wife was friends with this sister but they never met in person.

    Later, my wife began to have doubts about the truth and she decided to post photos of our kids birthday parties. This upset the sister who told her she needed to tell the elders about her doubts. There was some emails going back and forth between them.

    Well, unbeknown to us, this sister took it upon herself to find my wife on the website yellowpages, so she could find out what congregation we were in. Having done that, she contacted our elders and provided them with the bday photos and emails from my wife.

    The elders called round unannounced and asked that I be present and then asked my wife questions. This sister gave them enough rope to hang us with. We could not deny the evidence.

    It was decision time but they gave us time to see what we wanted to do.

    So yes, this Facebook/Youtube info could be true because there are individuals who will protect the Society at all costs.

    Don't underestimate those who defend them.


  • Apognophos

    There's a massive difference between an over-zealous JW acting as a lone stalker, and organizational cooperation between Facebook and the Society.

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