Watchtower Legal Department targeting Facebook and Youtube users

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  • Londo111

    You could be right.

  • hoser

    go to McDonalds or other public hotspot. open email account with fake name. Open Facebook account with fake name. Untraceable.

  • ctrwtf

    What genius decided that exposing anonymous posters to You Tube would some how stop the flow of anti JW info?

    If anything it will just make them angrier and more determined to expose the wits for what they are.

  • Terry

    If you are in the wrong, paranoia can easily overwhelm your mind with suspicions.

    I think a great deal of wishful thinking on the part of Apostates is behind this urban myth of Facebook Apostates.

    Most JW's are too damned busy grinding out congregation Elder approval to spend time on Facebook Apostate rebutting.

    The Watchtower Corp is all about TERGIVERSATION and not much else. (Look the word up; it's very useful.)

    The JW.ORG ploy is sure to attract old-timer JW's into investigation--but--they are too frightened to question Elders.

    They have invested everything (years and years of JW toil) into Bernie Madoff's (G.B.'s) investment portfolio to jump ship now.



    Let them try to catch the DATA-DOG!! LOL!!!! I fart in their general direction!! I can prove that the WTBTS is dishonest to ANYONE who wants the truth. That is what scares the WTBTS!! Their precious real estate empire could disappear!!!

    These next couple of years should prove interesting. If the big A comes next week and the creator of live approves of their lying in print and in court, then nice knowing you. I don't want to live forever with those people anyway. Otherwise, see Ya later!!!


  • goingthruthemotions

    No matter important the GB think they are.....FB and Youtube could give a crap about there insignificant Bullshit!!!!!!!!!!

    So I call Bullshit on this one!!!!!!!!!


  • hoser

    And I highly doubt if Facebook or you tube would risk the bad publicity of revealing email addresses to the watchtower.

  • donuthole

    The part of elders spying has been common practice for a while. My online activities were watched before I was disfellowshipped. The elders even were adding print outs to my congregation record. I worked with an elder once who spent time looking through dating websites to catch JW's on the prowl.

    However the idea of the JW getting Facebook and YouTube (Google) to change their policy is ridiculous JW fantasy. It's as laughable as the other rumor that a Pixar animator praised the Caleb & Sophia cartoons. Facebook is not going to change policy and their website to serve the whims of a fringe religion looking to crack down on discontent.

  • Violia

    Recalling the great apostacy witch hunts of the late 70' and 80-90s , I believe it. We are in for a withhunt again. wow. In the 90's when the net was new, there were "known apostate email names" being passed around by young techy brothers. I know b/c I talked a bro into giving me one and was very happy to see my email address was not on it. The CO's have been passing things by word of mouth only for a long time. They have apostates in their midst and they know it and they are trying to plug the leaks.

    The wts is just using to its advantage a FB policy that is already in place.

  • Vidiot

    "…Facebook and YouTube have had a major impact negatively on the society. He said the friends don’t realize this and they want to keep it quiet so as not to raise curiosity and cause many of the rank and file to start investigating what the commotion is all about. It is hurting them more than any lawsuit, so they realized it was just a matter of time when the JWs making use of Facebook would wonder off to some apostate site just out of curiosity."


    "Also the society is now using circuit overseers to disseminate 'important secretive' information to the body of elders instead of official letter writing. The society is recognizing that there are too many apostate elders who will leak information over the internet. So they are restricting certain secretive information so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands."

    Also plausible.

    And it’s interesting, too; Julian Assange of Wikileaks asserts that the more confidential information gets leaked from an authoritarian regime, the more the regime will internally restrict the flow of that info to try and stem the leaks, to the point where it eventually restricts it so tightly that it cripples its own ability to function.

    "They are also encouraging elders to regularly visit Facebook sites and YouTube sites and calling it shepherding calls and can even count some time as field service. Not sure up to how many hours will count for field service. But it was mention that one elder assigned can count up to one hour a week. And they can rotate elders every CO Visit. Publishers have no idea this is happening..."

    Plausible, too.

    It would appeal to their egos; some will start thinking of themselves as badass cyber-detectives.

    "The society knew that the internet boom would cause them trouble so they had been taking counter measures to keep secrets of organization history locked away."

    No kidding.

    Any countermeasure they take will be purely reactive, however, and IMO, ultimately futile.

    This is the Information Age.

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