Will JW.ORG actually harm the WT Society Long Term ?

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  • flipper

    Thanks for the responses. Thought I'd bump this up as I was out of town working for a couple days.

    PROLOGOS- Yeah I think JW fanatics and geeks will try to get other JW's to be into JW.TV but only the fanatic ones will look at it with any sustained interest.

    PHIZZY- Yeah I asgree with you. I believe the public will just look at the JW T.V. thing as being just like other religions on T.V. and I hope many JW's themselves see it as the WT Society kind of " selling out " in desperation to get more members and see it as WT Society leaders trying to be just like the religious leaders they condemn trying to beef up their own notoriety and WT Society income $$$$

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