Will JW.ORG actually harm the WT Society Long Term ?

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  • silent

    What absolutely disgusts me more than anything about this jw.org website is that while I was growing up, I was one of the first people in the entire town to have a computer. My brother and I would joke and say, "I wonder how long we will have a computer before an article will come out warning us about the perils of computer use?" Of course it finally came out about 3 years later and all the old bats would look over their noses at us during the WT Study. For a fact, at one time if you owned a computer and it was known, you were scorned or looked at as a bit worldly. All the articles warning about the perils of internet and pornography that have come out since and now they pour all their efforts into the very media and the tools to access that media to the point that people are actually using their electronic devices in the Kingdom Halls. I distinctly remember articles that basically said you MUST show people right from the Bible itself and use the publications themselves - no substitutes. Even bringing printouts of the Watchtower was a sure sign that you would be ostracized because it was proof you dabbled in electronic media of some sort. I just can't believe what I'm seeing. Running JW.org online is akin to putting up a literature stand in a shop that sells pornography. I'm not against them running jw.org, but I'm so sick and tired of the blatant abuse I have had to put up with over the years from the most myopic-minded individuals I've ever known in my life. Now they all own computers because the Society says it's okay either directly or by the very fact that they run a website and well....you gotta access it somehow right? (justification!!!) The way they are going at it, you'd swear it was the late 90s all over again.

  • flipper

    VIDIOT- Exactly.I 'm sure the WT Society has in place a lot of control mechanisms over JW's watching their every move .

    SILENT- You bring up some really great points. The fact that the WT Society NOW says that it's O.K. to look at the Internet and own computers - compared to years ago when they would demonize any JW for accessing the Internet or owning computers is the epitome of hypocrisy, and also proves the JW organization is a cult. JW leaders insist that rank & file JW's only say something is O.K. if the GB or WT leaders say it's O.K. Otherwise it's considered " unspiritual " to disagree with whatever the WT Society says is O.K. to do. Very scary stuff. What if the WT leaders said that every JW would be DFed if they don't jump off a cliff and trust that " Jehovah " would save them ? I wonder how many JW's would jump off the cliff ?

    WT Society is ALWAYS changing what information they consider as " new light " - it should actually be re-termed as " changed light " or better yet- " twisted light " or " blurred light " because the teachings and doctrines are ALWAYS changing so as to accomodate the WTSociety's puposes and agenda that will benefit keeping the WT organization going financially. And that is the bottom line. Also one of the main reasons they had to adapt and finally get a Internet website. That - and to offset all of the aniti-WT organization websites. It was time to $hit or get off the pot for WT leaders. They decided to $hit- but I think they clogged the toilet up with JW.org

  • flipper

    With all the JW.org T.V. threads I notice on here today - thought I'd play the devil's advocate and bump up my thread dealing with how all this JW.org stuff may hurt the WT Society in the end

  • OneEyedJoe

    It seems likely that at least a few will misunderstand (or get through word of mouth when they miss the meeting that has the official announcement) the whole tv.jw.org thing and they'll just go to youtube and search jw.org. Boy will they be in for some fun.

  • flipper

    ONE EYED JOE- Yeah, I believe many JW's will still surf the Internet if they look online for something the GB is serving up. If people can change channels on T.V.s - no reason they can't change channels on the Internet searching for whatever. I believe the JW T.V thing is too little, too late to keep JW's from gradually exiting still

  • Vidiot

    Like I was telling a fellow fader over coffee the other day, it'll function as incentive for the hard-core loyalists to stay ('cause it's shiny and new and gives the appearance of mainstreaming), whilst making it that much easier for any gobsmacked or disillusioned fence-sitters to finally, well, cross the fence by adding juuuuust a bit more weight to the far side of the "leave/stay" see-saw.

  • flipper

    VIDIOT- Yeah, I agree with you. The more fanatic JW's will see the JW.org TV thing as a reason to become even more cemented into their fanaticsm as JW's. But those sitting on the fence may see it as desperation on the WT Society's part and start questioning- you just never know

  • flipper

    Wanted to bump this thread up again since the addition of the JW T.V. thingie. Any comments welcome ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • prologos

    Our resident geek yesterday helped an older "sister" set up her just -out -of- the -box I pad for wt "service".

    This could turn out the same way that bible studies were used in mssionary fields that attracted mainly people that wanted to learn English. Perhaps a few gheezers will take free Internet lessons/tutoring via JWORG ipad publishers?

  • Phizzy

    Dear flipper, just a thought on the T.V thingy in line wth your Thread title, I can imagine members of the public being underwhelmed by it, and thinking, because of it, "they are just like all the other religions !"

    The very same thought may occur to JW's, I hope.

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