Will JW.ORG actually harm the WT Society Long Term ?

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  • flipper

    O.K. Pg. 3 responses.

    BALTAR 447- Good points you make. Yeah I don't think WT Society will be the next Time Warner either. WT leaders can only control so many JW's from going to and checking out the Internet. Younger JW's will find other avenues to see what they want.

    ONE EYED JOE- Very good suggestion on your part to google other apostate websites or google JW.org pedophile to get Witnesses to check out other sites. Very good idea.

    VIDIOT- WT Society might get their very own Internet service, but it won't stop most younger JW's from checking out other sites to get information about most anything. I agree with you- WTSociety has had to deal with a LOT of unintended consequences like being wrong about most ALL of their predictions which constantly fail to produce any sort of reality. For 148 years now this organization has been printing false information to intentionally deceive the public. Now there is too much Internet access available which they cannot control. And that's a good thing.

    SINGLEBABY- Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it. I'm really glad that you were able to come to THIS website so as to get REAL and USEFUL information as opposed to JW.org which you were originally looking for. Nice to have you here on JWN.

    GARY NEAL- Good for you replying to the young JW- JWfacts.com. Good for you !

    OUTLAW- Indeed I agree with you that the main reason the WT Society would get their own Internet service going would to be to make more $$$$. And control what JW's read, listen to, or observe - the JW's are just a window dressing to launder money for the WT Society. And as you say WT Society has invested millions of $$$$ in all of these " worldly " companys and organizations. I still maintain that younger JW's won't be fooled from WT providing their own internet service- for the most part.

    PISTOFF- It really is pathetic that they have a website. But it DOES serve the purpose of getting JW's to google OTHER websites such as this one to get REAL information regarding the WT Society. So that's the silver lining.

    MANA 11- That would be really cool if you could provide JWfacts.com to people in Africa - point people to it. I bet people really get turned off to the WT Society and Jehovah's Witnesses when you tell them about the Malawi ordeal. Good for you man. Keep on exposing the WT Society !

    AUNT FANCY- It would be funny to see JW's expressions when pointing them to other JW websites other than JW.org. I'd like to be a fly on the wall watching their expressions !

    THE LISTENER- Yeah, I agree with you that playing the JW videos at the door is just plain weird, creepy as well. I don't think that will go well for the WT Society. They may get some newer members from JW.org. but I feel that just the die hard Witnesses or fanatic Witnesses will mainly respond to JW.org. I still don't think it will bring in a mass of new converts. Not at all. Too much competition from other " apostate " websites to look at.

    JOE134cd- So yeah, you are living proof that by googling for an answer to your questions concerning marriage you didn't find what you wanted on jW.org, but by looking around it got you to this website as well as other " apostate " sites and now you REALLY know the real truth about the truth. Good point.

    FINKELSTEIN- Indeed I agree that the Internet is doing LARGE damage to the WT Society- one of the main reasons they have had to get a website online to counter all the negative exposure that is coming out concerning the crimes, injustices, and failed predictions that they make and do. No doubt also as you say- WT Society is doing this to save money on printing, etc. however I feel WT leaders feel compelled to keep up with technology because if they do not- they are going to lose an entire younger generation of up and coming JW's- if they haven't lost most of them already. WT leaders are running scared in my opinion


    I still maintain that younger JW's won't be fooled from WT providing their own internet service- for the most part.....Flipper

    Right now the WBT$ Internet Service would be Bethel Based,so no one outside of Bethel would be affected..

    The WBT$ Internet Brain Eating Disease would be contained for now..LOL!!..


    The biggest concern is the WBT$ Advertising/Marketing of JW.ORG..

    Theres no denying it`s a Huge Success..

    Most JW`s are gong to ignore WBT$ Problems and Join In on the WBT$ Party..

    There Are Good Times Ahead!!..

    Why would you want to leave friends and family?!!..Your Life??!!..

    The WBT$ has Created the Perfect Distraction..

    It`s "Paying Off" Big Time..


  • flipper

    OUTLAW- I'm glad to hear that the " WT Society Internet brain eating disease would be contained for now " .... inside of Bethel only. I'm sure the WT Society IS using JW.org as a distraction and it will work on the JW's who are REALLY fanatics or even nominally hard core Witnesses, but the younger crowd aren't as devout as some of us used to be in our early JW years of the 1960's or 1970's - younger JW's are more independent thinking these days.

    P.S. I answered your PM and took your advice to get a hold of you know who on another board. Thanks for the heads up

  • Vidiot

    Outlaw - "The WBT$ has Created the Perfect Distraction.. It`s 'Paying Off' Big Time"

    I suppose the real question is, "how long will it last"?

  • Jeffro


    The WBT$ Intends on Becoming an Internet Provider..


    Outlaw, you're really putting the tinfoil hat on with the ISP thing lol. No way they can afford to do that. It's probably some deal to cheapen their own infrastructure costs.

    The documentation in question indicates that Watch Tower is acquiring a telecommunications company for the purposes of providing phone and data services for their new headquarters. There is no indication of a broader ISP arrangement.

  • Finkelstein

    I can see them creating their own local ISP and block out any websites that are against their religion.

    Its always been a profitable investment to control people's minds for the Watchtower Corporation.

  • flipper

    VIDIOT- " How long will it last " ? Exactly . Who knows ?

    JEFFRO- So WT is acquiring a telecommunications company to provide phone and data services for their new headquarters ? Interesting.

    FINKELSTEIN- Good point. I'm sure the WT Society will do whatever they can to keep controlling people's minds- especially JW's - so as to prevent them from having access to needed information which would expose the criminality of the WT organization. WT leaders will do whatever it takes to maintain control over JW masses

  • baltar447

    I visited patterson in 2008. They had internet filtering already in place.

  • flipper

    BALTAR- Very interesting ! WT Society had Internet filtering in place at Patterson in 2008 ? Wow. Trying to cover their bases I see. Thanks for the info

  • Vidiot

    baltar447 - "I visited patterson in 2008. They had internet filtering already in place."

    'Course they did.

    If I was part of the leadership of a high-control religion, I'd have it in place, too.


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