Will JW.ORG actually harm the WT Society Long Term ?

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  • baltar447

    Also, once the newness wears off people will be back to the regular drudgery. Remember all the excitement over tract campaigns? Now they are a dime a dozen.

  • OneEyedJoe

    Thinking about this a little over the last couple days, I'm wondering if it might be worthwhile to start an appostate campaign of google searching for jw.org or jehovah's witnesses and then clicking an appostate site (I would suggest we all stick to either JWN or jwfacts.com) on a daily basis. This could push the appostate sites up in the google rankings so that they'd get more visibility by the r/f.

    Another option would be to search for things like "jw.org cult" or "jw.org pedophile" etc. That would get those phrases to pop up in the search auto-complete when people type jw.org, and might plant doubts in the minds of those who would otherwise continue on blind.

  • Vidiot

    baltar447 - "Remember all the excitement over tract campaigns? Now they are a dime a dozen."

    I was just talking about that (and other things) with a fellow fader over coffee last night.

    Have too many "special campaigns", and they end up not being that "special" anymore.

  • singlebaby

    Hey Flipper, I love your posts. Thanks to JW.BORG, this is how I got to this site!

    Curiosity saved the cat, even though this cat can't spell.

  • Vidiot

    NewYork44am - "The Watchtower was so stupid that they allowed Satan and his apostates to capture almost every derivation of the corporate and religious name as an apostate site..."

    More likely it happened due to an institutionalized inability to plan for the long-term future.

    The WTS has had to deal with the Law of Unintended Consequences more times than any other organization I know; I would even argue that it's been the primary driving force behind virtually every single doctrine/policy change for the past 75 years.

    It's one of the reasons I still think the main decision-makers really are "True Believers"; after all, if you didn't really subscribe to the ideology you advocate, your decision-making process would inevitably reflect that.

    Hoewever, if you really did believe that you were God's chosen organization and that the end of the world was immanent, you'd inevitably make all kinds of bad decisions (that seem like a good ideas at the time), because you wouldn't be overly concerned about dealing with any long-term blowback (internal or "worldy"), since the Big A was gonna come along and bail you out any day, now, anyway.

  • garyneal

    At the last memorial, I was carrying my tablet for entertainment. A young JW walked by me and showed me his tablet. He said, "JW.ORG!" I replied, "JWFACTS.COM!"


    Outlaw, you're really putting the tinfoil hat on with the ISP thing lol. No way they can afford to do that.

    It's probably some deal to cheapen their own infrastructure costs.....baltar447

    [email protected]!!..It`s speculation Baltar..

    The WBT$ is worth Billions,they can launch what ever they like..

    The WBT$ plays both side of the fence now,why wouldn`t they do that for an internet service?..

    They could offer normal services to the general public,a "WBT$ Filtered Service" to JW`s..

    Even Charge JW`s more for it..

    The WBT$ makes a boat load of money every month..Internet information to JW`s is controlled..

    Everybody wins except the JWs as usual..LOL!!..


    Consider what the WBT$ has invested in..

    Rand Cam Corp(Military)/Johnson and Johnson (Pharmaceuticals)/Micro Soft(Computer Software)

    Philip Morris(Tobbacco Giant)/Harley Davidson..Ect..ect..ect..

    Is eventually becoming a World Wide Internet Server that big of a leap for a multi Billion Dollar WBT$ Corporation?..

    The WBT$ JW Religion is only a Window Dressing,to Launder Money for the WBT$..

    The Internet would be an Endless Source of Reliable Income..



  • Pistoff

    It's pathetic really; so they have a website!

  • Vidiot

    Baltar447 - "Outlaw, you're really putting the tinfoil hat on with the ISP thing lol. No way they can afford to do that."

    It would solve a lot of problems.

    Authoritarian religions are all about infomation control, and what better way to control what information the R&F have access to than the WTS's very own internet service?

    They're already well on their way to being a full-on "e-religion", anyway; having their own ISP would really just be the next logical step.

  • mana11

    I think it will be bad for them long term. I am in africa,,, i travel between Rwanda and malawi kenya and tanzania.

    most here have mobile phones for web access. I share what i can with those internet ready about malawi scandal.

    which i read here... they just can not believe it. after that they are not ok again...

    so for africa i think once people go live in years to come it will be bad for them.

    I am thinking to hand out flyers directing people to jwfacts.com

    i had thought about employing young ones to hand them out as so many dont have jobs..

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