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  • sowhatnow

    must be my night for reading the dumb posts.

    ok, um, there is a good point here, why IS this site called  if most here are no longer in agreement? I mean, personally, I do wonder. why is it not called something like ' lost souls of the jworg'.  lol.

    and i had NO idea stuff like this even exsisted until 5 months ago. i wish i had known sooner.

    im not looking for arguments, like this person assumes.  but genuine conversation since jws including my mom refuse to talk bible with me. 

    even if Im border lining on favoring the opinion of bart ehrman, and Christopher hitchens

    you just never know though, so dont burn your bridges too soon, right?

    is this person with the novel of a post going to read replies?

    Id like to speak to that lost soul. maybe I can make them feel better. maybe they can read in search of christian freedom and feel better. I did.  I think people take life too seriously, and loose out on living worrying about things they have no control over. we cant save the world, but we sure can do our best to enjoy it  while were here . otherwise whats the point?

    im afraid now, so I WILL UPLOAD all my photos to my walmart  account and go print them all. 

    and gee im starting to think no one on here can figure me out anyway. I must be some sort of outlier.  i haven't found 'my people' yet.  lol.

  • truthseeker100
    How old are you Sowhatnow?
  • Finkelstein

    is this person with the novel of a post going to read replies?

    It was at first perceived by many including myself that this thread and the first one by Sparks was a satirical

    commentary by someone who was pretending to be a JW apologist.

    The reason why was because he had posted many previous threads and posting against the JW religion.

    Since he never replied to anyone's comments or showed any effort to discuss anything.

    The things he said were so off the wall ridiculous that many thought it was all prank.


    I'm now thinking that this guy is off his rocker and may have actually gone back to the JWs or might have originally been one of those folks that got booted of the forum by a moderator and he returned with a mouthful of vindictiveness.  



  • Vidiot

    sowhatnow - "...jws including my mom refuse to talk bible with me..."

    That is both gobsmacking and completely unsurprising at the same time.

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