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  • nicolaou

    Sparks, let me know if you have the testicular fortitude to settle this like a man. Right now you're just a prissy little gob-shite jerking his ego in a darkened room.

  • Giordano

    Sparky thats a look I get when I think to myself I'll come back to this forum when this jerk's tornado of bullshit spins out of control over some other site.

  • nicolaou

    Sigh . . . ignore me and listen to jgnat

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    Keep "practicing" Sparks. You are doing a good job following the direction of mother. Mother says, "don't get on apostate websites!" and here you are....I guess being a practicing witness is a lost like practicing medicine, come to think of it, there is a really good scripture that applies here, "Physician heal thyself."

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    It's nothing more than trolling and spam. There is no engagement by the OP afterwards. I beg to differ with your assessment of what warrants extrication from the forum according to clearly posted guidelines.


    His own words:

    Often the end result of a brother or sister doubting the Faithful and Discrete Slave or believing apostate lies, results in deep depression. Often this is caused because they feel suddenly lost. All they believed, often from childhood, is suddenly gone,like removing the crutches from under a man with broken legs. Now they suddenly just face death.No paradise.No eternal life.Nothing.

    I think he has read something on this website that has shaken his foundation, so he is going through a little withdrawl and denial. Also with the upcoming watchtower on apostates I think his Borg mind is turned on like a mind control slave. It's so sad, Let's pray for him.

  • EndofMysteries

    Sparks isn't even reading these comments.

    Anyway, if he is, and for any onlookers, here is my analysis of him and reply to his comments.

    Sparks by looking at older posts had left years ago. Being brought or raised into a religion that taught one must find the ONE TRUE religion, and things happened that caused him to disbelieve it. He left. There are usually 3 routes those who leave go, to another christian or indepedent christian type religion, or agnostic, or athiest. He mentally could not handle that when leaving he was unable to find the ONE TRUE religion. For bible believers, the situation is exactly as it was in 1874, or in 1700, there is no ONE true religion to find. Jesus gave identifying marks to find his people, but they are scattered worldwide, there is NOT and there WON'T be a one unifying force where all are united until the real 1,000 year reign. The WT has falsely taught the 1,000 year reign has begun and they put themselves in the throne that the bible says Jesus and 144,000k will be using.

    Anyway, Sparks couldn't handle THE TRUTH, so blinders when back on and this is the result.

    Some people are better in.

    Everything he says so called ex jws say that is not true, he either blinded himself to forget or never looked up to verify it was true. Everything about doctrine changes, the governing body, etc, is all from the original articles and material they published. Sparks says the GB never said anything about 1975, he ignored or never read the KM's, and WT's talking about it, and how they talked highly of those selling their homes to live the last few months of this world doing full time service.

    Sparks left originally probably from what he was told and shown by somebody else. I left when I read in the bible on my own and found so many things that the WT teaches and preaches that go against the bible. I am making the truth and my faith my own, not building my house on sand (man teaching/other religion).

    Sparks probably would have become an independant believer or some more free christian religion but if his returning had anything to do with this website, it was probably the athiest/believer debates and attacks on believers that made him think life is either hope/future/God/etc ONLY with JW religion of control or leaving with athiest only viewpoint, only life now and no future hope.

    (I imagine sparks probably covers his eyes to log on, make a post, and log off without reading anything)

  • abbasgreta

    Sick and twisted

  • EndofMysteries

    adjustments - yes. This isn't a website for christian/believer association and support, merely ex jw's. When people leave the religion, too many different paths have been taken by all for there to be a concensus and so beliefs are only debated. Somebody like sparks would be better off on a general christian website/forum.

  • LP97

    This must be a joke surely? Otherwise it's embarrassing.

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