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    While you are sitting there reading this, there are literally hundreds of thousands of young males and females all over the world [ mostly in America / Canada and England] sitting in their grotty little smelly bedrooms or flats, designing computer viruses that they will up-load onto web-sites to cause anonymous innocent peoples computers to malfunction. These creeps spend literally weeks,months or even years hoping to make a computer viruses that will get into peoples computer BIOS to completely destroy their computers. They never see the peoples anger, frustration and distress.... The damage can cost each person about £1,000 [ $1,660.74 ] or more to replace a basic new Laptop or Tower. Then theres the distress of losing forever, photos and videos of some-ones baby or loved-ones and also personal documents etc.. What sort of perverts are these that get so much enjoyment out of ruining strangers property and causing so much suffering..???? And what type of evil creatures are these,that spend so much time and effort doing such evil..????

    Maybe you have had your computer locked or even totally destroyed by a virus; so you know what it's like. If you haven't [yet], just imagine seeing some poor widow crying her heart-out over losing the only photo's she had of her husband before he was killed in one of the Twin Towers or in the London bombings or where-ever.

    Really,when you think of it, these virus programers are evil Terrorists. Because like Terrorists, they are cowards that never show their faces and cause deep heartache,pain,misery and suffering from a safe distance or from behind closed doors. Like all the world's Terrorists, they are driven by twisted minds and evil.

    How do you feel about the other "Internet Terrorists" that go on FaceBook,Twitter, "Chat-rooms" and Pro-suicide websites that encourage people to commit suicide..??? In England alone, theres been dozens of suicides in recent years,many are vulnerable youngsters. These Internet Terrorists are murderers with innocent blood on their hands... They are evil to the core.

    The Apostates on this web-site are another type of evil Internet Terrorist. Firstly they are on a web-site called " Jehovah's witnesses discussion forum". You will note that it is not called " EX-Jehovah's witnesses discussion forum". This deceitful ploy is to encourage practicing dedicated witnesses onto this site, as well as Apostates. If Satan the devil was to think-up a way to snare True witnesses onto an apostate web-site, he would do the same,meaning this web-site is more than lightly demonized, as-well-as, apostate.

    Once on here, Jehovah's witnesses are enticed or lured to argue or read some-one trying to prove the The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society is not God's earthly Organization. Mainly,the Faithful and Discrete Slave are under attack,which is part of Bible prophecy,which you may recall from studying the Revelation Climax book.

    Most people have been depressed in their life. It is a horrible illness which seems to cover you like a dark gloomy cloud or blanket, which you just can not shake-off. Depressed people feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, worried, helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable, hurt, or useless. No matter what people say or do to help you; no matter how many comedy movies you watch or what you do,it just will not leave you. Some people even feel suicidal,because their life loses all it's meaning; and they can even, envy the dead....

    The apostate Terrorists on this web-site often succeed in either making Jehovah's witnesses doubt the Faithful and Discrete Slave's teachings or they manage to get a brother or sister to believe their twisted lies. This is done in several cunning ways; either by stating The Faithful and Discrete Slave keeps changing it's doctrines or by stating it's dates like 1914 are wrong etc.. or by out-right lying, by saying things like the Faithful and Discrete Slave said this, or that [ world will end in 1975,which of course they never have, as it's impossible, not being in the Bible]. They use other cunning ploys also,but these are the main ones.

    Often the end result of a brother or sister doubting the Faithful and Discrete Slave or believing apostate lies, results in deep depression. Often this is caused because they feel suddenly lost. All they believed, often from childhood, is suddenly gone,like removing the crutches from under a man with broken legs. Now they suddenly just face death.No paradise.No eternal life. Nothing.

    They know all the other religions are false,because none of them are preaching the good news of God's Kingdom world-wide as a witness( Matthew 24:14), all other so-called Christians go to war,where-as Jesus would never hold a gun,and hundreds of other reasons.... far too many to quote here.

    After believing the apostates on this web-site,one brother asked a young apostate on here : " So now where do I go.. where do I turn.. I still believe in God?" The cold answer was: " Why can't you just accept that theres no God. We are just like flowers; we grow-up,bloom in our prime,spread our seed to reproduce,then shrivel-up in old age and die, that's it Dude..! ".

    The poor brother then fell into a deep depression because once he had cried like a babe when he read the beautiful scripture at Revelation 21:4 "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes,and death will be no more,neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore". The brother had looked forward to being in a paradise earth and seeing his dead brother and father again.Now suddenly he felt quiet alone,lost,hopeless and let down. He then felt suicidal.....

    Sorry to disappoint you Apostate Terrorists,but he didn't kill himself. He is very much alive and kicking,preaching door to door with a very beautiful new wife and hopes to be a pioneer next year,and never been so happy in his whole life.....

    Still,cheer-up Apostates, you have managed to stumble many young brothers and sisters,some have even committed suicide.So you have innocent young Jehovah's witnesses blood on your hands and made your god Satan very happy. Jesus called you Apostates: " Stumbling blocks" at Matthew 18:6. Obviously you will not have a Bible,so I will copy it here for you to read,I'm sure it will make you laugh:

    " But whoever stumbles one of these little ones who put faith in me, it is more beneficial for him to have hung around his neck a millstone such as is turned by an ass [ton weight] and to be sunk in the wide,open sea". Matthew 18: 6.

    Yes,these Apostate Terrorists on this web-site are similar to these creeps that up-load viruses onto the Internet, because like virus programers, they are cowards that never show their faces and cause deep heartache,pain,misery and suffering from a safe distance or from behind closed doors. Like all Terrorists, they are driven by twisted minds and evil, while vandalizing innocent peoples lives for their own perverted reasons, while spending hours,weeks,months, or many years trying to score their ultimate stumbling a witnesses out of Jehovah's Organization on this demonic web-site. That's the only reason they are here in the first place; apart from ,of course being sad losers with no real friends..... they couldn't even handle being a JW in the first place.... Losers.!

    What ? you think that's a bit harsh... these Apostates have caused people to commit suicide. They have deliberately gone against Jehovah's Holy spirit which means their grave is dug and waiting, in with their god Satan and the rest of their evil friends.

    Jesus speaking "....whoever speaks against the holy spirit,it will not be forgiven him [her],no not in this system of things nor in that to come" Matthew 12:32

    You Apostates have been speaking against the Holy Spirt for 14 years or more now,on this evil web-site. The Faithful and Discreet Slave and Elders are Spirit

    appointed by Jehovah God.You have been shouting against them. All others on this web-site should also be very careful what you say,because you will never be forgiven. If that doesn't worry you,you are on very thin ice.

    The Apostates are the ones on this web-site talking against the Faithful and Discreet Slave Class and Jehovah's earthly Organization which is driven by Jehovah's spirit.

    These morons do not even have the intelligence to realize that they are making the owner[s] of this web-site very rich indeed, [ I'm talking billions here like FaceBook and Twitter etc.. ] while they are working for him or her. [ Web-sites make money by people going on them [called hits] and the amount of time on it.Plus the advertising on the site]. The Administrators are the biggest morons, working free and on here longer than any-one else for their un-known Queen Bee or some billionaire Dude] actually, calling them "morons" is an insult to all moron's..!!!!

    No doubt you Internet Terrorists are sitting in your grotty little smelly bedroom or flat wondering what new subject or thread you can come up with to get the most hits or posts.... while the owner of this web-site is on his huge new yacht drinking champagne with a beautiful girl hung on each arm laughing at you all the way to the bank in Dubai in Saudi Arabia.

    Heres a few words for the owner of this web-site by Jesus in the very next verse of Matthew 18:quoted above,in verse 7 Jesus goes on to say:

    "..........Woe to the man through whom the stumbling blocks come ".

    A huge percentage of the people on this web-site are really nice people.So speaking to them now: Did you know that when the Twin Towers came down,

    many people thought Armageddon had started,so literally thousands of ex-witnesses and studies etc.. all over the world came flocking back to the Kingdom halls.Obviously they were welcomed back with open arms as prodigal sons and daughters.

    Maybe many of you are waiting for some-thing similar to happen.But really it does not matter when Armageddon comes. It's how you stand TODAY that matters.

    Unfortunately while I'm writing this letter to you,ex-witnesses all over the world are dying from heart attacks,road accidents etc.. so will not die in a good standing before Jehovah God.

    If you read the scriptures carefully about Armageddon,Jesus states that the end will come upon you when you very least expect it, "Like a thief in the night". No sane thief sends you an e-mail or text message telling you the day and hour he's coming. If you are waiting for another "Twin Towers" try looking at the news rather than this web-site.This web-site is "designed" by Satan to distract you.

    Just before Armageddon several things are going to happen,one being that the King of the South [ America/England] will attack the King of the North [Russia] or vise versa. What is Russia doing this week to cause America / England to get angry? is Putin like Adolph slowly invading Europe.Do you know what Adolph Hitler did to start the Second world war? if you do,you should be very worried,unless you are sort of sleep walking. Even if this crisis blows over with a cease-fire, war will be hanging on a very thin thread.You should still keep an eye on the news and world-wide events though,because we are speeding towards Armageddon; so time is running out for you all.

    Or maybe you are thinking that it's not so bad where you live,in fact it's very peaceful. Well maybe it is,but Jehovah is looking at all the world,not just where you live. Jehovah destroyed Sodom and Go-mor'-rah because of the sodomy going on there. The Bible does not mention that it was just homosexuals committing sodomy. Today sodomy is fashionable all over the world with heterosexuals also.. ie men and women.

    Sodomy is disgusting,because of being un-natural,perverted and where man's seed is shot. ie..millions of unborn "babies" are being placed where excretion goes. Can you imagine how a young couple would feel if they can't have a child of their own because the man is sterile,yet hears of what people are doing..?

    Sodomy is from Satan long ago in Sodom and Go-mor'-rah and carried-on until today.Satan hates human beings because we have the opportunity to live forever in a paradise earth.

    The things that are going to upset Jehovah enough to say " Right,that's enough, bring-on Armageddon. Release the four winds of destruction" are happening some-where on this planet.

    Jesus said;" For as they were in those days before the Flood, eating and drinking, men marrying and women being given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and they took no note until the Flood came and swept them all away...... Keep on the watch, therefore, because you do not know on what day your Lord is coming".

    Since my last letter,well over 11,000 people have viewed [ or read ] my letter. Obviously,many of you are really nice people just looking for answers. By going on this web-site you are asking Apostates and others that do not believe the Bible,like evolutionists and diss-fellowshiped ones, that hate the Jehovah's witnesses.

    Do you really believe in your heart that these people are going to help you or use the Bible to answer your questions? Many even disagree that God's name is Jehovah.... these are just morons, nit-picking,why not look in Wikipedia encyclopedia on-line, or Encyclopedia Britannica or any encyclopedia rather than listen to these idiots.

    They nit-pick at any-thing from JWs wearing wedding rings to 1914 which is explained in detail by The Organization; I must admit though that, many of the under eight year olds in our congregation, also find it hard to understand,but have the intelligence to realize that Matthew24:7 is the fulfillment of that prophecy....

    Apart from nit-picking,these Apostates blow things-up out of proportion,making mountains out of mole hills.One example is to do with paedophiles in-side the organization. Yes,there were a few paedophiles in-side a tiny amount of congregations world-wide.They were and are diss-fellowshiped on discovery,not moved to another "parish" like with the Roman Catholic church for example.All large organizations have the odd paedophile,and if you think other-wise,you are very naive. All practicing Jehovah's witnesses are utterly disgusted with any type of sexual pervert-predator or rapist.Like with apostates,they are hated and reviled by Jehovah's clean organization. Other-things like pagan traditions or symbols are thrown-out on discovery,like "love hearts".This web-sites lesbians really have a bug under their bonnets about heterosexual weddings also,saying they are pagan. Jehovah's witness weddings are held in Kingdom halls and a careful watch is made to cut out any-thing worldly or pagan,like rice throwing etc.. rings are used to show a person is married.How else could they do this? A ring is the most practical way.Maybe in the new world it will be abolished.

    Have ever seen the faces of the Apostates on this web-site?Why not ask them to up-load photo's of themselves? I have called them "faceless-terrorists hiding in their grotty smelly bedrooms and flats",see if you can get them to show their faces. Or just take a note of their ages. These nit-picking Apostates are usually young ( under 35), many with faces peppered with piercings [metal studs] and their arms and bodies covered in tattoos and plastic hoops in the ear lobes,do you really want to follow this hand full of young nit-picking morons,many of whom take drugs, rather than well-over 7million active clean living dedicated witnesses?


    I will be called a hypocrite for coming on this Apostate web-site by the apostates on here of course,this is water off a Duck's back. I've been called a hypocrite before by a Muslim because I'm a vegetarian and wear leather shoes...! ( I must confess though,I've never eaten leather shoes..! )

    The Apostates might say I shouldn't be on this web-site because we have been told not to. Actually,we have been WARNED not to go on these web-sites. There is a difference,but I do not nit pick like these morons. Firstly,the brothers and sisters in Bethel are not a police-force,and secondly,at the end of the day,I am answerable to Jehovah and His son Jesus Christ not the Organization. A hypocrite is some-one with bad motives,my motive for coming on here is to DENOUNCE you Apostates and warn you Prodigal sons and daughters to think about your future. I am not here to read posts or answer questions, and will not. I know why Satan has these web-sites and will not be lured or sucked-in to arguments which are nit-picking at the Jehovah's witnesses. You Apostates are sooooooo predictable with your posts any-way,no doubt you'll be offering to loan each other money to try to prove me wrong and that you are all so kind and nice... I "bet" you even said nasty things about the King family, with their dying little boy in a Spanish hospital with brain cancer, you are so evil.

    To you nice people; when the Apostate terrorists convince you the Jehovah's witnesses are wrong and not God's people,where are you going to turn..?

    At Matthew24:9,Jesus states " will be hated by all the nations on account of my name" that is not the Islamic State,as the Apostates say. Jesus was talking to His Christians [ Christ-followers] not the radical Muslims of today which were not around in Christ's time. Jesus also said " And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come". No one else is doing this.

    Jesus Christ likened death to sleep,because when you are in a deep sleep without dreams, you are in a state very much like death. Many non-Jehovah's witnesses are very frightened of going to bed at night, just in case they never wake-up again.

    Will you wake-up tomorrow.... ??????????????????????????

  • jgnat

    I checked back on your earlier posts. You are a poseur.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Does this poster remain for entertainment purposes alone? I've seen the ban hammer come down countless times for far less.

  • sir82


    Seems to be a hyperventilating spittle-laced screed against apostates or some such.

  • suavojr

    Blah blah blah blah

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    It's the start of a new month and new service year and so Sparky wants to get a head-start on his time:):):)!

  • jgnat

    Last I checked, people don't get banned for being apologists or active witnesses. They get banned for being persistently abusive. Now, granted, a fake rant like this is intended to get our backs up, but we have a choice on how to respond. I think silence is most effective.

  • JWdaughter

    These are the same people that go door to door presenting as "good news" a false hope that isn't even from the Bible that they pretend to believe.

    They are followers of men and having experienced the WT brand of "love", well, if I was still among them, I'd be on the same antidepressents my active JW mom takes (prozak chased with way too much alcohol).

    One need only glance at the home page to know that they have not come to a WT approved site (though seriously, there is only ONE WT approved site and discussion sites are not allowed, last I knew)

    So, get off hour high horse and go leave whatever WT filth is required this month. This gets you no points in this world or the next.

  • sporece

    Do you expect me to read your post......a little too long.

  • lurkernomore

    Couldn't agree more jgnat!!! The last thread started by this blithering idiot received far more responses than it deserved, which btw is 0.

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