Something Big is Coming...

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    Why "mystery babylon" was the term/code used in revelation.... Because God's enemies were able to hide the rituals, deceive, and fool billions of people by making them believe that they are worshipping the statues of the real God, and real Mary... Wer infact they are worshipping the BABYLONIAN,PAGAN,SATANIC GODS... Semiramis/ashtaroth queen of heaven/Ishtar= MAMA MARY QUEEN OF HEAVEV ................ a mystery... ANCIENT Babylonians rituals were HOLY WATER, ASH ON FOREHEAD, PURGATORY, 40 DAYS from death, EASTER/ISHTAR EGGS, Kneeling on STATUES, DECEMBER 25 is the birthday of a PAGAN god representing Satan...

  • minimus

    I like it when they revert back to something that Russell taught. They suggest it's something they've pretty much always had an understanding on. They cover all their bases,

  • Vintagewife

    Ooh, I love speculation! Here are my choices: 1. The Anointed Class- Sorry Sisters, we have New Light (TM) that only men make it to Heaven. 2. The GB and Anointed are Christ- the Mystery Doctrine revealed to the rank and file. 3. GB to Appoint new members of the Anointed- Now that there are all these new openings in the Anointed Class, and in light of the revelation that we are Christ, we get to choose who we want in Heaven. VW



    #2) I am drinking a home made mint Julip.

    I am predicting a change in the preaching work. Someone else mentioned pedos, and I agree. The WTBTS is coming under increasing scrutiny. If they lose the CONTI case, a shit storm could occur. They must mentally prep the sheeple for " Satanic persecution." The normal R&F JW, heck, even a Elder, knows nothing. They are not privy to secret info. Compartmentalization is the shizz when it comes to running a corporation. So if an Eldumb doesn't know TTATT, and they don't know anything about Candice ( you go girl!!!), what else could they be possibly believe, other than persecution? The WTBTS loves it that way.

    The GB are like, " Oh SHIT!!!" The legal team is like, " OH F***!!!" The corporation must survive, therefore, preaching must be accomplished with minimal risk. How do you do that? How do you keep people "preaching" and limit legal liabilities?? Well, unbeknownst to some, but knownst to me, the WTBTS has flip-flopped on what it means to be an "ordained minister." There was a time when ONLY ELDERS and MS's were considered as such. There were some very strange articles written about the subject.

    Right now, EVERY JW thinks that they are an ordained minister...right?!?! RIGHT. That could very easily be altered or "adjusted." The ground work has already been laid with past articles. We KNOW how the GB shelve ideas until it's "Jehoobers" time. Just imagine a more strict policy on who can "publicly" take the lead in these critical times or "times of trouble." Hold on there Brother McPedo, you can witness in your "personal territory", but you cannot be manning the trolley-cart in public. ONLY select Elders and MS's can do that. What you can do, is to give out JW.Org cards and direct people to the official website. [ WINK!]

    I would look look for some type of "charity" to take place as well. LOESCH went out of his way to mention charity at the RC. We know that the WTBTS only makes changes in response to a financial or legal need, RIGHT?!?!? So what is going on legally that could affect their finances and survival/credibility? Anything Pedo related or hate-speech related, or anything related to their charitable status. Seriously, what else do they care about?

    The 144,000 becoming symbolic is valid too. As time marches on, they must keep the hierarchy. They NEED anointed ones to be in charge. Remember when Boozerford closed the heavenly gates?? That was a major "Oh Shit" moment. They needed "anointed" to lead, so EVIDENTLY..they were wrong. Time for an adjustment to the doctrine. Time for the sheep to accept " Jehovahs" teachings... What the hell do you think they are going to do as time passes and nothing happens as far as the GT is concerned? The hierarchy must be maintained at all costs.

    Just imagine this: ALL THE GB ARE DEAD except Sanderson. We are 120 years into "Christ's reign." Are they going to say, " We were wrong. No one was raptured??" Heck NO!!! If the 144,000 is "evidently" symbolic, then Jesus "evidently" meant that the END would not come until the last of the "TRUE CHRISTIAN/symbolic 144,00" were sealed! That's why the winds of destruction have been held back!! The final sealing has not happened!! Who are these final ones?!?! Obviously, they are part of Jehovah's organization and loyally take the lead at World HQ!! How long will it take to gather them?!?! Don't worry, it's SOON!! In the meantime, OBEY, even if it does not make sense from a human standpoint, or violates your conscience.


  • Spectre

    I say the new loving arrangement will be that they'll sell off all the kingdom halls. Pocket the money. Tell the r&f to go home, get on jw.borg, wait for the glorious ones to tell them when armageddon starts. Maybe watch a Caleb video or two while you're waiting.


    I haven't posted this for awhile.....

    My prediction from another thread..

    Have you guys read the WT magazines that devote whole articles to giving money to the WTBT$!? I don't think it will happen soon(tm), but it could in the future. They could get rid of EVERYTHING accept Warwick and 1 Printing facility and survive. They can do whatever they want! Think about this possible day in field service... dreamy music...dissolving...

    Husband: Good Morning capable wife! ( smooch, smooch, a slight pat on her oversized bottom ) I really enjoyed our approved sexual relations last evening. It was so refreshing, and in it's proper place.

    Wife: Yes Lord. I too enjoyed our Governing Body approved sexual relations within the bond of the marital arrangement. ( doe-eyed )

    H: Now, now, none of that this morning. It's our day that we set aside for field service. Where is the Theocratic Laptop?

    W: My Lord, it is in public view of the entire household as you well know.

    H: Ahhh, so it is. Hmmm. Let's see...yes. JW.ORG!! Ha!! Literature, Ahah! Here we go wife of my youth! I found the new tractazines, ready to be printed and folded for our day that we set aside for field service!

    W: What a provision from Jehovah! The Faithful Slave is so loving! They truly provide food at the proper time. They are also very aware of the modern world in which we live. See Lord, how they have made the provision for us to print our own literature from home for our personal ministry that we engage in of our own free will, without any legal ties to the WTBTS!! Jehovah provides..

    H: He certainly does my charming moutain goat. ( getting frisky..)

    W: My LORD!! Remember that it is our day that we set aside for field service! ( smiling..)

    H: Yes my beautiful Hind, it's just that sometimes I get so sexually exited when I am with you. I know that is wrong on our day that we set aside for field service. Please forgive me. Let's call Brother Zealous later. We need an encouraging visit to curb our sexual appetites. Sweetie, is breakfast almost ready. You know I have a substantial appetite the morning after our approved love-making.

    W: Forgive me Lord. I try to be a capable wife, but..but..( tears begin to fall as she turns away)

    H: ( puzzled ) What can be the matter my tower-breasted love?! What is upsetting you so on the day that we set aside for field service?

    W: Well..( stiffling a sob ) With the new laptop, printer, and ink that we purchased, along with our weekly offering to Jehovah via PAYPAL, we did not have enough money left over for groceries. With so many of our Brothers in the Janitorial field, the job market is saturated. I know you wash windows on the side, but we are just a bit short on funds. My Ebay head-covering business has not fared well either.

    H: .....WHAT?

    W: Well, we filled out our application for Special Full-time Minister of personal ministries not affiliated legally with the WTBTS application last month. We vowed to contribute towards the " Special Fund for the maintenance of the JW.ORG virtual printery." How else could we have a website that allows us to print our current literature to print off ourselves at our own expense, on the day that we set aside for field service? Or our Theocratic laptop and printer, linked to JW.ORG 24/7?

    H: WTH!!! I (*^)%^%@!!! Those M%(%@#)(?!!! Horse S%[email protected], Monkey $&^%%@!! I'll Kill those &[email protected])(*!! AHHHHHHRERRGGG!!!!! Oh!, Oh!..I am so sorry! Oh my word!! I don't know what came over me.. Forgive me, please. It was hunger, a weakness of the flesh.. Oh dear GB! Please forgive me... ( head hanging with shame..)

    W: It's alright dear. I am hungry too. Sister Meek just told me an encouraging anecdote. When they were hungry, they did NOT forsake their day set aside for field service! They went anyway. Brother Meek could not find his approved GB issued service binder, so he used his older bag....

    H: ( interrupting ) Thank goodness the GB made the provision of using an older bag in emergencies..

    W: ( annoyed ) Ahhh... Yes! Thank the GB! So Brother Meek finds his service bag from 1986 in the garage! Guess what else!

    H: What?!?

    W: He found an entire roll of food tickets!! Remember the ones we would use for hogies and danishes and OJ?

    H: I liked mine slushy!

    W: SHUT UP, ROGER!! I am telling a %^([email protected]$ story!! SHUT UP!!!!

    H: please continue...

    W: Jesus....ANYWAYS, like I was saying... They found some food tickets and they did not go hungry that day. Jehovah blinded the minds of the worldy cashiers at the supermarket. They thought the tickets were food stamps! Brother and Sister Meek were able to eat breakfast! All because they did not forsake the day that they set aside for field service!

    H: GB, be praised!!! What an uplifting anecdotal experience upon which I will base my future decisions!! Wake the children! Start the Kingdom Melodies! It's time to print and fold!!!

    W: YAY!!! ( clapping )

    H: WT*!#%$#%!!!! WE ARE OUT OF INK!!!!!!!!!

    ( To be continued....)


  • Comatose

    Keep drinking buddy! :) lol


    LOL!!! I will!!! How else could I hope to understand the Bible?!?!


  • problemaddict

    Nothing to see here guys.

    Probbaly just a further rebranding to

    Maybe the WT will now just have as its title.

    Remember......these ALWAYS fizzle into nothing. its just away to get people excited about nonsense.

  • designs

    I'll take Watchtower for $400.00 Alex....

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