knockout game, what the freak!

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  • wasblind

    This is horrible

    Nobody should have to endure that blatant disregard of a persons well being

    these criminals don't think that the person they punch in the face could have

    jus come from the dentist, or have some kind of implant that could be damaged



    They should go to jail for a long time, and if the person dies from such an attack



  • unstopableravens

    confused: i really dont want this thread to turn into a believers/non believers thing, this about us as people. because i could say that lucid is under reacting because from an evolution view point these teens did nothing wrong, because survial of the fittist, and thats the way it is. so it can go both ways, no need to discuss that here. i am just angry over the pure wickedness of some people.

  • KateWild

    Well this knockout game is new to me. I haven't watched any YT vids and don't really want to. I have to say it disgusts me. Kate xx

  • AlphaMan

    Absolute senseless violence. A sucker punch can cause serious damage, even up to death by the punch itself or the resulting fall. At the very least should be felonious assault. "Polar bearing"? Where is the black civil rights leaders on this one? Have they come out full force on this?

  • confusedandalone

    " pure wickedness of some people."

    Most of the people involved in this are kids. Kids do things without truly thinking of the impact of their actions. It does not excuse them its just a good look at why they do it.

    You said they should all be killed because they are wicked and pure evil. You feel that the actions of intentionally harming someone is wicked and evil. OM>

    SO ANYONE WHO INTENTIONALLY harms someone is wicked and evil. So by that measure god is wicked and evil. Sorry for expressing my thoughts on the matter on an open message board.

  • unstopableravens

    confused: your taking what i said totally out of context, i never sais anyone who hurts somebody, but in this case the intent is to knockout a person, which can highly kill that person, please be reasonable while exspressing your mind on a public forum.

  • confusedandalone

    unstoppableravens said , " i never sais anyone who hurts somebody, but in this case the intent is to knockout a person"

    I did not say that you said the above... you are making it seem as if I am the one that is unreasonable based on a statement that I never made.

    You are not being reasonable on a public forum when expressing your mind. You said everyone who does this should be killed. THAT IS AN UNREASONABLE STATEMENT.

    Hey WE ARE MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD SO THE FACT THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE DOING THIS SHOWS THAT THEY ARE JUST ACTING THE SAME WAY THAT GOD WOULD. God didn't like people so he sent his people to go kill them with swords and clubs and fists so why be surprised if those made in his image are still doing it? Now that statement is reasonable if you are truthful with yourself

  • unstopableravens

    and what about you? is this not survial of the fittist? tell me why it is immoral to you?

  • jgnat

    unstopable, God gave up the "kill 'em all" game after the flood. He was sorry and promised never to do it again. For balance, I'd like your opinion of this story, and keep in mind that some of these thugs involved in the knockout game might be a future Victor.

  • confusedandalone

    "and what about you? is this not survial of the fittist? tell me why it is immoral to you?"

    As I stated above I feel this is disgusting and savage. I also however realize that kids often get involved in foolish things, that is no excuse however. These kids should be put in jail for a long time as I stated. If someone dies from this activity then the dp is on the table.

    This is not survival of the fit. It is a savage game that people are playing. How you could compare this game seriously to that is just plain ridiculous and I do not think you acctually meant it. I smell sarcasm in the air.(at least I hope so)

    This is a deplorable game. I find it disgusting. However it is like the many other activities in history that a small group or even a laarge group find acceptable for one reason or another. For instance when hundreds of people gathered together and lynched people for no reason... that was also deplorable. The people involved brought out the whole town and watched with enjoyment. They had parties around these events. Made post cards about it as well. Obviously these people who performed these actions did not receive the death penalty. They were applauded in their communities. Often rewarded for SAVAGE and deplorable acts. However, once a group of people can rationalize why something deplorable is ok - they can find likeminded people to go along with it resulting in them engaging in an act that a normal mind would not go along with.

    Just like how God encouraged savage men to kill men women and children and animals jhust so his homies could have some land. He could have used his magic holy spirit to just put them to sleep if he had to kill them or he could have magically transported them somewhere like he did Elijah... but no he decides to tell the soldiers to slit the throats of women and kids.

    So you have no idea how these people could play the knockout game and should be killed yet the Israelites and god are not held to the same standards?

    " unstopable, God gave up the "kill 'em all" game after the flood. He was sorry and promised never to do it again. " - with the caveat that he would never do it with water... left himself an opening.

    I am glad you replied jgnat because atleast this will give unstoppable a reason to ignore the points he can nopt refute lol

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