knockout game, what the freak!

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  • wasblind

    Unstopableravens, it's sad when folk become desensitzed to the plight of others

    Scotoma, I agree it deserves a remedy. And one that will discourage greatly

    Tammy brought out a good point about teens gettin' caught up in the wrong crowd

    One remedy I see is if teens see their peers get charged

    as an adult.

  • LucidChimp

    @cofty - the answer to your question is: Yes.


    @wasblind - Because the suggestion that teens have an adult trial was just what this thread needed to make it less wacko.

  • KateWild

    Do people who see the world in black and white tend to get attracted to fundamentalism or does exposure to fundamentalism produce binary thinking?-cofty

    Both, some people are born that way. I was I have a very black and white view of the world. But because I know this, I also recognise life has grey area's too.

    Being exposed to all kinds of things including fundamentalism, can have impacts especially if the exposure is in formative years. It determines how people think. So yes binary thinking can be produced by fundamentalism.

    Also many can have tenacious personality traits which can be good in some cases and in other cases it can manifest itself in behaviours similar to a dog with a bone.

    cofty, I hope you wanted an answer to you question and you weren't just being facetious young man!

    Kate xx

  • wasblind

    " Being exposed to all kinds of things including fundamentalism, can have impacts especially if the exposure is in formative years "____KateWild

    So true KATE

    The kind of things I was exposed to was from my mother and grand parents

    they taught me to treat others the way I wish for them to treat me

    and as a child I had better use my manners. Never disrepsect adults

    and to use Mr. or Mrs. unless told otherwise



    I was taught that if I choose to do wrong, I am also makin' a choice to suffer whatever consequence

    that wrong may reap.



    Teens may be impressionable, but they do at that age know right from wrong

    some choose to do the wrong anyway becuase they have seen as an under age teen they are

    more likely to escape the full force of the law



    It's high time to prosecute these teens for the intentional bodily harm they cause like adults

    instead of a slap on the wrist as a minor

    because this opens up the possibility to put the death penalty on the table

    and may make them think twice, that if a person dies because of these attacks. they could die too



  • Laika

    If we learnt anything from the JW experience it should be that thought crime is not actually a crime.

    Assault however, is.

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