Maintaining Faith In God As An Ex-JW

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  • confusedandalone

    " Although I don't particularly like all the ideas of the God of the OT, I find the concept of Christ appealing, but I lack faith and am unsure if I want to regain faith or pursue an atheist/anti-theist course."

    This was troubling to me as well. I also realized a few days into my re-re-re-re-re-reading of the Gospel that I was doing something wrong. I kept trying to seperate the OT from the NT. They are not to be seperated as they are one book and Jesus himself said something to the effect that he who has seen me has seen the father. Jesus quoted from the OT so no doubt he was in harmoney with it. That was a little difficult to grasp. So I prayed and prayed for understanding as the bible directs.

    I hope you do the same. Read the bible as a whole realizing that there is no seperation in scripture besides that which man has made (OT vs NT).

    Re-read the bible/ pray for an answer to your questions as the bible instructs, then make your decisions accordingly

  • cofty

    Caliber it's a false equivalency. Love and friendship are not things.

    If god exists it is a thing. There should be evidence that he/she exists.

    Be careful to avoid the fallacy of reism.

  • Qcmbr

    If a god exists who cares about you trust that that being will give you the faith you need. As a non god you arent expected to spontaneously generate faith . Get on with living and if a caring god takes an interest in you then your question will be answered. Dont sweat faith.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Everyone has to take their own "spiritual journey."

    I examined the JW's and WTS, and continued examining the Bible and the God of Christianity. It was even easier to see that the Bible and Christianity were loaded with error and emotion over evidence.

    I broadened out to include examining middle eastern beliefs and any basis for their legitimate establishment. I went on to look at eastern philosophy. There, I discovered that much of the myth was similar, but you didn't have to believe it to benefit from the wisdom.

    All along, I was looking at what science said. Particularly, evolution and the start of the universe.

    Science proved that it was most interested in actual truth and most willing to change when revealed to be wrong, plus evolution was so clearly factual. It doesn't mean there is no God, but the God of the gaps is in an awfully small gap.

    And when people get all emotional about "knowing" God, I looked into philosophy about omnipotence and omnibenevolence and couldn't balance that with the God of this world, so I was able to counterbalance those emotionally knowing God against His lack of action in tsunamis, earthquakes, birth defects, let alone any possible actually true stories in the Bible about raping and killing in His name.

    Finally, for those that insist that you cannot "know" He isn't there, I say He's a bastard, plus he knows how to contact me if he wants to do some explaining.

    Many are on completely different spiritual paths. We all suffer confirmation bias. I like to think I already went through it on the other side because I faded and still thought Christendom (as JW's call it) was more right than JW's and that God would help me find the way. But He didn't when I was a JW, and he still hasn't called.

  • Narcissistic Supply
    Narcissistic Supply

    Eff the JW's and Eff the WT.

    Nothing more than real estate laundering clownbags.


  • Legacy


    I at times feel well, if I leave the witnesses, where & what shall I do. I'm use to reading & preparing. I love what I read in the bible, I like the literature from the society, but don't believe all of it. Again, it's man's interpretation. What the bible is really saying is....."BE GOOD & BE READY" by breaking down the
    scriptures, as time goes along, it’s not the same. This is with all forms of worship, it reminds me of that movie.."Lost in translation". Man doesn't really know what God wants. Some sacrificed their kids, some ate blood, & a mess of other crazy stuff. All he wants is for us to be good & good to one another & help one another instead of dominating one another, the problem with religion is everybody wants to be right.

    I think what makes folks turn away from the society & God, is because many wanted so much to believe in something, Folks gave the Society too much faith in Man...& man will dissappoint you every time...running around patting themselves on the back saying...I know without a doubt this is God's Org. even losing friends & family because if this haughty attitude. Now as time goes by you say, Hey maybe this isn't his org. Now you are angry not at the ones who mislead them/you/me, but at God & at oneself. God didn't mislead you, Man did. Don't be angry with God because of some prideful men. What does it matter that it is or isn't God's org. What we do have is God's word, written by imperfect man, but ask yourself, what is the theme of the Bible ? What is God trying to say to ME. I know of someone that is no longer a witness & they are ok, not sure if they believe in God but they are ok, yet, they ask themselves how could they have been mislead for so long. Because we want something to hold on to. But as long as we are here on this earth, sorry to say, as long as man has his hand in it...there will be problems. Didn't God say, Man can't even direct his own steps...we read that all the time yet, still say...This is God's org. My take on it is ....Maybe it is & maybe it isn't ...but what difference does it make, I will have to answer to God myself, no rep. from the Society is going to be my mediator. So what, it's not his org. I'm still good. I'm not there because I think it's his org. I went to learn the bible because I got tired of folks telling me what they thought. So the truth lead me to the truth. All places of worship lie, & all of them have a bit of the truth. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they all came together & came up with what the bible really says, they could learn from one another, but man is too proud for that. So all that to say, don't be mad with God. Put the blame where it belongs....ON MAN...Now a days, many places of worship is not so much about doctrine as it is about them motivating you, & talking to you about what it is to be a christian & how hard it is. How sometimes it's the choices we make that we blame God for. What really is in the inner person. The NT is a wonderful book, all about God's love letter, Jesus. He preached about love...

    So hang on to that Love of God from God to us...

    Again, don't be angry with God....he didn't do nothing to you to mislead you, but you know who did, don't you.


  • MadGiant

    Exactly what cofty said. On post 9454.

  • LucidChimp

    "Again, don't be angry with God....he didn't do nothing to you to mislead you"

    Or prevent you being mislead.

  • Ding

    "Or prevent you being mislead."

    The Bible does say to beware of false prophets and not to live by fear of man.

  • fulltimestudent

    I kept trying to seperate the OT from the NT. They are not to be seperated as they are one book .... Read the bible as a whole realizing that there is no seperation in scripture besides that which man has made (OT vs NT).

    Do you understand the history to the bible?

    When you hold your Bible in your hand, you hold a book that has a complex history. Just when the Torah was written in its present form is not clear, though by about the 5th century BCE, the torah was seen by Jews as having religious authority. A Wikipedia entry notes:

    The first five books – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, book of Numbers and Deuteronomy – comprise the Torah, the story of Israel from the Genesis creation narrative to the death of Moses. Few scholars today doubt that it reached its present form in the Persian period (538–332 BC), and that its authors were the elite of exilic returnees who controlled the Temple at that time. [6]

    The last point is important. First, we need to understand that not very many Jews returned to ruined Jerusalem. Most liked their new lives in prosperous Babylon, and had become involved in international trade and were making lots of money. So why should they go back to rough it in Jerusalem? Second, in spite of assertions to the contrary, the land of Judah/Israel had not been deserted. The ordinary (non-elite) Jewish people were still there as peasant farmers, and the fanatically religious elite had to re-assert control, and they did this partly through religion.

    Next, Around the second century BCE, (i.e the same century, that saw Jewish hostility to the Seleucid Empire and the rise of the Hasmoneans) the prophets were added to the holy writings. Think about it, I suggest you'll soon discern, why it was that the "prophets" section was important at that stage of Jewish history. The final books (praises) were not recognised buy all Jewish people and were not really added (finally) until later.

    This Jewish Publication Society, book, "How to Read the Bible," may give you a richer perspective, than that of contemporary American Protestantism. ( ).

    It was during the above period that the Greek translation we call the septuagint was prepared. According to tradition, this translation was made in Alexandria (but not neccessarily so). There are some interesting differences between what's called the hebrew "Masoretic" text, and the Septuagint. It was popular in Judah, because so many Jews by that time were completely hellenised, and spoke greek better than aramaic (or, Hebrew). Its on record that many Jews tried to stretch their foreskins to look uncircumcised, as they felt embarrassed to be seen as circumcised.

    The Septuagint version remains the Old Testament in use in Orthodox churches until today.

    So, over this long period, how can you be sure that any comments are connected?

    THe new Testament has a similarly diverse history, and its not until the fourth century CE, that we start to find any agreement on a Christian canon.

    Therefore when we read the Bible, as I did as JW, and we start interpreting verses in the light of other verses, we do so without any real evidence that the two sections, separated by long stretches of time over approximately 1000 years, were meant to be connected.

    Such connections, exist in our imaginations, which is precisely what we did as witnesses.

    and Jesus himself said something to the effect that he who has seen me has seen the father. Jesus quoted from the OT so no doubt he was in harmoney with it.

    Leaving to one side your use of John 14:9, in your argument, it would be very surprising, if Jesus as a Jew, preaching to Jews, had said to take no notice of the OT. But in the end, we have no external evidence that Jesus made any of the statements, that the authors of the gospels attributed to him.

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