Maintaining Faith In God As An Ex-JW

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  • cofty

    I wished you wouldn't feel like that !!! - Caliber

    It's often said by believers that exJW atheists are just over-reacting to being let down by a false religion or that they are angry with god. (edited to add - MrC just said it above)

    I think in some cases this may be true.

    Our conclusions about the big questions are important. They should be based on a long and rational process that includes facing up to the very best arguments from all sides.

    My best advice to exiting JWs is to put the question on hold for a long time. Focus on far more practical priorities like family, friends, fun, education and careers.

    This why I am so opposed to people who are here to recruit vulnerable people to their own cults, whether it's Cold Steel with his magic underpants, Tammy with her hotline to god or any of the myriad who imagine they have found the answer everybody else had missed.

  • Ding

    I would recommend reading the New Testament as if you were reading it for the first time.

    You can read it in order, but if you want to start with epistles rather than narrative, I would suggest Romans and then Galatians.

    Try to forget all the preconceived ideas you have from the WT and read it for what it says, not what the WTS says it says.

    Why start with the NT?

    Because the WTS is essentially an Old Testament religion (law) with New Testament lingo.

    The GB twists both Testaments to make it all about them, but I think they twist the NT worse because they ignore the grace and forgiveness and inner transoformation that is the core of NT theology and replace it with guilt, fear, and works.

    If you would like to discuss specifics, you are welcome to PM me.

  • cofty

    I can't chuck it all away, deny God, and go with chance evolution as the final solution - MrCellophane

    Off topic alert - Evolution is a fact. It is not synonymous with chance. It is not necessary to deny god in order to accept reality.

    Back to topic....

  • caliber

    Cofty what is your reponse to this quote ?

    "The very nature of life and death are mystical. These intangible realities cannot be seen, heard, or felt in the physical sense, but they exist. In life, there exists that which cannot be held in your hand, or measured, or scientifically tested for their existence; things like belief, friendship, and love."

    How does intangible reality exist ?

  • cofty

    Caliber - the fact that love and friendship can't be measured tells us nothing at all about theism.

  • Stealth

    The WT corporation probably creates more athiests then any other religion on earth.

  • fulltimestudent

    Of what use is "maintaining faith?"

    I estimate that more than 50% of Jws, haven't a foggy clue about their belief system, but they at least do something.

    Here in Australia, only about 10% of so-called 'christians,' even bother to go church. So what the hell is "maintaining faith" supposed to involve? Or, are you just wanting everyone to agree with you, to bolster your own shaky faith?

  • caliber

    "the fact that love and friendship can't be measured tells us nothing at all about theism."~~cofty

    But if I can't measure these things why would I put faith in their existence they are intangible ?

    Abstracting is like tasting a wine, for example. You swish the separate components of the wine around your taste buds and compile a mental list of Pros and Cons in determining vintage, flavor,quality, etc.... you experience it

    Seeing is believing... but it is only one of at least 5 "senses" we have.

  • mind blown
  • LucidChimp

    I didn't.

    Once I started examining my beliefs I realised that the JW god is no more or less likely to exist than any other.

    Maintaining faith in the face of contradictory evidence was never an option - I simply knew so little I thought my position was tenable. It most certainly was not.

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