jw and jw defenders, have you been born again?

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  • confusedandalone

    " confused: what are you talking about? when did i say jesus talks to me?"

    wait wait wait so if Jesus loves you both the same why would he choose to talk to only one of you and not the other.

    Have you not earned the right to talk to Jesus??? Is their a point at which you are allowed to hear his voice like Tammy does???

    Not creating drama but I thought that Christianity was coherent as well as fair. It would seem that it would only be fair he speak to both of you since you are both Christians

  • unstopableravens

    confused: like i just said a few post ago, some of you only want to debate and cause issues and are not concerned with truth about what ppl believe. i have addressed you point before. i do not agree with tec on some doctrine. and what ever she has with voices i dont know im not her. as you know with me i speak what i know, not what i dont know.i know this tec is more kind than alot of ppl on here. everything i just wrote you know. just like you knew i never claimed to hear voices and yet you openly lied and said i do. where is your honor? why do you have to be dishonest to try to prove a point?

  • cofty

    cofty: beautiful! when did you write that?

    Shortly after I left around 1995.

    The full essay is here...

    It's about time I wrote a rebuttal.

  • unstopableravens

    so like a cofty vs cofty debate lol ill get my popcorn

  • tec

    "Christianity" is not coherent... OR... fair (as many here can attest to, having been treated unfairly in the wts).

    Because religion is from men. With some following (what they believe is from) Paul, some following Peter, some following Apollos, some following the RCC, some following the GB, some following Luther, some following this doctrine and creed; some following that doctrine and creed. How can there be coherence when there are so many things people choose to follow, standing in the way of them and simply following Christ?

    Some will take great issue with me saying this... but God gave those who would belong to Him a very simple and direct command: This is my Son. Listen to Him. That Son said: I am the Truth, the Way, the Life... and... follow ME.

    (I also did not always hear the Spirit, mainly becasue I did not know that Christ was truly alive and speaking. I never got angry when I read that someone else heard Him, or when I saw from the various witnesses in the scriptures that indeed CHRIST does speak. That news instead brought me JOY... Christ IS alive and does speak... and I NEVER thought that not having heard the Spirit (yet) meant that God did not love me. Instead I ALSO asked for ears to hear. Then I simply put faith that my prayer would be answered, knowing that God would answer my prayer as HE knew best, and did my best to listen. Took some time for me to learn to hear Him and put faith in what He speaks. But in the meantime, I simply continued on loving Christ and doing my best to follow His teachings. Not for personal gain... but because I truly loved them. Even if I never heard Him until the very end of my life, I would simply have continued to follow Him. Because as He promises: If anyone loves me, he will obey my teachings. My father will love him, and we will come and make our home with him.)

    Peace to you all,


  • tec

    Unstop's love of Christ is also clear, and though we may not be in the same place (yet), on all matters... I do hear that from him, and I think he hears the same from me.



  • Comatose

    Oh lawdy! They are coming to my house and I need to clean and cook a good meal!

  • cofty

    "I'm right and everybody else is wrong because the dead carpenter speaks to me" - Tammy

    I am utterly sick and tired of hearing the same old nonsense over and over and over again.

    You troll JWN looking for victims to entice to your voice-hearing forum. Stop it please.

  • confusedandalone

    unstoppable ravens, its not that " some of you only want to debate and cause issues "...

    THe thing is two people who are born again believe or experience things differently. Some peopel would like to know how this is possible. SOme people would genuinely like to know why Jesus would give one person such a wonderful choice and not the other.

    I am assuming that being born again comes in a variety of flavors as opposed to one TRUE way. Kind of like there are various types of nuts. There are Brazil nuts / Cashews / Pecans Hazel nuts etc... they are all nuts yet they are various types of nuts. I was under the impression that all Born Agains had the same beliefs etc... but now that one knows there is a VARIETY of them I guess it makes sense that one would hear voices from their GOD while the other does not have that gift. You have one way conversations and she has two-way conversations.

    I was under the impression that you also spoke to Jesus or I would not have said so. In regards to honor... a persons honor can not be established by the discussion on a message board LOL.

    In regards to tec being more kind than other people on the board... that has no value because I am sire there are some who are more kind than her. SO does that make them greater beings or more useful to humanity than her? Probably not. Your response was one that I am sure you are proud of because it probably seems like somethign Jesus would say.. confusing and ultimately empty...

    BAsed upon this remark, " Unstop's love of Christ is also clear, and though we may not be in the same place (yet), on all matters... I do hear that from him, and I think he hears the same from me."

    Eventually you WILL BE IN THE SAME PLACE. So I guess those conversations with Jebus are forthcoming... you just haven't matured to that point yet in your journey. Let me know next time Jebus gives you a buzz on the tele.Tell him I said what's up

  • ablebodiedman

    Was Paul speaking of baptism of water... or baptism of fire (spirit)?

    (As John the baptist said, "I baptize you with water for repentance... but after me will come one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not fit to carry. He will baptize you with holy spirit and with fire..." Matthew 3:11)


    Born again IS all about Baptism.

    John the Baptist explained that baptism will cause divisions. The wheat from the chaff:

    The fire is for the chaff! (it is not the spirit)

    Matthew 3:11-12

    That one will baptize YOU people with holy spirit and with fire. 12  His winnowing shovel is in his hand, and he will completely clean up his threshing floor, and will gather his wheat into the storehouse, but the chaff he will burn up with fire that cannot be put out."

    Jesus Christ himself explained more about the effects of the fire:

    Luke 12:49-53

     "I came to start a fire on the earth, and what more is there for me to wish if it has already been lighted? 50  Indeed, I have a baptism with which to be baptized, and how I am being distressed until it is finished! 51  Do YOU imagine I came to give peace on the earth? No, indeed, I tell YOU, but rather division. 52  For from now on there will be five in one house divided, three against two and two against three. 53  They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against [her] mother, mother-in-law against [her] daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against [her] mother-in-law."

    The Wheat from the Chaff!

    The most profound situation occuring on the earth today which can cause such family division is the disfellowshipping and then shunning of EX-Jehovah's Witnesses.

    It is all about his baptism!


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