Does anyone know what is happening with Italy's (Rome) Bethel???

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  • LaFrancia

    The italian bethel does not printing anything. Everything comes from Germany,also the K.M.


  • LaFrancia
  • LaFrancia

    January 5th we will have the visit of Antony Morris,and we have a live streaming in all the kingdom hall in italy.

    The bureaucratic machine is in motion.....

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Thank you La Francia.

    Ciao Bella


  • St George of England
    St George of England


    Withholding money from the WTS, now that would get their attention.


  • LostGeneration

    January 5th we will have the visit of Antony Morris,and we have a live streaming in all the kingdom hall in italy.

    The bureaucratic machine is in motion.....

    I'm sure he will tell you what a "loving provision it is from Jah" that they have decided to shut down Bethel, sell the property, and send the money to NYC. Oh, and how it is further evidence of progress by Jehovah's Chariot!

  • blondie

    If the laws in Italy are similar regarding religious non-profits, all the WT headquarters has to do is dissolve the branch and takeover. Does anyone know what the laws are specifically?

    Eight per thousand (Italian: otto per mille ) is an Italian law under which Italian taxpayers can choose to whom devolve a compulsory 8 ‰ = 0.8% ('eight per thousand') from their annual income tax return between an organised religion recognised by Italy or, alternatively, to a social assistance scheme run by the Italian State. [1] This declaration is made on the IRE form. People are not required to declare a recipient; in that case the law stipulates that this undeclared amount be distributed among the normal recipients of such taxes in proportion to what they have already received from explicit declarations. In the period from 1990 to 2007 only 42.73%, on average, expressed a choice.

    Current situation [ edit ]

    In 2013 there are 12 possibly beneficiaries of the tax:

    In addition an agreement has been signed with the Jehovah's Witnesses, [14] but it has not yet received parliamentary ratification.

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormonism), in spite of having made an agreement on 4 April 2007, ratified by Law 127 of 30 July 2012, is refusing to participate in the division of the funds.

  • Quarterback

    Sorry, I was away and needed to catch up.

    I will comment about the one Co that I know but, do not want to use his name. I remember attending an Elders school over ten years ago when the Soc initiated this Pioneer Assist program. This special program was designed to help the inactive ones. When news broke out about this program the inactive ones in our KH's didn't want others to know that they were inacitive, so they refused this help from the start. It was definetely doomed from the start. But, this Italian CO lied to the Circuit. He stated that it was a program to help some who needed help with Bible studies, RV's, and presentations. He has also lied about other things that have created so much grief amoung the brothers. He is not honest when he talks to you, and he is an organization man first, and will lie and tell you what he thinks you want to hear, but stab you in the back.

    Kinda fits in with a mob mentality. No one in our family likes him.

  • LaFrancia

    I have a message , but I have to wait for the translation

  • joe134cd

    This is getting very interesting. Dosnt sound like a major, probably just gunna do a shut down

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