Does anyone know what is happening with Italy's (Rome) Bethel???

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  • wannaexit

    Lafrancia, by any chance was the brother who was demoted farneti or franceschetti??

  • Phizzy

    I always thought the address of the Rome bethel back in the old days was really appropriate, I don't know if it moved.

    It was in the Via Buffalotta. Buffo is Italian for "clown". Lotta Clowns I used to think.

  • wannaexit

    Good one Phizzy :) Been there---there are a" lotta clowns" in Via Buffalotta

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Typing the address as Buffaotta, google maps asks, don't you mean Bufaotta???

    lol I thought the word was closer to a lot of buffalo but I can see now, the place is FULL of clowns. lol


  • LaFrancia

    wannaexit : the brother is Farnetx ,now is out of bethel .

    The brother Franceschxxxxx ,has now been sent to another Bethel.

    Another member of the Branch C. was relieved of his position in the B.C. and is out of the Bethel.

    The italian Bethel is the only one that produces wine and serve it at the table. I would not,want this brothers DRINK a lot of wine and make big trouble....ah ah ah ah ah :-) ) )

    We also have problems with the appointmentof c/o and d/o.......some of this have been made to accomodate friends and family (?)( in italiano parenti)

    Buffalotta is not f Bufalotta

  • joe134cd

    I'm sorry but I'm a bit confused here. So is the bethel closed because it can no longer pay it's bills. Or is it been closed down due to the society world wide down sizing. Or are the heavies been sent over to sort out an internal problem e.g apostasy, fraud etc, and there is no financial problem, hence the bethel will remain open. Is it even official that it will be closed. I have just spoken with an Italian brother who lives in Italy and he knows nothing of this. Totally in the dark. How very Watchtower.

  • wantingtruth

    LaFrancia, ... your "earthly" organization (or that one you want to resuscite) ... is VERY democrat - NOT, AT ALL theocrat !

    (my humble conclusion)

  • wannaexit

    thanks LaFrancia--I remember on the tour of the italian bethel how proud they were of their "vino" at meals. Also both Farneti and Franceschetti visited Canada a number of times.

  • wannaexit

    Joel, the bethel is operational-although I don't think it does any printing. The North American heavies have been sent to iron out internal problems---I don't believe its apostasy.

  • KateWild

    Yep, they finally realised they can't compete with the Vatican haharrr. Mama Mia!-yadda

    Good point well done - Kate xx

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