Does anyone know what is happening with Italy's (Rome) Bethel???

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  • joe134cd

    So what dose this mean. The bethel is closed or they sent the heavies over to sort out internal problems.

  • wannaexit

    Joe123cd: No the Bethel is still functioning. As LaFrancia pointed out Its OK. The heavies were brought in to sort things out.

    Quarterback: There are two italian couples from Canada. If you know the one couple you probably will know the other couple.

    LaFrancia: please keep us updated (tienici informati)

  • LaFrancia

    The name of brother are P. LaFranca - G. Cicciù - C. Boscaino ....very good brother.

    They have taken the most important position in the Branch a few weeks,a member of the G.B. visit the Branch of Italy and we will Know more .

    AHi ahi ahi ahi ahiai

  • LaFrancia

    K.O. K.O. and no OK.

    The italian Branch suffered a Downgrading.......because the leadership has failed.

    They were put under restriction and in receivership/administered by the courts........this is it


  • Indian Larry
    Indian Larry

    What does " receivership/administered by the courts" mean? In the US that is a term used in bankruptcy. Is there a financial aspect of this that I don't see?

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    I understand your English, LaFrancia, but I do not understand, comprehend, how a Branch office could be down graded , as into a Bankrupency situation.

    Brooklyn Headquarter's owns most properties. Not ALL, like their greediness wants, but most.

    Is it possible the Italian brothers own the Branch building themselves, and someone is making a stink by not paying for something , like the electricity bill??

    (I do not know. I am clutching at straws here)... so that this mess gets played out in Public?

    This gets curiouser and curiouser... ???


    PS. Is there someone out there that knows how to look up the owner of the Italian Branch property at:

    1281 Via del Bufalotta, Rome, Italy?

    Thank you for your help.

    Warm Christian love and best wishes,

    From your Brothers (and sisters)

  • LaFrancia

    I used the word receivership.......but us a metaphor,only as an example.

    After the scandal to the italian bethel have fallen many appointments.About 10 years ago,a member of the branch,was deposed and forced out of

    bethel family.

    When i have some time, I will make a report and a summary of what has appened in italian Bethel...ohiiiiii


  • KiddingMe


  • Violia

    if the locals own the kh , you could have a renegade KH. We can only hope.

  • Desilusionnee


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