C,O's,D,O's from down under...who remembers??

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  • fulltimestudent

    And then there was Vince McNee ... one of the most interesting characters ever to grace the Aussie branch.

    According to some Brissie brothers, he was raised in a Catholic orphanage and was the 'living image' of the local Catholic priest.

    If true, it may explain his 'charm,' for he was a beguiling speaker.

    He served on both circuits and districts and twice went to Gilead, and sent home once (never found the reason for that) and not quite sure about the second time.

    He used to do magazine work on the Sydney rail system, start at the front of the train and work through with a simple presentation ... approach the passengers, show the 2 magazines with the words ... "The latest- 50cents" (or, whatever). I always knew when on a train, that Vince had been there ... the carriages would be littered with discarded magazines. He used to (its claimed) place hundreds of magazines in a week, but it was too good to last - eventually the Railways banned that work.

  • joe134cd

    Hey jwfacts I know Peter Moore. You probably don't know this but he died a couple weeks back. Apparently the society paid for Renee's university education. Well that what I heard.

  • jwfacts

    joe134cd - thank you for the update. That is very sad. I guess he was only in his 60's like my father. Conrad Mack died in his 50's. Whilst the GB live till their 90's, CO's do not fare well. Many people on JWN pay them out for all the adulation they receive from the congregations, but the reality is they do not feel that special, knowing that are down the food from Bethel, and put up with a lot, particularly the ones that need to stay in a different house each week. Their diet can be very difficult and taxing on them, along with their lack of privacy.

    I think Renee's education was paid for by Bethel, but I cannot remember for sure. She was in the legal department at the same time that the paid for Vin Toole to go to university. She struggled when in Bethel, it and the legal team we too male and heartless for her. I wonder if she ever got married.

  • joe134cd

    No I believe she is still single.

  • joe134cd

    Yes Renee's education was paid by the branch, or so I believe, and she is still single.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill


    Cyclone Rex had a thing against banana lounges - and also pencil pines. He used to make frequent reference to both of them!


  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    " Whilst the GB live till their 90's, CO's do not fare well."- JWfacts.

    I've noticed that too. It's a strenous life. I've never heard of one alive or in good health by their mid 60s.

  • Lakes

    fulltimestudent, Vince McNee studied with my father, and his wife with my mother while in the Blacktown congregation in NSW during the late 60's. He was disfellowshipped around 1970 for what I believe was financial fraud - preying on an elderly Witness woman. I can't recall when he left NSW, but he would regularly stay with our family when he returned. Vince always took a great interest in the young boys and men of the congregation.

    The following incident occurred when my brother was 16 in 1976. I was only 10, but overheard my parents speaking of the incident for many years. My mother was calling for my brother, asking where he was, to which he responded: "I'm in the shower with Uncle Vince." My brother when questioned by my parents revealed the following: Vince approached him in the shower; Vince was naked and fully erect; Vince retreated as soon as he heard my mother's voice.

    Now, you would think that my parents would have immediately booted Vince and his wife out of the house, but they didn't. You see, over the last few days Vince had been talking about: the great dangers of drug use; how easily the young fall into Satan's clutches; and how parents must be constantly vigilant in looking for signs of drug use. The signs, according to Vince were red eyes and puncture marks on the body. So ... when my mother heard that Vince was in the shower with my brother she immediately assumed that he was looking for needle marks. My never baptised brother left home the following year.

    We heard years later that Vince had again been disfellowshipped and reinstated. The state might have been Western Australia.

  • joe134cd

    Hey I remember hearing a rumor many years ago and I'm just wondering if it's true. Was there a bro or sis that commited suicide in the auckland bethel. Is there anything to this.

  • fulltimestudent

    Vince seems to always been in and out of trouble, and always seemed to talk his way back in. Maybe what they say about the Irish have the gift of blarney is true. Geez, who gets chucked out of Gilead not just once, but twice !!!

    Lakes said:

    He was disfellowshipped around 1970 for what I believe was financial fraud - preying on an elderly Witness woman.

    I did not hear that, at least as far as I recall, but the reason I heard that he was chucked out of Gilead the first time was that he had stolen some money. So it fits!

    And, your second story fits also. Sorry, that he victimised your brother. Hope that he had no ill affects from the experience. Your parents should've chucked him out of their house, and he should have been df'd then. What he did was a blatant abuse of your parent's hospitality, but it also fits the Vince McNee pattern, as I'll show.

    The last time (that I heard of him - and I've been out for many years now) he'd been disfellowshipped again. Some time after I heard that, I met a Brissie elder I knew, and he told me the story.

    He and his wife (Terry, was her name, I think) had been pioneering again in Brissie, and he went home one day, by himself and early in the day. Later Terry went home and found him (same story) naked in the shower - flagrante delicto, as they say, with a younger brother who had been in Bethel (so he definitely was not as young as your brother). The story was that they had been lovers for years, even while the younger one had been in Bethel.

    His wife divorced him, and I think remarried - I was starting to fade by this time, so never heard whether he got back in - wouldn't be a surprise if did though, would it?

    The WTS always seemed to think that stealing money was a worse sin than a sexual sin.

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