C,O's,D,O's from down under...who remembers??

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    Vince McNee has been in my head for years. Do you recall the year Terrie divorced him? Did you get your information about the Brisbane incident from Jan and Anne Langbroek? Sorry about all the questions, but I've been wanting to know what happened to that arsehole for decades.

  • fulltimestudent

    I can understand your feelings about Vince. The incident with your older brother raises unanswered questions that need some closure.

    I can't clearly locate it all in time, so I really cant say when Terrie may have divorced Vince.

    And, I do not think I knew any called Langbroek.

    The brother who told me about Vince died not long afterward. He was quite angry about it all.

    I'm rather surprised that no-one else seems to know anything about Vince's history. He's one of the genuinely complex people who have been JW's. Most of the brother's I've known are rather straightforward. But Vince was complex.

    It would be interesting to know more about his young life in a Catholic orphanage.

    Was he sexually abused? Maybe by a priest? That may explain his leaving that church and becoming a JW.

    But Catholic attitudes concerning religious devotion and repentance may inform his JW activity.

  • fulltimestudent

    Another ex-C.O. that seems interesting to me, was Peter Brusachi ( I think that's how it was spelt).

    Here's a guy that had a good business in WA, sells up, goes pioneering (was that in response to 1975? Can't remember).

    Is appointed as a circuit overseer. Serves for many years. Goes off the circuit work, opens a business on the Gold coasyt (I think).

    And then, does something crooked (?) I have no idea of the details.

    I think his son had been on the Circuit work also and may have been involved in the business also.

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