C,O's,D,O's from down under...who remembers??

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  • joe134cd

    oh and I forgot to mention ron and Unice carter a sweet couple to.

    Sorry but with the guy called Geoff I can't help you there.

    But I know one thing with Charles the hit man Glendening the guy was just a total wanker, and I really tried to stay out of his way. I'm just curious to know if the guy is still alive.

  • jemba

    In Australia... Cuthill, Dykstra and Ray Cowling.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Anyone heard of a Geoff Trewin?

  • jwfacts

    I know Geoff Trewin.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Omg really? His daughter studied with me. He was in my old cong. She shuns me now after 15 years of friendship, and I never even said anything apostate to her, she just went off gossip n by I was upset at bad treatment by jws n wouldn't study with her again. You might know her.

  • Hopscotch

    From the Australian 'down under' here are some I can remember

    Allan (& Fay) Mason

    Richard Brace

    Graham Richardson

    Rex Manwearing - I remember him going on about how some brothers were so materialistic they had 'wall to wall' carpet and used more than one type of wine glass at dinner. Very rude man.

    Bill Whitehead (CO then DO) - very flippant about sickness and death in his talks - the first time I heard the term 'get into the new system via the underground' used

    Don Wilson - used to be a baker in Mackay before going on the circuit. I found both him and his wife to be rude people

    Bob (& Diedre) Blackstock - stayed with us many times and we actually had some really good fun with them

    Bruce Fenson - very decent bloke

    Vin (& Sue) Toole - stayed with us many times before they went to Bethel

    Michael (& Roslyn) Dawson - arrogant and Roslyn had all these supposed allergies

    John Sullivan

    Ben & Sally Groth - knew them both when they were young publishers before they married and went on the circuit

    Claude (& Helen) Munro - knew them before and after they went on the circuit. Claude died of cancer in 1994.

    Geoff Schlark (not sure of spelling)

    Gary Spalding (DO) - stayed with us - nice fellow

    There was another one (I can't remember his name right now) - his wife Dorothy got sick while they were on the district. After she died he remarried (less than a year later) a much younger girl named Sue and they went on the circuit. I remember not long before they came to our congregation the young married couples had been given a talking to about what kind of touching was appropriate in the hall - eg discreetly holding hands and if the husband puts his hands on his wife's back he is not to move it about. Anyway they come along for the circuit visit and during every meeting he had his hands all over his wife, rubbing her back etc. Caused a bit of a stir amongst us young couples!

    And the ones who have been mentioned:

    Ray Cowling (aka Raymond M. Cowling - this was how he labelled his things) - we nicknamed him Raymond Manifest Cowling as he seemed to use the word manifest so many times in his talks. Was also the one who I think started the saying "If it's human and it moves, witness to it".

    Hans Hubler - enough has been said about this unlikeable man

    Someone mentioned Winston Payne - I remember him and his wife used to live in the tiny room/flat under the Kingdom Hall in Red Hill (Qld). What a creepy place that hall was!


  • smiddy

    Well theirs a few more names I`d forgotten about.


  • joe134cd

    Kelvin and Sarah Price - Still around, actually it was one of his talks that inadvertently got me into apostasy. Funnily enough.

  • joe134cd

    I'm still interested if anyone can elobaborate on Charles the hit man Glendening. And where he is now and what he is doing. I'm guessing he still a kids worst night mare. Oh and I do remember even from adults he would get mixed reviews.

  • doofdaddy

    Anyone remember the CO/DO who looked like Bob Hawke? One of the most relaxed and friendly jw chiefs. I recall that his father was intentionally run over and killed while going d to d.

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