C,O's,D,O's from down under...who remembers??

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  • WinstonSmith

    Karter, thanks for the info on Ridling. Always liked him and Mary. They settled in our congregation when the finished the circuit work. That dude had the best eyebrows.

    You don't happen to originate from the central north by any chance do you?

  • Jeffro
    Joe Sleighman

    I recognise the name. But that's about all.

    Vin Toole

    Isn't he their big-time lawyer in Ingleburn?

  • jonahstourguide

    Vin Toole appears to be the "big-time" lawyer as he is named on most of the important financial and corporate matters.

    Ms R. van Wilson legal counsel got the job in the Inquiry into handling of child abuse. She handled

    matters much better than O'Brien the Director and acting Branch Coordinator.

  • Jaidubdub

    i think Dez Zanker was a CO at one time...

  • fulltimestudent

    Des Zanker, now there's a name I know. I remember him as being in the old Strathfield Bethel.

    May GAYXJW mate, has a good Des Zanker story. Apparently, he was in the same circuit as Des, and after the sunday session ended, Des comes up to my friend, and asks, "Whatcha doing tonite, got any plans?" My friend said "No!" So Des says, "Can you keep your mouth shut?" My friend blinked, but said he could, so Des says, "OK, but you really must not tell anyone." My friend agrees to secrecy and wants to know what its about, So Des asks, "Will you come to see, "and God Created woman" **with me? My friend agreed.

    So they went! and, Des's last words, as they went their various ways home, was- " Remember, please don't tell anyone, I'd be in trouble at Bethel if anyone found out."

    ** "and God created woman," was a really hot (for those days) skin flick, starring Brigitte Bardot, and with tasteful naked views and a really steamy kissing scene (as I recall - I went to see it on my friends recommendation - it did nothing at all for sexual self-control) Here's why?

    Brigitte Bardot

    Teenaged orphan nymphet Juliette (Bardot) is a sexual free spirit who likes to shimmy around Saint-Tropez in bare feet, among other exposed parts. Her pouty lips, tousled temptress blonde 'do and a body that the New York Times described as a "thing of mobile contours -- a phenomenon you have to see to believe" cause all sorts of lusty complications for a couple of brothers and a wealthy playboy.

  • karter

    Winston Smith.

    I'm in Auckland.


  • Jaidubdub

    @fulltimestudent... Lol!!! That's hilarious! He knew my parents really well. He was the only elder my dad was scared of....

  • DNCall

    Although I haven't visited Australia, a few have visited California and I enjoyed meeting Bill Hosking, Shannon Farmer, and Don McLean. Also, Grundy's son (does that count?).

  • fulltimestudent


    @fulltimestudent... Lol!!! That's hilarious! He knew my parents really well. He was the only elder my dad was scared of....

    I was going to add a detail yesterday, but thought better of it. But, seeing how you found this boy's night out, story, hilarious. Maybe, you'll laugh even more, with this added bit:

    You may wonder why my friend (the GAYXJW) agreed to go. The truth was, my friend says, that he thought Des was quite good-looking, and wanted to get a bit closer to him, and as the movie progressed, he had to really fight hard to resist a desire to put his arm along the back of Des's seat, and his other hand on Des's leg to see what was happening there. (grin).

  • smiddy

    Names that ring a bell with me are neville Bromich D.O. , Bob Blackstock C.O. not a bad guy if I remember correctly , Ray Cowling who fascinated me with his gesturing , very theatrical , probably a wannabe showman . Dave Madzay who I liked as a speaker with his canadian ? accent and his myyyyyy , myyyyyy illustration. Don McLean , Vin Toole , yes he`s with the legal dept. in debt to the society for thirty pieces of silver.


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