2013 JW-Wimp Mobile!

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  • Oubliette

    Finkelstein: God must be completely angry at this commercial scam.

    That would require there actually being a God.

  • factfinder

    Thank you again Atlantis and Nevada! (Petra too!)

    It does seem the wts is lowering its standards and doing anything to get attention. But as Ding said-it"s an easy way to count your time. They probably just talk to each other as they ride around pioneering.

    Seems like the gb are desperate.

  • rebel8

    Gross. I would have been so embarrassed to staff that thing.

    I wonder why no one who comes by the Borgmobile is dressed in normal clothes. They all look like sistas and bros ready for a Sunday wt study at the hall.

    White vans around here are suspicious. They're usually linked to attempted child abductions and sexual assaults.

    So no different then.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Hello Atlantis and Nevada, You are going to send me a present?

    Oh, goody, I can hardly wait. lol

    Live - Laugh - Love


  • emeth

    @Finkelstein during the 80's we already had and used computers and developed for example MEPS.

    Anyway i did look at the articles during the 80's in Watchtower and Awake but did not find what you are referring to.


    Paragraph 11 was about danger,.. calamities and preventing it (based on proverbs 27:12 for example). And yes we do very well with the instructions.

  • bohm

    emeth: how about scissors? Good, bad or dangerous when used inappropriately?

  • emeth

    @bohm indeed so proverbs 27:12 reminds us to be careful and not let children play or run with those for example. But paragraph 11 was about clearing snow,.. not to forget car maintenance and having an emergency kit at home with food, water, candles, flashlight, radio in case of calamities and natural disasters like floods or earhquakes.

  • bohm

    Emeth: man they are good.. Its like solid advice for five year olds, only given to adults.

  • emeth

    @bohm that does not make the advice less helpful.

  • bohm

    Emeth: no, its great for adults who like to be treated as children.

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