2013 JW-Wimp Mobile!

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  • Finkelstein

    No the GB do not live as the super rich, they live a pretty average lifestyle in comparison to other

    religious leaders/charlatans, but that can be totally subjective to your own personal lifestyle.

    They are certainly in a position of privilege in this organization above the rest of the rank & file to be sure.

    What they are aware of though is that when they accept the position as a GB member is that this billion dollar

    world wide publishing house is going to continue look after them for as long as they live and that its their own

    inherent initiative to make sure that it does.

  • rebel8

    I'd like to point out that I exercised my right as a taxpayer to request their tax filings and they never responded. Then I exercised my right to request them from the government and they never responded.

    That was a few yrs ago.

    I wonder if many of us ask for them at once if we'd get them. Might be a useful effort.

  • zound
  • factfinder

    I very much doubt the society would ever release their financial information/reports to the general public in the US.

    The gb wants that kept private and since the US Government does not require private/ non- profit organizations to make the info available for the public the wts will not give us access to it.

    They don't even provide their annual publishing statistics anymore.

    And remember when the books provided the updated edition figures and number of languages it was printed in?

    That stopped in 2005. Now it just says "2012 printing" etc.

    In 2012 Mexico passed Brazil in having the 2nd highest number of pubs outside the USA.

  • rip van winkle
  • yadda yadda 2
  • notjustyet

    yadda yadda beat me to it,...lol


  • avaddohn94

    Regarding this "mobile truck" in Mexico, OwnAccord posted the following in his "Unconfirmed 2014 Year Book Numbers - Peak Pubs, Baptized, Hrs, Reg Pio & Studies" entry:

    "Mexico: It has been approved by the Service Committee to set up enter the International Book fair to be held 11/28 - 12/8 in Guadalajara. 90,000 are expected to attend. A mobile truck with Jw.org on the
    outside will be set up.


    I've tried to see whether jehovah's witnesses appear in the exhibitor's floor plan but so far, I've not been successful. I've searched for them using all the possible names such as "watchtower", "jehovah's witnesses", "testigos de jehová", "testigos cristianos de jehová", "congregación cristiana de los testigos de jehová", "jw.org", "la torre del vigía", etc. but it seems to me that either their location remains as "pending" in the pdf chart or they simply will just park their truck outside the fair and thus avoid paying for having a spot inside the book fair. After all, they seem to be happy to be recognized as "peddlers of God's word" (2 Corinthians 2:17).

    A link to Guadalajara's International Book Fair: http://www.fil.com.mx/ingles/i_info/i_info_fil.asp



  • KateWild

    Unconfirmed- thats prob the reason you cant see anything at the Bookfair, avad. The Bookfair organisers must have said no, JW littertrash is not exactly bookfair material.

    We will see in Nov and Dec if they were actually there. It will be removed from the JW 2014 yearbook if not.

  • avaddohn94

    I know KateWild; however, they did have their stand in Bogota's Book Fair:


    Yet, what calls my attention is the fact that the organization authorized this "mobile truck". I still think they will be parked outside the fair (not sure, but probably it's cheaper to ask for a parking permission to the city's authorities than to pay for an actual space inside the fair).

    Like you said, we'll see if it makes it to the 2014 yearbook.

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