2013 JW-Wimp Mobile!

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  • steve2

    Look at the hungry masses lining up to be fed. Not. Talk about going on a platform "just" to study. Hey Mom look at me : Here's another photo of my progress. One day I'm learning the basics of the Bible, next day I'm sitting in the driver's seat and driving this crazy cart all over the place.

  • prologos

    they are using bar-stools for the study,

    spirit (ually) elevated?

  • bohm

    Okay im calling it. The next thing we will see will be tablets with small video they can bring along in ministry.

    ..and theres going to be a study article that will explain how the tablets should be held.


    They already have tablets, except the publishers have to buy them. It's called an i-pad.

    Can I get a burrito and a cheese danish from that truck?!? Maybe a slushy O.J ??? Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Where I live, you will get a ticket for parking in an undesignated spot, and especially, if you park on the grass AND they are blocking the sidewalk.

    In my City, multiple parking tickets will be, politely, issued.

    Do you think the driver has to pay the ticket or the owner of the vehicle? And if it is the driver, do you think he will make the other numskulls in the van pay their share for not telling the driver... Don't park here? lol

    This is a PR, Public relations shot.

    MindNumbed . That Theocratic Sound car is crazy. I can't tell if it has left hand or right hand drive. They probably had those kind of contraptions in both the USA and Britain.

    "Bringing You Warning From Jehovah". lol The poor, humble, innocent people who were scared into worshiping the Israelite God of War.


    PS This new contraption looks like a brand new Pod that has just left The Mothership.

  • Ding

    Looks like easy time.

    Sit in a chair and count the hours as no one stops by.

  • Finkelstein

    This is just but one example of the hypocrisy of the WTS. using computers now and the inter-net.

    Back in the mid. 1980's the WTS. admonished the use of computers in one of their articles in either the Awake or Watchtower.

    Now they have their own web site up selling and commercializing themselves like many other religious charlatans.

    The WTS. as of late have really defined itself as religious publishing house and is commercializing itself as such.

    Now thats what I call a snare and racket.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Get that goddamn cult-mobile off the grass.

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