What is your Totem Animal?

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  • LyinEyes

    I did the test and I am a wolf. I truly love dogs. But i wouldnt say the wolf is the right guy for me. I would love to be a horse , I can identify with them, as i was into rodeos and such. My horse was my soul mate, but then again so was my little poodle. I am never without a dog, I have a pug and he truly worships the ground I walk on. He trys so hard to talk to me with his eyes. I almost have him saying , mama, weird but true. Pugs have unique voices. Ok Hyge figure this out for me , I have a fasination with elephants, I have always collected and marveled at these gentle giants. I absolutaly despise them being confined in circus' or petting zoos.They also have such soulful eyes. The only connection I can make with my animal choices are the soulful almost human expression, they have with their eyes.
    The wolves eyes scare me. Any thoughts on this ?

  • plmkrzy

    [[[[The wolves eyes scare me. Any thoughts on this ?]]]]

    AH....Thats interesting.
    especially with the name you chose for your ID.

    Maybe you sense their eyes are seeing through you?


  • WildHorses

    From the test, it says I am a DOLPHIN.

    I don't want someone in my life I can live with. I want someone in my life I can't live without.
  • WildHorses

    I think that is wrong. I have always loved horses. I feel a conection with the horse. The most beautiful animal on earth. How do you know for sure what your totem animal is?

    I don't want someone in my life I can live with. I want someone in my life I can't live without.
  • Hyghlandyr

    Beck_MelbourneKeep us posted about how your tat progresses. Mine I have been planning for years. I will start a thread on tats later..and their deep meaning to those of us interested in them.

    And I totally know what you mean about feeling it to your bones. I call that an epiphany, you just know. The moment I knew the badger was my totem, I instantly began remembering all i knew about them and their family, including wovlerines and ferrets and otters and so forth. They and their family fit me. We have much in common but of course wolverines are enough different from badgers to warrant an awareness of each.

    I have seen your posts. Sometimes they are short and sometimes pretty detailed. I wont argue with you about being a wolverine. Especially when you said you could feel it to your bones I did. I doubt I would fight you, because who knows, I might lose. You seem tougher than you just portrayed in your post. Those that are usually up in my face I have no question I can defeat if I chose or needed to. You..hmm...I am not taken any chances <wink>

    And my experiences I relegate to the category of fiction and fantasy. I dont deny they occured, I just do not accept the same reasons as others have. The same goes for any metaphysical experiences. I claim them instead to be just physical experiences...and I am satisfied.

    Plum I am noticing a lot of people are pointing out sea creatures. For a few years I was shifting into dolphin form in the otherworld. I was often swimming with them and I learned a lot. But I have not shifted into other forms of aquatica. I kind of wish I had shifted into salmon at least, a representation of wisdom among the Irish. But I often reject wisdom, so that may be why. Manta rays are beautiful and graceful. That would be something I would love to shift into. Anything youve experienced would be greatly appreciated here....

    LyinEyes I usually dont mystic into reasons why. At least for others, I let them tell me. Give me some time to meditate and think of some questions to ask you that might help you do this?

    I do not doubt that your dog is near to talking. I have seen it and ours tries to. We can understand him though, both me and my wife. By his words, know what he wants.

    I wonder what a badgers eyes do to ya? You have seen mine <wink> I have shifted into a wolf before, but it is not my totem. I should state that you can have several totems. And you can shift into them. Some people though are never able to shift into their totem animal at all. And shift into other animals. Then some people are able to shift into their totems and other animals, like me. I have physically shifted into dolphins, wolves and others, but in the otherworld planes. I have had the fur, and feet and so forth. But again not in this realm. However the memories are as vivid as any other memories I have, and I can feel the paws, just as if I had them now.

    It is vital everyone, if you have a dream, that you wish to remember, tell someone it right away, or write it down, as soon as you wake up, or as soon as you remember even a little bit of it. The more you talk about it the more you will bring the memory to the foreground in your mind. Of course as I said the best is, right upon waking. And this is even more important if you have ever had a dream where you shifted.

    Lilacs,Tests like this are cursory at best. I kinda wish it hadnt been posted, but on the other hand it has demonstrated what I have been posting about the uselessness of others determining your totems.

    I dont know if you have read my posts, but they are fairly extensive into how I came to know my totem, and the various things that totems mean. If you have read them then ask me any specific question they do not answer for you, I will answer. If you havent read them, read through them again really quick and see what you think, and then ask me a question if you wish as well.

    If those posts dont help, then I will try again to explain as best as I can, or provide you with links.

  • Gozz

    The test is sensitive to the answers you give. And there seem to be some limit to the pool of totem animals in there. Like most such tests, it's usefulness is limited. For example, I first got a Wolf, along with the comment of one being enamoured by (of?) dogs. I have a morbid fear of dogs, and have scars to show for it... But to suggest the such a test is useless is to stretch it to the limits. Now, Hyghlandyr, have you ever had a meal of your totem?

  • plmkrzy

    Your totem animal is the WOLF. You're quite possibly enamoured with dogs and this is how the wolf (wildest of all dogs) is trying to connect with you. Don't be scared if they appear in your dreams - this is a fab sign that your totem is making contact. Being guided by the Wolf is pretty cool - as he'll show you how to trust your gut instincts, how to be courageous and dignified when the going gets tough, and how to outwit those who try to put one over on you. Once you've learnt these important lessons, you're sure to make an impression on everyone you meet and make a huge difference to the world simply by being you.

    Your totem animal is the EAGLE. You may find that these regal birds appear in your dreams. If they haven't yet, look out for them as from now - as they're trying, by example, to teach you a thing or two. You're a brisk, efficient and strong person: you aim to be one of life's high-fliers and don't stand for any nonsense from anyone. You're not into money and are probably creative, mystical and have a genuine interest in other people's lives and cultures. You're a cool, nonjudgmental, broadminded mate - and much in demand because of it! In life, you're destined to travel and to heal.

    I took this test twice for the sake of one question I had two answers for.
    This is kinda interesting with my background. My very first business that I started in the late 70's was a grooming shop. That later led me to work with many professional dog handlers who would hire me to begin the prep work for some of their dogs coats getting them ready for shows. Did that for 15 years off and on. I had a wolf-hybrid back then who was my mascot. No pedigree of course and many people were afraid of him but he was my favorite and a great companion for years. I'll find his pic and post it in here later.

    I love that painting.
    I have been wanting to paint a mural on one of my wall's but haven't because I just couldn't make up my mind exactly what I wanted to paint. I am going to paint that on my living room wall. really.

    Is that a photo of yours? or a mag? It's a really cool pic. I like turtles.

    Dolphins are cool but a little too promiscuous for me. I don't think I would be happy as a dolphin.
    Okras on the other hand. yeh. They're awesome.


  • RedhorseWoman
    I was projecting this afternoon to you, requesting your participation in this thread. I can only guess that you got that.

    First, there was my friend who tried to avoid long-distance telephone bills by thinking about me. She knew that I would get a strong urge to call her.

    Now, I'm called to stay up much later than I had intended because you, Hygh, wanted my input on this thread.

    (sigh) I'm such a puppet. (sigh) LOL

  • LB

    The turtle photo is off a website. I have one around here someplace but it isn't as well done as that one. Gotta go look for it.

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

  • Jeremy Bravo
    Jeremy Bravo


    I took that test and it came up WOLF, but I don't see much of a wolf in me. Even so, the list that Teejay posted described the wolf very closely to me. Problem is, I've always felt an empathy to the snake, so I think it may be closer for me. When I meditate on my martial arts (at work, in the car, at practice) I try to mentally condition myself to fight like one of the various snakes; lightning fast where the first strike is the last (in the case of the cobra, rattler, etc) or to slowly creep up and suffocate my enemy (like a constrictor). The "style" I would use depends on the situation, so I want to be conditioned and be able to feel myself as either. I believe Kung Fu (which I don't take) has divided into various animal styles, but that's not the same type of mental approach I'm taking.

    Judging by your posts, it seems that I don't have to take "cobra" and be only "cobra", I can take "snake" and be whichever snake I wish to be at that time, which is how I feel.

    Interesting topic, I must say. I've never really thought about associating it as a totem, because I don't have much understanding of the "correct view of a totem." This whole thing kinda shows me that there is no real correct view, and that I should just follow my gut.


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