What is your Totem Animal?

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  • joelbear

    Teejay's mother's totem was a hamster and his father's totem smelled of elderberry.


  • LB

    I doubt there is such a thing, but for some reason large sea turtles have alway appealed to me. Wonder if there is something to that??

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  • LB

    Gozz that test showed me to be an eagle which I guess is pretty cool.

    Queenie isn't allowed to shoot eagles is she???

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  • peaceloveharmony

    i took the quiz and got eagle too :)

    here's what it says:
    Your totem animal is the EAGLE. You may find that these regal birds appear in your dreams. If they haven't yet, look out for them as from now - as they're trying, by example, to teach you a thing or two. You're a brisk, efficient and strong person: you aim to be one of life's high-fliers and don't stand for any nonsense from anyone. You're not into money and are probably creative, mystical and have a genuine interest in other people's lives and cultures. You're a cool, nonjudgmental, broadminded mate - and much in demand because of it! In life, you're destined to travel and to heal.

  • LB

    Well peaceloveharmony isn't that funny. We both picked turtles and ended up with Eagles. Hmmmmm.....

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  • Hyghlandyr

    To all those that answered about their totems, cool. I will talk about that later after I do my morning rituals. I wanted to address something Beck said, and Francois.

    Beck, I disagree with the idea that anyone can help you find your totem animal, except in a most cursory fashion. Some can try to convince you that such and such is your totem. That you share traits in common. Somtimes you do share traits, sometimes not. I share almost every trait in common with my totem the badger.

    However, as to finding out what it is, I steer very very clear of others 'helping' me. Had they done so, and had I listened to their suggestions I would have thought something else was my totem.

    Peaceloveharmony said it when she said 'I have no basis for this but that's what I think!' And that is the way it is. Your totem comes upon you. It is a moment and you just know. There is no doubt. It is like being annointed. Hehe...You just know. It does not have to be a mystical experience, though it might be. It could just be a moment of clarity.

    I have always liked animals from the badger family, ferrets and otters and badgers and such. One day I was on my way out of the house. I turned on the tv for no reason. I flipped the channels. There was a beehive. I hate bees. I avoid them and I am not fond of watching them. I was mesmerized though. I did not change the channel. I did not go outside. I had entered a trance state. (A trance is not as complicated as people think, most do it, for instance, in movies, when all other things are shut out and just the movie holds their attention)

    At that point a badger came into the screen. He wanted that honey. He got it. Over a period of twenty four hours he kept going into the hive, it was in a log. They continued stinging him, but because of his thick skin and fur, it did not affect him. Except, his nose. He would have to run out every so often, and rub his nose. Then he would return.

    Eventually he returned to the Sett. A sett is an undground dwelling with other badgers. Some setts are hundreds of years old existing in an unbroken tradition. He cuddled with the other badgers and slept.

    That was my moment of clarity, and for me a peak(mystical) experience. I have mystical experiences all of the time, I often enter trance states. There are other things I have learned in them, which will remain for other posts. But that was the moment I knew my totem. Since then I have had no question.

    My name Aorthoir Anbroc, means Satirist the Badger.

    If Francois, or anyone else helps you find your totem, just be sure to not let them suggest your totem. You can meditate on it, practice lucid dreaming, see if your totem comes to you. Watch animals, shapeshift, or recall when you have shape shifted. Now by this I do not mean you have physically changed form, I mean you mimic the actions, or character of some animal. I wont even give examples of that lest I seem to suggest an animal. I am sure you understand what I mean, as to qualities that you have that are animal like.

    Francois, in regards to shape-shifting for non-frivolous reasons. That is good for you. I was reading a book about modern Druid. They talked about about the satires that druid told in ancient times. Then they said that modern druid do not tell satires, we do not mock people. Well, I am Aorthoir. Satirist. That is what I am not something I do. I mock. It is as much in my nature as the need to eat.

    The same with my shape-shifting. I often shape-shift for no 'better' reason than I want to do it. Sometimes I learn something when I shape-shift, but more often I just chill. I frolick. A badger is something that I am. Not something I do. Sometimes I cannot control my shape-shifting. That would most likely be those times that you call non-frivolous. The shift comes upon me and it is usually needed for the situation.

    I know a lot of people use ceremonies to discover their totem. This again is well, if there are no suggestions as to what the totem is. Lots of people seem to have wolf totems. I think this is often merely because the suggestion is so strong.

    I think rodnico said it well too. He is a roach. Most would be repulsed by having such a totem. I think his fascination with them, his reasons for recognizing that, his journey coming to that is amazing. Again it is just something you know. And the more you study the totem, the more you realize you have in connection with your totem.

    Nevertheless I am interested in what rituals you use Francios. And whether they include suggestions.

    Scully, as you saw, I gave how i came upon my totem, as did Rodnico, and peaceloveharmony. We just knew. But perhaps at different times.

    So the question goes out to everyone else, how did you know such was your totem? Was it an epiphany? A ceremony? A suggestion? Did your friends always call you a fox? or a bear? And you realized it was true?

    Those that have several animals they have an affinty for, are most blessed. Not only can you shape-shift. But you have perhaps natures which are far more expansive than mine. I am an Aorthoir a Broc. If I wish to change, a circumstance must come upon me, or I must concentrate with great effort. You have an innate ability to shift, and you may not even know it.

    The other day I was asked to shift into a bunny, so that I was not too much to take at cinci apostafest. The circumstances of being lost, when trying to find the place, had shifted me into a dog. With great effort as I walked in, I tried to shift to a rabbit. The best I accomplished was a jackalope. Soft, cuddly, but with horns.

    I also want to say that your totems are all so very interesting!...I am glad that many of you got this thread and understood it better than folks understood my geas thread hehehe.....Ah:)


    Regarding the quiz, Peaceloveharmony, I think you see why I do not trust others to even suggest my totem. I took the test for the hell of it, changing my answers. The only two answers that were given, were eagle and wolf, again two of the most common totems. Again I think they are common because of suggestion. People think they have to have regal animals.

    LB, yes totems exist. Remember a totem is just a symbol. Even if you dont believe in mysticism, believing that you have an affinity or liking to a certain animal, or that it can symbolic represent your likes or dislikes or aspects of your life, is very mundane. :)

  • VeniceIT

    well that thing said i'm a dolphin, I do love to swim!


  • Naeblis

    Your totem animal is the DOLPHIN. If you're not already besotted with these lovable mammals, chances are you soon will be - especially when you realise just how much you have in common with them. Thanks to their guidance, you're daring (always plunging in at the deep end), kind and wise. You're not frightened of anyone or anything and know how to maintain a balance in all your relationships. You're a chatty and fascinating friend as long as you're not restricted in any way. As long as you're respected and understood, your life and relationships go swimmingly. In your lifetime, you're destined to teach people or help them with their problems.


  • VeniceIT

    Hey Naeb wanna go for a swim


  • Naeblis

    Sure. I'm already naked.

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